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Hospitals selected by Coco Ruby Surgeons in Melbourne Australia

We only operate at Accredited Hospitals – To improve patient-safety measures and provide excellent care from fully-qualified medical and surgical staff, all our major plastic surgery procedures are performed at accredited Hospitals.

Note that many ‘Cosmetic Surgeons’ or doctors often don’t have operating rights in actual accredited hospitals.

Having a major surgery in the back room of someone’s clinic may not be as good for patient safety as having surgery in a genuine accredited hospital.

Our Surgeons usually operate at these Melbourne Hospitals:

St Vincents Private Kew

St Vincents Hospital Kew
St Vincents Hospital Kew

Dr Craig Rubinstein and Dr Patrick Briggs

How to get there:

There is limited parking on the hospital grounds at Kew. Restricted parking is available in the nearby streets.

Masada St Kilda (Ramsay Health)

Masada St Kilda (Ramsay Health)
Masada St Kilda (Ramsay Health)

Dr Patrick Briggs, Dr Richard Sackelariou and Dr Stephen Kleid

How to get there:

Free onsite patient/visitor parking is available. Street parking is available subject to Council time limits – please refer to the Masada Private Hospital Street Parking Map for guidance.

Glenferrie Private in Hawthorn (Ramsay Health)

Glenferrie private hospital
Glenferrie Private (Ramsay Health)

Dr Craig Rubinstein and Dr Patrick Briggs

How to get there:

Parking is available in the public car park opposite the hospital. Metered all day and 4-hour parking is available.

There is also a designated 3 minute ‘drop off/pick up’ and disabled car space at the entrance of the hospital.

The Avenue Windsor (Ramsay Health)

The avenue hospital melbourne
The Avenue Windsor (Ramsay Health)

Dr Patrick Briggs

How to get there:

On-site parking for patients and visitors is available and can be accessed via the main driveway. All parking requires pay and display ticket. Please purchase a ticket on arrival from the ticket machine and display this on the front dash of your car.

There are two spaces for 10-minute patient pick-up and drop-off located up the ramp to the left-hand side.

St John of God Berwick

St John of God Hospital Berwick
St John of God Berwick

Dr Rebecca Wyten

How to get there:

Paid undercover and open-air parking is available and can be accessed from the St John of God Berwick Hospital entrance. Ticket machines are located at car park lifts and on the ground level of the main hospital and the Specialist Centre, in foyer Level 1, B1 & B2. Machines accept credit cards and cash.


St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne Kew – What to Expect

Cocoruby Surgeons operating at St Vincent’s Private Kew

Part of the St Vincent’s Hospitals Group

  • Address: 5 Studley Avenue, Kew VIC 3101
  • Phone: (03) 9851 8888

About the Hospital – St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne Kew


  • St Vincent’s private Kew has 56 Beds
  • Some of which are private rooms, while others are shared rooms both of which have ensuite bathrooms


  • As well as, a single high dependency unit
  • They also have day procedure rooms
  • And, four general operating rooms in a theatre suit


  • MIA Imaging
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy (inpatient ward)
  • There is also a Bank a few meters from the hospital


  • Plastic & Reconstructive surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Faciomaxillary surgery (in other words surgery to treat disorders of the jaw, face and mouth)


As well as pastoral care they also have Interpreter and social work facilities available


  • Latest technology
  • Devoted staff offering 24/7 support
  • Confidentiality
  • Free hospital WiFi
  • Although free parking is limited it is available

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne Kew – Meal Services

Understanding the importance of a healthy and whole food diet, especially during the recovery period, the staff in St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne Kew strive to offer a wholesome experience.

If you need to stay overnight or for a few days, following your surgery you can order food at any time from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. There is a range of morning, lunch, and diner dishes that you can choose from, there is also food suitable for Chrono, keto, kosher, gluten-free, and other specific meal programs. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of sandwiches and other snacks you can choose from between meals.

