Interstate and Overseas Plastic Surgery Patients


Should you travel interstate or overseas to have surgery?

There are many advantages to choosing a nearby Plastic Surgeon who has your best long term results in mind. Read how to choose your Surgeon, here! However, we often get requests from patients who live overseas or interstate, who want their Surgery performed by one of our team’s top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Australia. They may come from as far away as Perth, Darwin or the Gold Coast, and more often they live in Tasmania (Hobart or Launceston TAS), Sydney NSW, regional Victoria and Adelaide SA.

We can sometimes help interstate of overseas patients who insist on travelling to Melbourne to see one of our team’s experts Surgeons, as long as we believe we can genuinely assist them.

This means patients are potentially good candidates for surgery with this team IF they are:

  • good candidates for their procedures
  • well-informed about the risks of using a non-local Plastic Surgeon
  • willing to travel including for preparatory consultations and all required post-operative follow-ups and annual reviews
  • ensured of having a good support structure in Victoria for their recovery period (people to help, a good recovery place in which to rest, supportive social and medical networks)
  • NOT seeking cosmetic surgery REVISIONS or corrective plastic surgery operations after having experienced a botched procedure by less trained or overseas doctors
  • not seeking surgery for a perceived flaw from a well-performed surgery where results are satisfactory AND results were limited by existing anatomy or pre-surgery conditions

Surgery can be performed for Overseas or Interstate patients.

That noted, having ready access to your chosen Plastic Surgeon is usually very important in your earliest days of cosmetic surgery recovery.

If you are keen to see OUR surgeons but need to travel to do so:

  • Be sure you can stay in your Surgeon’s operating location long enough to get through your initial post-surgery recovery and surgery review period.
  • Also be sure you understand you’ll need regular follow-up appointments on at LEAST an annual basis (indefinitely) and at 3 months, 6 months and 8 to 12 months after your original operation date.
  • Annual reviews by your original surgeon are strongly recommended as being best; but in some cases, this is not possible; in a large group, you will at least have consistency over a small sole practitioner who may retire and leave you without a clinic for your follow-ups.

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Corrective Surgery – Cosmetic Revisions after Overseas Operations

We also get many daily requests from desperate patients who want revision surgery

  • after travelling overseas for a low-cost breast augmentation OR
  • after choosing a cosmetic surgeon or GP instead of a FRACS Plastic Surgeon OR
  • who had an untrained junior surgeon perform a low-rate operation they weren’t skilled enough to perform correctly

Poorly informed choices of a Surgeon or surgery location can lead to permanent disfigurement – or worse – for some unlucky patients.

  • We typically cannot assist these patients as much of what occurs in a botched procedure may be permanent in nature OR too costly for the patient to consider having a revision procedure.
  • Not everything can be fixed, and our scheduling priority is patients who are having PRIMARY surgery for the first time, who did adequate research and understood the differences between types of surgeons.

botched surgery - how to choose a good surgeon

Did you shop on price, and find you’re left with a botched result?

  • If you shopped on price, you’re also very unlikely to be prepared for the cost and emotional experiences of revision work – which cannot repair everything that goes wrong in a botched procedure.
  • If this is your scenario, consider visiting your local hospital and asking if you can get on their waiting list, but few patients will meet criteria for help from the Government after having travelled overseas for cosmetic surgery.

The news media, Government and patient educators DO ALL they can to inform and warn patients about the dangers of using less trained doctors or discount overseas medical tourism offers, but at the end of the day, if a patient decides the risks are worth it, they can be left to live with the mistake.

Be sure you watch the ABC Four Corners investigation into botched surgery by non-Plastic Surgeons in Sydney and take heed of their warnings about investigating your Surgeon’s actual training and qualifications.

  • Remember, a cosmetic surgeon is NOT the same as a bonafide Plastic Surgeon who has FRACS (Plas) and membership in high-level industry monitoring bodies and continuing education providers for Specialist Plastic Surgeons, such as ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS and similar.
  • Four Corners VIDEO link – click here.
  • To learn how to choose a Surgeon from the best nearby Plastic Surgeons, click here.
  • Sadly, not everything that goes wrong with breast augmentation surgery or an eyelid surgery procedure from a cosmetic surgeon, junior surgeon or overseas medical tourism outfit can be fixed.
  • If you have the RIGHT doctor and Surgeon the first time, you’ll have a much better chance of a successful outcome.
  • Tips for having your SURGERY from a Plastic Surgeon who isn’t located nearby to where you live or work most of the time.

