Teenage Rhinoplasty – A Detailed Guide to Nose Job for Teens

Are you a teenager thinking about getting a nose job? Are you a parent with a teen that is self-conscious about their nose and has been pestering you to let them get a nose job? Or, are you a parent who sees their child suffer from low self-confidence due to their nose?

Over the last few years, teenage rhinoplasty has increased in popularity for many reasons. Rhinoplasty techniques have become safer, quicker and more sophisticated. Furthermore, different celebrity teenagers and social media influencers have openly acknowledged having had the surgery themselves. This has lead to teenage rhinoplasties being more widely accepted. If you or your teenager are wanting to get a rhinoplasty this page will answer some of your questions.

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What is a Rhinoplasty or Nose Job?

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, rhinoplasty has been at the forefront for decades. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which the shape of the nose is altered. Structurally speaking, the nose has three main parts:

  • The upper portion consisting of bone
  • While the lower portion is made of cartilage
  • And lastly, covering it all, the skin.


Rhinoplasty is a procedure in which you can change one of these or all three depending on the shape of the nose and the patient’s requirements. Contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasties are not only done for cosmetic reasons. There can be medical reasons for the procedure like blocked sinuses and disfigurement that cause breathing problems. These may be a result of either trauma or a birth defect.

According to statistics, in 2018 rhinoplasty was among the top cosmetic surgical procedure for the year. The trend of getting a nose job is rising among teenagers. Some of the reasons that are contributing to the increasing trend of rhinoplasty among teenagers are as follows:

Tanning after cosmetic surgery: is it a good idea? Taking selfies-cosmetic-surgery-social-media

Social Media and Instagram Modelling

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms are influencing the choices and preferences of our youth. Instagram and other such platforms like YouTube and TikTok are promoting influencers that many teenagers follow with dedication. This is why different brands and companies are using these platforms, with the help of influencers to market their products.

These influencers play an important role in opinion manufacturing and decision-making among their followers who are mostly either teenagers or people in their early 20s. Some of the more famous influencers have had a rhinoplasty done and shared the whole journey online with their followers. This in turn can inspire their followers to consider rhinoplasty themselves. Especially those that are not comfortable with the natural shape of their nose and want to become more confident by getting over their insecurities. It is safe to say that as the name suggests social media influencers significantly influence rising trends and rhinoplasty among teenagers is no different.

Teen Bullying and Teasing

Adolescence brings about a lot of changes in people’s bodies and physical appearance. It is the reason that many teenagers start to behave awkwardly and become shy during the peak of their adolescent changes. Apart from that, when teenagers go to school and college, unfortunately, many face bullying because of their looks.

Although bullying is one of the reasons that is promoting rhinoplasty among teenagers, the surgeon always makes sure that the teenager’s decision to get the surgery is coming from the right place. For instance, if a teenager wants to have the surgery done because they think it is something trendy or because they want to look like their favourite TV personality, then the surgeon may refuse to carry out the procedure.

However, if a teenager feels that getting a nose job is going to boost their self-esteem and they’ll feel more confident afterwards, then the doctor may go ahead with the procedure. Both parents and the surgeon should support the teen’s decision and help them feel better about themselves.

Teenage Celebrities Getting Rhinoplasty

Just like influencers, celebrities especially teenage celebrities, have a huge influence on their fans. Most of these fans are tech-savvy teenagers and young adults (17 – 26-year-olds). Many of which follow their favourite celebrities on social media, giving them insight into their daily lives.

In the past few years, different prominent teenage celebrities like Kylie Jenner have undergone rhinoplasty. Following celebrities and their fashion has always been popular among teenagers. However, altering their bodies just because their favourite celebrity has done so takes things to a whole new level. This is one of the reasons we need to make our youth confident in their bodies. However, if their nose is actually causing a problem, their decision deserves support. Provided you’re sure it is coming from the right place and the surgeon agrees.

What do You Need to Know About Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Let’s say your teenager comes to you and tells you they want to get a nose job. This may come as a surprise to you. Perhaps you didn’t realise that they had been struggling with their appearance. You most likely have questions and concerns, not just about surgery risks and what’s involved but also about the cost. The thought of your child going through surgery maybe a little scary for you. We’ll try to answer all your questions and allay your fears.

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Best Age for an Adolescent Nose Reshaping

The concern that often comes to mind when you hear a teen talking about getting a nose job is their age. Many people think that teenagers are too young to get a nose job because they are still in the process of growth, and their nose bones and tissues may not have developed fully. This is a valid concern, and confirming the best age for an adolescent nose job will help to set your mind at ease.

According to the experts, the right age for a teen girl and a boy differs. When it comes to girls, it is usually safe to perform the procedure one year after their first menstrual period. However, with boys, it advised that they should get the surgery only after they have turned sixteen years old.

What About Emotional Maturity?

