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Fraxel Laser Treatments at Coco Ruby Melbourne

Fraxel for Post-Operation Scar Management and Skin Rejuvenation

Fraxel laser treatments have a variety of uses and are effective for helping treat a number of skin concerns, from surgical scars after a Tummy Tuck to lines, wrinkles and uneven texture.  To find out what will best suit YOUR skin concerns, phone us on 1300 264 811 and request a skin assessment to see what’s really going on with your skin concerns.

We use special skin imaging technologies and other methods to assess what might be a good solution for your pigmentation problems, skin texture concerns, including skin ageing wrinkles and lines or acne.

USES for Fraxel laser treatments – which skin conditions are best treated by Fraxel?

Fraxel treatment series can help a variety of skin concerns and treat various skin conditions.

About the Fraxel Restore Dual – why is it considered a gold standard for some skin concerns?

Fraxel laser skin rejuvenation Before and after

Fraxel is a leading laser technology for skin rejuvenation. It has a long history of getting pleasing results and is the ‘go-to’ for many skin concerns.

  • We have the Fraxel Restore DUAL with two laser wavelengths, 1927nm and 1550nm.
  • The 1927nm produces dramatic improvement to sun-damaged and pigmented skin with just one treatment.
  • The 1550nm treatment is used to improve deeper conditions like wrinkles, surgical scars, and acne scars. Significant results can be seen over a course of 3-5 treatments.
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How many Fraxel treatments will I need for my skin or scar?

FRAXEL laser skin treatments for scars Melbourne before and afterFRAXEL laser skin treatments Melbourne before and after

This depends on the severity of the damage of the skin being treated.

  • Usually, we would recommend a course of 1 to 5 Fraxel laser treatments.
  • We consider the best practice to spread these Fraxel laser treatments about 4 to 6 weeks apart.

With the 1927 nm setting, most patients will see improvement after a single treatment with Fraxel.

  • Maintenance treatments can be performed as needed.
  • Your skin will continue to age, but the treatment can reduce ageing to some extent for a period of time.
  • Stay out of the sun (this is CRUCIAL to getting a good result and to reducing additional skin damage and pigmentation concerns).
  • Shown below is a patient getting a Fraxel laser treatment for an Abdominoplasty scar after a Tummy Tuck.

With the 1550 nm setting of the Fraxel laser, we typically recommend 3 to 5 treatments.

Once again depending on the severity of the damage of the skin being treated, and your suitability for the treatment.

Find out if you are a good candidate for FRAXEL laser treatments.


Ask us for a skincare consultation by phoning us on 1300 264 811 to assess whether or not Fraxel laser treatments are going to be your best option OR if something like DOT THERAPY (CO2 laser treatments), IPL, Laser Genesis or Dermapen (micro-needling or skin needling/CIT) might better suit your concerns.

Other FAQS about Fraxel Laser Treatments in Melbourne

Are the FRAXEL laser treatments safe for all skin types?

  • The Fraxel laser is an innovative technology and works for MANY different skin types.
  • However, unlike Dermapen (Skin Needling/Mico-Needling), FRAXEL Laser treatments may NOT be suitable for ALL skin types or concerns.
  • At high powers, mild blistering and/or temporary skin discolouration can occur especially in darker skin patients.

And if hyperpigmentation is your main concern, you’ll want to ask your Dermal Clinician about the PROS and CONS of Fraxel compared to your other alternative treatments, such as DOT therapy or Laser Genesis or our Melasma treatment.

Is getting FRAXEL laser painful?

Fraxel laser treatment for scars, skin concerns, wrinkles and lines PLUS healite II

  • Patients report varying levels of discomfort during a Fraxel laser treatment.
  • This in part relates to different sensitivities of the skin between patients.
  • Be sure you follow the PRE-Fraxel treatment guidelines and post-treatment instructions VERY carefully to help reduce chances of discomfort during or after a treatment.
  • A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the affected area 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the treatment to ensure comfort during the procedure.
  • You will need to ask how early to arrive at your appointment to have topical Anaesthetic and what other methods you can use to reduce discomfort during treatment.
Topical numbing agents used about one hour before treatment can help reduce discomfort during a Fraxel laser treatment.

