Male Rhinoplasty in Melbourne – Nose Job for Men

Male Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery for Men in Melbourne

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Thinking about a Male Rhinoplasty? More and more men are starting to realise that they can take control over how they look with cosmetic surgery. An option that seemingly wasn’t there before. Although still not as adventurous as their female counterparts, the number of male cosmetic plastic surgeries is increasing, particularly male nose jobs, eyelid lifts and male facelifts.

Here at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, we take pride in having some of the best plastic surgeons in Australia, especially when it comes to male nose jobs. Our team of elite Melbourne-based surgeons will address your aesthetic concerns and help customise a plan tailored specifically for you. Continue reading this article to learn more about nose jobs for men.

What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, “nose job”, or simply nose surgery, is a procedure that alters your nose’s external appearance by re-sculpting its structures (nasal bones, cartilage, and skin). A male nose job enables you to reshape your nose to complement your; eyes, cheeks, and chin, enhancing your overall facial aesthetics and symmetry. Male rhinoplasty can also correct structural defects in your nose, providing functional improvement as well.

What’s the Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty?

Although male rhinoplasty is similar to female rhinoplasty in the surgical technique implemented, the main difference between these two nose surgeries lies in their aesthetic goals. For a stronger distinctive nose that exudates masculinity, nose jobs for men ideally aim to straighten out your nasal bridge, widen the middle of your nose and lower your nasal tip slightly. Women, however, prefer a smaller nose with an upturned tip to highlight their femininity.

Male Rhinoplasty – Who Needs One?

Male nose jobs is a major cosmetic procedure, and you should not decide to undergo the procedure lightly. Many men seek rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose from contact supports such as rugby, hockey, soccer, or professional fighting. Others are simply unhappy with the size and the shape of their nose and want a more masculine nose. Whatever your reason may be, in order to achieve a successful final result preoperative planning and consultation are essential. You should consider male rhinoplasty if you have a:

  • Nasal bridge that is too high or low
  • Feminine short nose with an upturned tip
  • Bulbous nose
  • Dorsal hump on the bridge of your nose
  • Crooked nose that needs to be straightened
  • Breathing problem

Whether you were born with it, or a result of a nose injury, our skilled plastic surgeons will have a male rhinoplasty consultation session with you to determine if you’re a viable candidate for a nose surgery and to answer all of your questions.

Male Rhinoplasty – What Are the Benefits?male-nose-job-rhinoplasty-melbourne.

Although it takes several months for male rhinoplasty benefits to become visible, if you’re patient, you’ll soon start to notice:

  • Face symmetry: Customising each rhinoplasty procedure is vital to ensure your final result will be a more masculine nose that complements your facial features.
  • Unwanted nasal features gone: Inherited or acquired nasal traits like; nose bumps, bulbous tips, crooked nose, or wide nostrils can all be fixed by male rhinoplasty.
  • Improved breathing: Repairing a septal deviation (the flexible structure that separates your two nostrils) during your nasal surgery allows for better breathing and sound sleep.
  • Increased self-confidence: Perhaps the most important benefit of them all is the transformation you feel within, and not only the one visible on your face. A male nose job can improve your self-image and help you walk through life’s challenges with a confident spring in your steps.

Male Rhinoplasty – How Is It Done?

Regardless of your gender, the fundamental surgical technique performed in both female and male rhinoplasty is the same. Your plastic surgeon will choose from three main approaches according to your goals and needs:

  • Open male rhinoplasty: Your surgeon will make a small incision in the vertical strip of your nose tip. This increases access and allows for the more extensive reshaping of your nose into a strong prominent masculine one.
  • Closed male rhinoplasty: The surgeon will make a small incision inside the nostrils. This works best for men undergoing nose job procedures for minor changes in their nose appearance.
  • Tiplasty: This refers to the area of reshaping (nasal tip only) during male rhinoplasty, rather than the technique used. Male nasal tips have greater projection and ideally are less elevated, forming a 90 – 95 degrees angle between the nose and upper lip.

Male Rhinoplasty – What to Expect During Recovery?

Rhinoplasty, regardless of gender, is notorious for its lengthy recovery period. A male nose job can take even more time to fully heal due to males having thicker skin and cartilage (the soft part of your nose). It can be a difficult time, we often recommend that men who’ve undergone a nose job take two weeks off for proper healing.

In the first few days following your male rhinoplasty procedure, bruising around your eyes and cheeks may occur. This is due to the disruption of blood vessels during the procedure, allowing blood to leak out into the surrounding tissue. Swelling is also a part of the recovery process of male rhinoplasty. It’s your body’s natural response to injury. The fluid build-up at your nose job incision sites promotes healing. Swelling reaches its peak by day three following your male nose job procedure.