When it comes to teen rhinoplasty, emotional maturity is just as important as their physical age. If the surgeon feels that they are not emotionally ready for the procedure, they will refuse to perform it, for the time being. You as a parent must fully consent to the procedure. Furthermore, the teenager should be ready to embrace the change that rhinoplasty will bring to not only their personality but their looks as well.

Moreover, it is important for the surgeon to figure out if the teen and parents’ decision is coming from the right place. For example, if the child has a legitimate medical reason or if they want to feel confident about themselves. On the other hand, if the teen wants to get a nose job to fit the subjective beauty standards set by celebrities and influencers, then this could be problematic. Friends and family can play an important role in giving a teenager the confidence they need by politely correcting any unreasonable standards of beauty and telling them that they are beautiful in their own way.


Like any other surgery, people have reasonable concerns about rhinoplasty. Many people think that it will transform them completely and that they may not be able to recognize themselves. If you have this idea, then you must know the rhinoplasty techniques today are generally extremely safe and give a subtle, sophisticated outcome.

Rhinoplasty is usually regarded as scarless, provided you select the right clinic and an experienced surgeon. Furthermore, it is vital that you do not compromise on the experience and qualifications of the surgeon and always select a clinic that has experienced professionals. In doing so you will minimize the chances of any scarring and other complications.

The best time to get a rhinoplasty right is the first time. You do not want to choose inexperienced or underqualified surgeon and end up with a botched result that needs to be fixed with more surgeries.

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Is it Safe for Teenagers?

Since we all know that adolescence brings a lot of changes to teenagers’ bodies, you may have concerns about rhinoplasty affecting facial growth. Teenage rhinoplasty is perfectly safe when in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon and providing that the teenager does not have any underlying medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes.

If the teenager is wanting to get the surgery for cosmetic reasons, then you don’t have to worry about any kind of post-surgical complications. However, if they are getting the nose job based on medical reasons, then things may be a little different, and they may need some extra care. No matter what the case, rest assured that rhinoplasty is a safe procedure that rarely causes complications.

Will Your Face Look Different?

Another very common concern that teenagers and their parents have when it comes to rhinoplasty is the change of their faces. They often think that a nose job is going to radically change their looks and they’ll become a totally new person. This is not true at all. In fact, a good nose job is one where the difference to the face is so subtle that outsiders cannot tell what the difference is. A good surgeon makes sure to correct the deformity in a refined, clean and smooth manner.

A teen must know that getting a nose job will not mean that they are going to look like a completely different person. People will not suddenly start noticing them because now they look like somebody else. If anything, the less noticeable it usually means that the surgeon has done an excellent job. What will change is the teens level of self-confidence. This new confidence will result in better socialising and an improved self-image.

Dr Stephen Kleid Rhinoplasty before and after 1

If you are a parent who thinks that their teenager should have their nose fixed because they have some kind of deformity, then you must know that it is not entirely your decision. You need to make sure that your kid is on board with the idea and is emotionally ready to have the procedure. If they don’t consent to the surgery, then you simply can’t enforce your choice on them and the surgeon will not agree to do it.

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

Teenagers usually choose to get the procedure done during their summer holidays. However, that doesn’t mean that it will take them all summer to heal from the surgery. Usually, it only takes a couple of weeks to heal completely. And, they can usually start doing routine activities after one week, with clearance from their surgeon. There may be some residual bruising for the first week or two.

However, if they are into sports, it is suggested waiting for 6 to 8 weeks before starting to play outdoor games, especially contact sports. This is to allow time for internal and external heal fully and will minimize the risk of doing damage to the operation site.

In terms of pain, the site is usually only painful for the first day or two. However, this is easily managed with a prescription painkiller from the surgeon. Healing may also be delayed if there is any infection, which is why any unusual redness or swelling should be reported to your doctor immediately.

parental consent

If you are a teen and you want to get a rhinoplasty, then it’s important to know that you can’t make this decision all on your own. You need your parents to sign the consent form. Even if you have the money to pay for the procedure, no surgeon will be prepared to perform the procedure on you if you are under 18 and don’t have your parent’s consent. It is, therefore, important that you get them on board with your decision. You need to openly communicate with them and tell them why you want to get the nose job and if your reasons are sound, they’ll hopefully not stand in the way of your decision.

Pros and Cons of Teenage Rhinoplasty

Like many other surgical procedures, teenage rhinoplasty has pros and cons. Including but not limited to;

Getting a nose job will fix the following problems: m

  • Large nasal hump
  • Deformed nasal bridge
  • Wide nostrils
  • Drooping nasal tip

Cons of a teenage nose job:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Scarring
  • Nerve damage

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What do You Need to Remember?

Lastly, it is very important that you select the right clinic and plastic surgeon to do the procedure. The surgeon’s expertise and professionalism of the clinic that you choose is the only guarantee that the procedure will go smoothly.

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