Body Surgery in Melbourne


Body Contouring Surgery for Men and Women

These procedures are designed to correct or improve the contours of the body, by removing excess skin and fat, smoothing bulges, and repairing abdominal damage from pregnancy or after Bariatric Surgery and significant weight loss. Performed by leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Body Surgery (Torsoplasty) and Body Contouring Procedures.

Body Surgery (Torsoplasty) for Women and Men

Women often approach our clinic for body-related procedures to reshape, firm and contour their post-pregnancy body that has failed to return to a pre-pregnancy body fitness even after strict exercise and dieting efforts. Men often seek body surgery and combined surgical procedures to reduce stubborn fat stores around their middle torso and chest or breast regions (reduction of “man boobs” or moobs, ‘spare tire’ tummy bulges sometimes called a ‘beer belly’ or ‘beer gut’).

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Combined Surgery Procedures

Patients often seek more than one body surgery, especially if they have undergone body or breast changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. Combined torsoplasty procedures may help reduce costs and recovery time compared to having these surgeries done separately.

Your Surgeon will be able to suggest and advise on the preferred Body Contouring procedure/s for you, depending on your particular condition and what approach will work best to attain a successful surgical result.