St Vincents provides detailed menus in all the patient rooms, and during yours stay bedside service is available on the same schedule (7 am-7 pm). Even if you forget to order the meals, the staff will remind you and write down any meals that you might have missed. Furthermore, a parent or a family member that is visiting can order the same food as you.


It is essential to inform the staff and room service assistants of any allergies or special dietary requirements that you might have, so they can adjust your meal accordingly. It also goes for patients preparing for surgery and avoiding high glycemic index, carbohydrates, or fats. However, you won’t have to invest too much effort into debunking your diet, as the nutritional experts will do that for you.


Given that the hospital provides its patients with a complete meal plan, visiting family members and friends aren’t allowed to bring in anything apart from fresh fruits and commercially packed snacks.


Although there isn’t an onsite cafe or a restaurant, the hospital does allow visitors to order the same meals as the patients. Furthermore, pricing is the same for everyone, set at $22 per tray and charged at the end of the patient’s stay.


What Patients Say About St Vincent’s Kew

“I had day surgery. Very nice hospital. Smooth check-in with very little wait time. Nurses were all professionals with a smile. Excellent service, staff couldn’t do enough and explained everything. I felt safe and reassured that my well-being was a priority. I would have no hesitation in going back there in the future and highly recommend this hospital to anyone needing an operation/procedure, It is a not-for-profit hospital that is even better, a big thanks to all at the hospital.”

“Excellent little hospital with friendly and helpful staff. Felt well supported and looked after. It is small, so there is no cafe or pharmacy, etc. “

“Excellent service, very kind nurses, thank you all, made me feel very comfortable during my stay at St Vincent Kew.”

Nearby Accommodation




Masada Private Hospital St Kilda – Facilities and Services

Coco Ruby Surgeons operating at Masada Private Hospital

Masada is Part of the Ramsay Health Care

26 Balaclava Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia
03 9038 1300

About the Hospita Masada Private Hospital St Kilda


  • Has 105 beds
  • 30 Single ensuite rooms; shared rooms with free WiFi, TV, and AC


  • As well as Day surgery unit with a separate lounge area
  • They also have, four Surgical operating theatres


  • Glenferrie radiology


  • As well as an experienced team of professionals
  • This facility also offers Free on-site parking spots
  • And, COVID 19 screening tools
  • They also have a well equipped pharmacy.
  • In addition to all of this, they have an all-inclusive fitness centre
  • as well as, dietician service
  • Infection control service
  • And, Imaging rooms


There are many benefits to this facility, however, below are the top 5;

  • Firstly, Explicit privacy
  • Secondly, a noiseless environment
  • Thirdly, devoted nurses and other staff
  • Next, is of course, the Versatile catering department
  • Finally, their interpreting service


  • Plastic and reconstructive
  • Gender Affirmation Surgery
  • General surgery
  • Oral and reconstructive surgery

Masada Private Hospital St Kilda – Meal Services

The catering department of the Masada Private Hospital St Kilda is a highlight. As a recovering patient, you will get a range of menus to choose from on daily basis (each morning).

Most importantly, both the cooks and the rest of the staff understand that you may have specific requirements (whether due to religious beliefs or designated diet) for which reason the department strives to offer diversified, healthy, and fresh produce to its patients. However, keep in mind that it is available solely for those that are staying at the hospital and that for now, Masada doesn’t offer food to visitors.


As mentioned above, in case you need any assistance when it comes to getting your meal, or there are special requests that you have to make sure to let the staff know. The devoted team of nurses is available to help you at any point during  day, after all, that is what the call button is for.


Unlike some other private hospitals, the Masada St Kilda doesn’t allow the family members and friends to bring in prepared meals. This is mostly due to the fact that they want to risk that the patient gets food poisoning or ingests ingredients/food that they are allergic to. On the other hand, as long as you announce it, you can bring in fresh fruit, soft drinks, and commercial produce such as potato chips, etc.


Presently, the catering department doesn’t serve food to visitors.

