Ear Pinning – Otoplasty Melbourne

Otoplasty, commonly known as Ear pinning surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that may help to reshape and reposition the ears.

Ear Pinning – Prominent Ear Reduction – Otoplasty Surgery in Melbourne VIC

Other terminology for Otoplasty surgery includes Ear pinning surgery. This surgery is suitable for both children and adults. It should be noted, however, that our Plastic Surgeons do not offer earlobe repairs for perforated, stretched or torn earlobes.

The Ear Pinning Procedure – Otoplasty Plastic Surgery

  • The focus of Otoplasty is essentially to ‘pin back’ protruding ears.
  • There is not a specific age that makes patients eligible for this surgery.
  • Patients can undergo this surgery at nearly any age.
  • The procedure can take an hour or slightly longer to perform.
  • Pricing/Costs vary from patient to patient

Otoplasty and Appearance Changes

Whilst there are few, if any, functional benefits to adjusting ear cartilage surgically to protrude less, it can have a cosmetic impact on one’s appearance.

Procedure – Otoplasty Surgery

  • This procedure is performed under General Anaesthesia in a hospital setting.
  • Ear pinning involves making an incision behind each ear where the ear meets the side of the head or scalp.
  • The cartilage of the ear is then re-modelled and manipulated, so it can be sutured into place to help flatten the appearance of the ears so they sit closer to the head or scalp.
  • For some patients, it may be necessary to remove ear cartilage, to allow for more adjustment to attain the desired alteration of ear appearance.
  • Surgeons typically use dissolvable stitches to close incisions if non dissolvable stitches are used your surgeon will remove them at a follow up appointment approximately 7-10 days surgery.

Scarring after Surgery: Visibility of Otoplasty Scars

  • Scarring after ear pinning surgery will vary with each individual and each Otoplasty surgery.
  • Most Otoplasty scars are hidden in the contours of the ear and head.
  • To accomplish this, the surgeon will primarily place incisions in the crease where your ear meets your scalp (technically known as the post-auricular sulcus area), so as to be less visible.
  • Scarring after Otoplasty reduces over several weeks as it heals.

Risks and Complications of Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear reshaping surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries some risks and potential complications. These can include:

  • Infection
  • Poor Scarring
  • Over or Under correction
  • Asymmetry
  • Numbness
  • Need for Revision Surgery

It’s essential to discuss these risks with a qualified surgeon before undergoing otoplasty. Choosing an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon can help minimise the chances of complications and ensure the best possible outcome. Visit our Risks page for more information.

Recovery from Otoplasty Surgery

Immediately after the procedure, your ears will be wrapped in a protective bandage, and you may experience some discomfort and swelling. Within the first week, the initial dressing is usually replaced with a lighter one, but swelling and bruising remain.

During the first month, you should wear a headband or dressing, especially at night, to maintain the new ear shape. Swelling and bruising continue to improve, and you can return to non-strenuous activities and work after about a week. Over the next few months, complete recovery occurs, but you should still be cautious to protect your ears from injury and sun exposure.

Otoplasty scars are usually discreet and fade with time. Any remaining swelling or asymmetry tends to improve over several months, with final results often becoming apparent within a year.

Individual healing experiences vary, so following your surgeon’s guidance and attending follow-up appointments is crucial for a successful recovery. If you encounter unexpected issues, consult your surgeon for advice and support.

Cost of Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear Pinning Surgery Costs also vary and can range between $10,000 and $14,000 at our Clinic.

There is typically no functional benefit to having ear pinning performed; and most requests are cosmetic in nature. However, that doesn’t mean that having very protruding ears doesn’t have an impact on your day to day life, and it CAN impact your ear wear (earrings) or how you wear or comb your hair. Each person chooses Otoplasty Surgery (ear pinning) for a personal reason.  Just be sure you understand the process, procedure risks, and costs.

More about Otoplasty Plastic Surgery in Melbourne locations: Cost and Pricing Comparisons

  • The cost of ear pinning surgery, known as Otoplasty Surgery, by one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons can vary from patient to patient, it all depends on what the individuals needs, every patient is unique.
  • Exact quotes are only available during or after a consultation; they are valid for a number of weeks and are subject to change.
  • It is NOT covered by Medicare nor most insurance funds, but you can phone your Insurance Fund directly to ask if they help with hospital cover (our team cannot assist you with Insurance Fund enquiries, the patient or health fund holder has to directly contact the insurance firm).

How to Book your Initial Consultation for Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty).

  • Email us or Call on 1300 599 990 to arrange your Surgeon consultation.
  • A Referral from your General Practitioner (GP) or from your specialist is essential
  • Typically you need a referral to get any rebates for a Specialist Consultation.
  • Book a consultation with your Surgeon by paying the $300 booking fee to hold your appointment time.
  • Attend the consultation and get the information you require to make an informed decision.
  • If you’re wanting to proceed with surgery, our Team will guide you through setting a surgery date and how to prepare for – and heal from – ear pinning surgery.
Dr Patrick Briggs Melbourne

Ear Pinning Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Dr Patrick Briggs – MED0001537010

FRACS, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons,
FRCSI, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

Dr Briggs’ extensive experience across multiple surgical fields has allowed him to refine his skills to produce optimum results for his patients.

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