How long does a Fraxel laser treatment take?

  • The laser treatment will last from 10-30 minutes depending on the size of the area treated.
  • However, for each session, we ask you to allow 2 hours to include time for the topical anaesthetic cream to take effect.

What can I expect to feel during and after a Fraxel laser treatment?

  • As the laser moves over your skin you will feel a prickling sensation.
  • Straight after the treatment, your skin may feel like it has been sunburnt.
  • This feeling of ‘heat sensation’ and or itching usually disappears within 2-3 hours.
  • We recommend that you apply ice packs to the treated area when you return home to help you feel more comfortable.
  • Redness and swelling may also be commencing at this time.
  • Remember to ask about how to protect your skin AFTER Fraxel (and you MUST avoid the sun).

How soon can I return to normal activities?

The redness and swelling may persist for a few days. The skin may then take on a ‘bronzed’ and reddened appearance for up to 14 days. The duration of this will depend on the nature of your treatment and the area treated. (Areas treated off the face usually take a longer time to heal).

You may then start to vigorously exfoliate (peel) as old dead cells are shed and are replaced by new younger ones. Although it is rare, there may be crusting or blistering in some areas, especially if an aggressive treatment has been performed. Once the sloughing is complete, you may notice a pinkness’ over the next few weeks; and although most redness resolves within the first week after treatment, a ‘rosy’ glow may remain for several weeks.

Most patients will begin to see some improvement within a few days after the procedure. However, it is the collagen remodelling in the deeper layers of the skin, that occur over several months after your treatment, that creates the smoothing and tightening of the skin.

There may be a gradual improvement for up to a year following a series of treatments.

How long should I take off work?

This is something that only you can answer.  How long you take off from work might also depend on whether or not you can do your work yet still stay out of the sun.

It is absolutely fine to resume most daily routines the day after your Fraxel treatment; however, because of your ‘bronzed’ or reddened face – some people prefer not to be in their workplace.

Because I am having a topical Anaesthetic, is it okay for me to drive home after the procedure?

Driving home after the Fraxel procedure is typically not a problem at all.

The topical Anaesthetic we use is applied externally to your skin and does not impact your driving ability.

Is there anything special that I have to do prior to a treatment? The answer is YES.

Yes, it is important to avoid the use of any products containing glycolic acids, retinol or retinoids, bleaching agents and hydroquinone for ONE WEEK prior to the procedure.

These products can be resumed ONE WEEK post-procedure but if in doubt, ask your Clinician.

What care is necessary for the week following the Fraxel treatment?

  • Icepacks on day of treatment
  • Cetaphil moisturizer as often as needed
  • No excessive exercise, sweating or swimming for ONE week
  • No shaving the affected area
  • Avoid ALL sun exposure

How does the Fraxel Laser work?

Fraxel utilizes a patented fractional technology to target damaged skin. The laser produces thousands of microscopic treatment zones (MTZ’s) that penetrate deep into the dermis (skin). As the laser treats only a ‘fraction’ of the surface tissue at a time, the skin surrounding the pinpoint MTZ’s remains intact and unaffected. This promotes rapid tissue healing, much faster than if the entire skin were treated at once. The areas treated by the MTZ’s stimulate new collagen production and hence promotes the growth of fresh, new and healthy skin in their place. Repeated treatments create additional MTZ’s until the entire skin is treated.


Cost of Fraxel Rejuvenation

A fractional laser technology that targets deep wrinkles, sun-damaged skin & scarring.

Full Face – 1927nm | Full Face – 1550nm

*We also treat other areas. Ask us for details and pricing.

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