What Patients Say About Masada Private Hospital St Kilda

“Highly recommend for anxious patients and general day surgery.”

“I wish to thank the staff for the amazing job and care offered during my stay.”

Highly recommended Masada Private Hospital.”

What patients say

Nearby Accommodation for relatives or further recovery



  • Address: 1A St Kilda Road, St Kilda 3182
  • Phone: 1300 275 162
  • Email:
  • Website


  • Address: 637-641 Chapel Street, South Yarra 3141
  • Phone: (03) 9040 1222
  • Website:
  • Open 7 days a week, furthermore, Masada patients are eligible for a special discount

Glenferrie Private Hospital Hawthorn – Facilities and Services

Coco Ruby Surgeons operating at Glenferrie Private

Dr Rubinsten Melbourne
Dr Patrick Briggs Melbourne

Part of Ramsay Health Care

  • Address – 29 Hilda Crescent, HAWTHORN VIC 3122
  • Phone Number – (03) 9009 3800



  • Glenferrie private hospital not only have 18 Day surgery beds but also 19 overnight care beds
  • Furthermore, they have 15 Private rooms with ensuite facilities


  • Operating rooms
  • Radiology room
  • As well as a Laboratory


  • Glenferrie radiology


  • As well as having a devoted team of dedicated nurses
  • Doctors also have years of experience
  • Patient transfers
  • Not only do they have Designated parking spots but there is also lots of nearby parking
  • Pharmacy with OTC and recipe medicine
  • Tea and coffee making facilities


  • Large and modern hospital
  • Pleasant location
  • Experienced and caring staff


  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Maxillofacial and oral
  • Hand and wrist
  • Orthopaedic Surgery

Glenferrie Private Hospital – Meal Services

The Glenferrie Private Hospital does provide its patients with three main meals and two snacks (teas) during the day. Furthermore, meals are prepared by an experienced chef, there is a list of dishes that you can choose from including vegetarian, and dietary options, the staff including nurses and anesthesiologists are there to help you with making the adequate choice. Most importantly, the Glenferrie Private Hospital strives that all dishes are made using fresh and locally grown/bought produce.


  • Breakfast at 8:00 am
  • Morning tea at 10:30 am
  • Lunch at 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon tea at 2:30 pm
  • Lunch at 5:00 pm

Understanding the importance of healthy meals, the staff will provide the patience with a couple of meal choices on daily basis. However, if you have any questions regarding the consumption of certain foods or you want to make special requests and stay by your dietary requirements, the staff at the Glenferrie Private Hospital are happy to help and accommodate you as best they can. While nutritious meals are necessary for a successful recovery, it is recommended that your first few post-surgery meals are lighter.


The nursing team and other staff are friendly and communicative. Thus, it is essential to communicate if you have certain dietary restrictions or you can’t eat specific food because of your religious beliefs. Providing the staff and the chef with your feedback is important for further improvements as well as letting them know if you need any kind of assistance regarding your eating schedule.


If you are a friend or a family member of the patient and you want to supplement their diet you should inform the staff so they can respond accordingly. They will provide you with a list of the food that is allowed and that isn’t recommended for someone who is having their stay at the hospital. In addition, you should know that alcohol consumption can be allowed only on special requests and in limited doses. Furthermore, the food that you bring to the hospital will be thoroughly checked to ensure that there aren’t any poisoning risks (due to expiry date, or bad packaging) and to ensure that the patient isn’t allergic to the food that you are bringing them.


The chef is available to prepare a few meals for the visitors on request. Another great thing about the Glenferrie Private Hospital is that the staff strives to provide dishes that are fresh, tasty, and most importantly low cost.

What Patients Say About Glenferrie Private Hospital

I also loved this place from the moment l walked in. The nurses & all other staff are absolutely amazing, they truly care, and go out of their way to be helpful. Even the meals were quite nice, and I’m a fussy eater. Thank you to all the staff for making my stay so comfortable, warm, and friendly. I appreciate you all.

A small lovely hospital with amazing caring staff. My overnight stay felt more like i was in a hotel than a hospital. The nurses were absolutely lovely and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much.

The nurses are fantabulous. From arrival to recovery, to back in my room they couldn’t do enough. Bricks and mortar are just that, although the place is very pretty and modern, it’s the staff that makes the difference.

Very friendly, caring nurses. Quiet environment. Very clean and tidy. Been there 3 times now, and happy to go again if the need were to arise. You can do a lot of waiting, though, depending on when you’re scheduled to have your procedure done.

Glenferrie Private Hospital Nearby Accommodation




St John of God Hospital Berwick – What to Expect

St John of God Hospital Berwick – Facilities and Services

Coco Ruby Surgeons operating at SJOG Berwick

Dr Wyten Melbourne

Part of the St John of God Health Care

  • Address – 75 Kangan Drive, Berwick VIC 3806
  • Phone Number – (03) 8784 5000

About the Hospital – St John of God Hospital Berwick


  • 202 Beds
  • Single and shared rooms


  • In addition to their, Eight operating rooms
  • They also have two procedure rooms
  • As well as, two consulting suites
  • And, an on-site Pharmacy


Below are some of the facilities at St John of God;

  • Hospital WiFi
  • A La Carte dining
  • Specialist Centre Cafe (Retro’s)
  • Retail Shop: Little Black Bag
  • As well as, gardens
  • Pastoral services are also available.


  • Not only do they have access to the latest technology health care
  • But the staff are also respectful and devoted to patients
  • Open and 24/7 communication
  • Furthermore, they can help with important medical decisions
  • They can also provide exclusive privacy


  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Day surgery
  • Bariatric
  • Breast cancer

St John of God Hospital Berwick – Meal Services

St John of God Hospital Berwick offers its patients three healthy, tasty meals a day. Similar to other institutions that are a part of the St John of God Health Care this hospital hires experienced chefs and dieticians that are consulted when it comes to preparing tailored meals for the patients.

Among the available food and beverages is a wide variety of teas, coffee, warm chocolate, fresh fruit, and snacks, as well as diabetic and gluten-free options. The main meals consist of complex carbs and a lean protein source such as Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Sandwich/Grilled Chicken Breast with Potato Mash. There is also a fresh bakery as well as an assortment of dairy products. Furthermore, the menu at St John of God Hospital Berwick is incredibly inclusive considering the amount of diet-specific meals that they offer.


According to the admission requirements, the staff suggests that overnight patients provide them with information on potential food allergies and specific food requirements, so they can adjust food accordingly. This is in order to avoid potential contraindications and speed up the recovery process.


When it comes to the food family members and friends of the patients can bring in the list is quite short, however, the list does allow soft drinks, fresh produce (fruits/nuts), and commercially packaged snacks. The idea behind this is that the menu offered by the hospital is good enough per se so there isn’t a need to take risks and add to the established dietary plan.


While those visiting can’t enjoy the A La Carte menu that is designated for patients, there is an on-site cafe “Retro’s” that offers refreshing beverages, as well an array of sandwiches and nutritious meals.

What Patients Say About St John of God Hospital Berwick

I had surgery at Berwick St John of God back in September the nurses and admin staff were wonderful and extremely compassionate, Thank you the care was next level compared to the care I’ve received at other private hospital

An absolutely fantastic and ‘happy’ hospital with very professional and friendly staff that impressed me at every turn, the theatre staff and doctors performed their roles with better than military precision while keeping me confident, relaxed and amused, and the care that the entire nursing staff showed me was equally impressive. The management of this hospital clearly knows how to motivate staff members to give their very best.

I recently had surgery at St John of God in Berwick, it was a great experience and the nurses were ALL amazing, caring, and friendly, even after working big hours!

Cannot fault anything about my 4-day stay recently, Especially the nurses!!! Each and everyone that looked after me was lovely & kept me as comfortable as I could possibly be, Thank you so much, everyone, for making being in the hospital that little bit better.

St John of God Hospital Nearby Accommodation




The Avenue Hospital Windsor – Facilities and Services

Coco Ruby Surgeons operating at The Avenue

Dr Patrick Briggs Melbourne

The Avenue is part of Ramsay Health Care

  • Address – 40 The Avenue, WINDSOR VIC 3181
  • Phone Number – (03) 9529 7377

About the Hospital – The Avenue Hospital Windsor


  • 152 Beds; 12 beds at the Oncology centre
  • Single and shared en suite rooms;


  • Besides, Eleven operating theatres there is also
  • A large day surgery centre
  • A dermatology centre
  • and an advanced imaging room
  • As well as a pharmacy
  • And, Endoscopy room


  • Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy


  • Coffee shop
  • Pre-admission clinic


  • As well as a dedicated and experienced team of doctors
  • the nurses are also friendly and attentive.
  • Quiet location
  • Highest standards of quality and safety


  • Plastic and reconstructive
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Ear, nose, and throat Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Oral maxillofacial

The Avenue Hospital Windsor – Meal Services

Something that most patients are pretty satisfied with is the featured meal plan. Understanding the importance of nutritious meals during the recovery period, The Avenue Hospital Windsor hires experienced chefs and catering staff that are available to address any needs. It is great to know that you can choose and order meals from your room which is much like the Point of Service terminal that is present in the Epworth hospitals. The concept of a La Carte dining is to help you feel like you are at home while taking your dietary requirements into consideration as well as potential food allergy risks.


  • Breakfast 7:45 – 8:30 am
  • Morning tea 10:00 – 11:00 am
  • Lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm
  • Afternoon tea 2:30 – 3:00 pm
  • Dinner 5:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Supper 7:30 – 8:00 pm


It is highly recommended, especially to the overnight patients that you inform the catering staff of any special requests. This includes providing them with a list of foods that you are allergic to as well as information on whether you avoid certain ingredients because of religious beliefs or a designated diet.


The meal plan is quite inclusive, in other words, visitors don’t have to worry about bringing cooked dishes to their friend/family member. On the other hand, the hospital doesn’t restrict that the visitors come with fruits, or commercial snacks (as well as soft drinks) as long as those are presented at the reception.


Unlike in most health institutions, you can order the same meal that the patients get. Not only is the food healthy it is also tasty and comes at a great price. If you are just interested in stopping for a coffee and a quick snack then the on-site Cafe is sure to serve your needs.

What Patients Say About The Avenue Hospital Windsor

I was very happy with everything during my short stay (13th Jan 21) from the admission right through to the great care provided by the nurses, everything was great.

Had a great experience here. There was a bit of a wait from admission time which was a bit uncomfortable as I had been fasting all day. But the nurses were lovely, attentive, and friendly. I woke up pretty animated after sedation but they handled everything well. They know what they’re doing and would be very happy to go there again should I ever need to in the future.

I can’t speak highly enough of the staff & care at the Avenue.  They were caring, considerate & kind. As another person stated they are a little slow to respond to the bell, but the way I see it is that they are extremely busy. None of my matters were urgent so the effect on me was minimal, Special thanks to Sorcha, Ellen & Davis in the Paterson ward for their care.

The Avenue Hospital Windsor Nearby Accommodation


  • Address: 379 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004
  • Phone: (03) 9677 9900
  • Email:
  • Website:


What to look for in a Hospital for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

When you are looking at getting surgery there are several things to look for when it comes to the hospital and what they provide.

  • Firstly, is it an Accredited Hospital with a reputation for Service, Safety and Security?
  • Secondly, look for a Boutique sized Hospital. In other words, not too big not too small.
  • Thirdly, are the caring staff and nurses friendly?
  • Are the Facilities and rooms nice, and can you have a single room?
  • Is the Food and Refreshments available healthy and nutritious. This is important for optimal recovery.
  • And, lastly what are the in-room Entertainment options and WiFi

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