After a week or so, your plastic surgeon will remove any remaining sutures, staples, or nasal packing left during your male rhinoplasty. Bruising, and the worst of your pain, will disappear by then. You’ll start to notice changes in your nose shape then. However, it takes a month for your swelling to significantly decrease, and three months until 90% dissipates. It can take up to two years after your male nose surgery for the remaining 10% to disperse.

Male Rhinoplasty – When Can I Start Seeing Results?

Never allow the lengthy recovery period to discourage you from undergoing male rhinoplasty. Most men are satisfied with how their new masculinised nose looks a month after their nose job procedure. You’ll even start to notice improved breathing and subtle changes in your nose shape as early as one week following your nose surgery. By the second week, your new masculine nose will be remarkably more distinguishable. And as you near the one-month mark of your male rhinoplasty, the most visible signs of your nose job will be gone. This will leave you to enjoy your new natural-looking facial appearance.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Got a Nose Job Fawad Khan Small

Every surgical procedure, including male rhinoplasty, has a tendency for complications, and only a plastic surgeon who does not operate has no risk of complications happening. It’s important to know and discuss these risks before you consent to a male nose job.

Male Rhinoplasty – Which Male Celebrities Had One?

Media often focuses its attention on female celebrities who have gone under the knife. However, a number of men in Hollywood have undergone a male rhinoplasty to enhance their facial features. Below is a list of some of male celebrities, that have undergone a male rhinoplasty:

  • Tom Cruise: Not one to shy away from plastic surgeries, Tom had both regular and revisional male rhinoplasty to fix his nose.
  • Ryan Gosling: Heartthrob extraordinaire had a nose job for men early in his career to straighten out his nasal bridge.
  • Ashton Kutcher: Most famously known for his role in “That 70s Show”, Ashton underwent male rhinoplasty to narrow his nose.
  • Robert Pattinson: The Batman himself had a male nose job procedure done to adjust the tip of his nose before getting his role as the famous vampire.
  • Zac Efron: The High School Musical star and Ted Bundy actor has a killer nose after undergoing a male nose job procedure for a less prominent and narrower nose.

Male Rhinoplasty – Who Is the Best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Australia?

Male rhinoplasty is a delicate and complicated procedure and we at Coco Ruby rise to the challenge. Our team of Melbourne-based plastic and ENT surgeon specialists will tailor a specialized plan designed to meet all of your aesthetic goals and provide functional improvement along the way. If you choose to have male rhinoplasty at Coco Ruby, you will be offered:

  • The most qualified, FRACS certified, plastic and ENT surgeons to perform your nose job
  • The latest and most meticulous surgical methods that leave no visible scarring
  • Rapid Recovery Packages, all scientifically proven to promote healing after your male rhinoplasty procedure
  • Computerised 3D facial imaging that can help you visualize your new masculine nose after surgery
  • An all-inclusive care plan that continues way after your male nose job procedure, to ensure you have the best-desired results

 Male Rhinoplasty Melbourne Cost – How much is Male Rhinoplasty Melbourne?

Male Rhinoplasty – Is it Covered by Medicare or Insurance?

Unfortunately, most male nose jobs are considered elective surgery, and therefore not covered by Medicare or third-party insurers. However, if your male rhinoplasty is not purely for cosmetic purposes and your surgeon deems it as medically necessary ( presence of nasal obstruction, developmental defect, post-traumatic nose injury), a Medicare Item Number will be assigned to it ( for more info visit Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)). This can make you eligible for a rebate. Third-party insurers will also reimburse you if a medical or functional component is provided.

The cost of male rhinoplasty can depend on many factors including the plastic surgeon chosen and the procedure itself. Most rhinoplasty patients report over 90% satisfaction rate, and that the amount of money spent on the procedure is reasonable and well worth the cost.

For information about a Male Rhinoplasty Payment Plan.

Other frequently asked questions about male rhinoplasty

How much is a nose job for a guy?

  • THe cost of a rhinoplasty is the same whether it is for a Male or a female.
  • The final cost depends on the plastic surgeon chosen, the extent of your nose surgery, and your geographic location.

At what age can a boy get a nose job?

  • Male rhinoplasty is one of the most highly requested teen plastic surgeries. It can be done when the nose has completed its growth and reached its adult size. This occurs around the age of 16 for boys.

What is the perfect nose for a man?

  • The ideal nose for a man is usually one that shows strong, prominent, and masculine features. Male nose jobs can achieve that effect by sculpting your nasal bridge into a straighter line and fixing your nasal tip to be slightly lower.

Is a nose job worth it for men?

  • The time when male plastic surgery was considered taboo has been long gone. Male rhinoplasty, when done for the right reasons and by the right hands, can be life-altering. It boosts your self-image and helps you take on life by its horns.

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