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Plastic Surgery in Melbourne VIC Guides and Downloads – Cosmetic Surgery Patient Information and Education

These Guides Provide Information for before, during and after your procedure.

Our guides include resources for plastic surgery patients that will assist your journey from thinking about having plastic surgery to aftercare and recovery like:

  • Your Surgery Explained
  • Are you a Good Candidate?
  • The Surgical Procedure
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon
  • Benefits of Surgery
  • Before and After Gallery
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Maintaining your Results

Coco Ruby Plastic Surgeons

Our Team of Plastic Surgeons and ENT Surgeon

Dr Craig Rubinstein – Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon (Melbourne)
Dr Rebecca Wyten – Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon (Melbourne)
Dr Richard Sackelariou – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon ((Melbourne) and Sydney)
Dr Stephen Kleid – Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon (Melbourne)
Dr Patrick Briggs –  Specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon (Melbourne )

Australia’s expert Surgeons for Breast, Body, Face, Nose, Eyelids and Skin Procedures – based in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • The key to choosing between a recommended Surgeon is to do adequate homework and research.
  • Look at BEFORE and AFTER cosmetic surgery photos, read the blogs and articles, and watch Plastic Surgery videos.
  • Don’t just rely on online reviews or health information online or on television – know the difference between a GP or skin doctor and a genuine FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeon (Specialist) so that you can have trust in your choice of Surgeon.

Why? Because not all Surgeons have the same training.

  • Some have less than a year of additional training in cosmetic surgery, versus over 12 years of additional training in Cosmetic, Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery (such as a FRACS Plastic Surgeon will have).
  • Some can ONLY operate in a back-room but do NOT have privileges in genuine hospitals.
  • The best way to check is to ask AND verify with AHPRA and other medical boards IF your Surgeon is actually the Specialist Plastic Surgeon they claim to be before you commit to a surgery date.
  • No junior surgeons is also an important feature of a reputable clinic – as seen in the FOUR CORNERS expose, many breast surgery patients in Sydney experienced something far removed from typical experiences of having surgery with a bonafide Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Is your Surgeon really a Specialist? Can they operate in a real hospital?

How to Check – And remember to check the surgeon’s online reviews.

  • Do research to find out if your doctor REALLY IS a Plastic Surgeon (or something different like your average GP or skin cancer doctor).
  • Don’t fall for the story of “backroom is better” – what if something goes wrong?
  • Plus, do you really want to try ‘being awake during surgery procedures’ with twilight anaesthesia rather than hospital-grade general anaesthesia?

Find out what your Surgeon’s actually a Specialist in (or if they are NOT actually a specialist at all but rather a GP or dentist).

  • If they DON’T have hospital operating rights (or give you a choice of where to operate other than their clinic rooms) they are NOT likely to be a Specialist Plastic Surgeon NOR to have operating privileges in Australian hospitals.
  • Read handy downloadable ebooks and Guides before proceeding to a consultation.

Why do people want Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Because how we look – and how we feel about our physical appearance – matters to most of us.
  • Whether or not we WISH it were different, our self-assessments – and our confidence – is impacted by how comfortable we feel NOW – in our own skin or body – it can even impact on our confidence in a social situation, dating site profile or job interview.

There’s no question that feeling we LOOK our best can help us to feel better – and improve our overall confidence levels – but surgery is NOT a first step nor a go-to solution.

Our Surgeons are honest about what can and cannot be attained through surgery. They can also help you understand other options you might want to explore.

But if you have a condition where surgery is definitely your best solution or your only long-term solution – such as removing skin folds after pregnancy or lifting your breasts and NAC above your inframammary fold/breast crease – then be sure you see an EXPERT with FRACS, ISAPS, ASPS/ASAPS or other qualifications that indicate they have had the adequate training and skills to serve your surgery needs while prioritising your safety.

Why are you a good candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery?

This help minimises risks:

  • be sure you’re emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy
  • eat right and rest well before and after your procedure
  • follow your Surgeons pre-surgery preparation instructions and your post-operation recommendations
  • avoid unnecessary substance use
  • definitely, do not smoke
  • be at a stable weight and healthy BMI
  • don’t do too much too soon – get clearance before exercising or heavy lifting

Realistic expectations about what cosmetic plastic surgery can – and cannot – accomplish in your life – will go a long way towards patient satisfaction after having a cosmetic procedure (the “worth it” ratings you will give to the experience, surgery result and Surgeon).

Download our Coco Ruby Guide to Plastic Surgery.

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Disclaimer: Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. This information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon.