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Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Injectables for Facial Enhancement and Rejuvenation

There are numerous non-surgical options for both anti-ageing and facial rejuvenation. Anti-Wrinkle injections and dermal fillers (temporary dermal fillers & injectables) are increasingly sought to restore lost facial volume due to ageing. Skin treatments using light-based therapies, deep peels and also cosmetic injection treatments have evolved a lot over recent years.

So, what can these injections do? They can;

  • Not only can these injections can help reduce both deep lines and facial wrinkles.
  • They can also plump up lips to restore lip volume.
  • Or, they can enhance cheekbones that may have begun to atrophied with age.
  • They can also minimise the appearance of ‘tear troughs’ or crow’s feet around the eyelid area.

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Furthermore, Injectables can reduce forehead worry lines and crow’s feet or marionette lines. They can also revive your skin from having a worried or overly-tired appearance.

With cosmetic injection treatments, you can achieve smoother skin around not only your eyes and mouth but also your lips and forehead.

You can enhance your lips for a fuller or plumper lip look, as well as reduce lines around your nose or mouth – creating a more radiant smile with fewer tell-tale laugh lines.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons work with the Team for Anti-Wrinkle Injectables Treatments and Dermal Fillers

Our Cosmetic Injecting Team in Melbourne use a range of quality brand special muscle relaxant injectables to temporarily disable the particular muscles that cause your wrinkles and creases.


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The Coco Ruby Injecting Team

To arrange a confidential injecting consultation with our highly-experienced Senior Injecting Nurse Sandra Wallace or Registered Nurse injector, Jessie Anderson.
Just send Email or Phone 1300 599 990 to arrange an appointment.

Sandra Wallace – Senior Injecting Nurse

Sandra is a registered Division 1 nurse with over 20 years of experience in injectables and dermal fillers and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. She has a long history of supporting not only Dr Rubinstein but also other Plastic Surgeons and Facelift Surgeons to help patients receive a full-face rejuvenation effect, using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Sandra has a long list of loyal clients and works closely with our Surgeons who perform Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, to get a natural-looking, long-lasting result.


Jessie Anderson. Injecting Nurse / Dermal Clinician

Jess holds a current AHPRA registration, she has a friendly, warm, and approachable personality with outstanding knowledge in analyzing a variety of skin concerns. This enables both the best possible in-clinic treatment plans and homecare advice for each individual client. With 11 years of industry experience (aesthetic/cosmetic/medical) and a patient-first approach, Jess is extremely passionate and enthusiastic within the cosmetic aesthetics industry. Her strong belief in a holistic approach to client care means she can empathize and understand clients’ needs.

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What Next?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons, Injectors and Dermal Clinicians customise surgery and treatments for each patient to suit their particular condition, their desired outcomes and the approach that will work best for a natural, long-lasting result. For more information on the call our Patient Care Team on 1300 264 811 or email us at

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