Recovery times after surgery can be daunting, emotional, painful or uncomfortable. Self-questioning is normal but remembering why you had surgery to begin with can help.

  • But WHO you have around you as you RECOVER is also important for your overall well-being and healing times.
  • Be sure you HAVE the RIGHT support after surgery to encourage a good surgery recovery experience rather than one fraught with feeling unsupported.
  • Again, local FRACS Surgeons are typically best – in a familiar environment – but if you choose to go overseas or interstate, choose an Australian Plastic Surgeon who adheres to continuing education and patient safety standards – remember, follow up care is an important part of having surgery.

The role of a designated Personal Support Team after your Plastic Surgery if you have Surgery in Melbourne or Sydney and live elsewhere.

  • Having help from a family member or other friend or loved one (or even a hired assistant) can help you manage your recovery after your surgery.
  • Ask yourself this question: Do you have a trusted and supportive partner, close friend, cousin or another family member that will assist you in Melbourne or Sydney if you live elsewhere?
  • Is there someone who can also assist you when you’re back at home?
  • Do you have a great local GP that you trust to manage any healing issues or complications that might occur after you return home?
  • Contact us and we’ll help you consider visiting our Melbourne or Sydney Plastic Surgeons, and what you’ll want to take into account if you’re considering this option.
  • Phone 1300 264 811 or send an enquiry form.

It is absolutely critical to ensure that you are available to return for your post-operative appointments at your Surgeon’s main clinic(s) and be available to stay around AFTER your surgery, particularly in the event of any adverse situation or complication that means we need to see you more often.

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Follow-Up Care and Post-op Reviews in Melbourne by our Top Surgeons – if you’re having SURGERY with us, but live in a different State or Country

First, be sure you feel comfortable with the increased RISKS or TRAVEL FACTORS involved with having surgery away from home. You will NOT be permitted to fly for at least a few weeks after surgery (ask your Surgeon for recommendations and be sure you follow them, as flying too soon after surgery can increase your risks).

Our general plan for your post-operative recovery usually involves:

    • A comfortable and relaxing stay in a quality Hospital to recuperate
  • DISCHARGE to a new supported facility
    • Discharge to a supporter’s home in Melbourne or
    • To a Medi-Hotel with Nurse support
  • POST OP in about 1-10 days
    • Your post-op visit to the practice is determined by your Surgeon
    • Typically it occurs approximately 1 week to 10 days after Surgery
    • At this first in-clinic follow up, we check surgical results, change the dressings and give you additional post-op instructions
    • Your 8 Week Review is held at the practice location/clinic
    • If you live elsewhere, you’ll need to return for this 8-week review
  • 6 MONTH and 12 MONTH reviews
    • You’ll need to attend your 6 Month Review AND your 12-month review and annual reviews thereafter
    • Some but not all reviews MAY be able to be facilitated by Skype depending on your Surgery and at-home After Care or local nearby Surgeons
  • ANNUAL Reviews (as required) – will need an item code and a current GP referral if applicable

Accommodation Considerations after Plastic Surgery

We may be able to provide a list of nearby hotels for you, your partner or supporting friend to stay during recovery.

We can also arrange for our nurse to visit you in your hotel to check on your recovery after leaving the hospital.

Staying with your Melbourne-based or Sydney-based family, friends or colleagues might also be an option for you as you prepare for, and recover from, your Plastic Surgery procedure.

This can be helpful if you have excellent initial Surgery recovery support help and if you already tend to visit this area frequently throughout a year (e.g. you can combine your follow-up appointments with your social visits to family and friends, or attend a special Melbourne or Sydney based event or Show).

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What to do next?

Our Patient Liaison Team can assist with any questions you may have when considering a procedure. You can send in an enquiry form below or call our Melbourne Clinic between 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.

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Disclaimer: Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. This information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon.