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Chin Implants To Improve a Weak Chin or Retrogenia in Melbourne VIC

Does your chin look excessively set back, when you compare it to your upper jaw?

Do you have a weak or retruded chin?

Would you like a more strongly defined or masculine jawline?


There are two main types of Chin Surgery, a Sliding Chin Genioplasty or Chin Augmentation using a Chin Implant

Chin Implant Surgery is a popular surgery for individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of a weak or recessed chin.  Chin Surgery can help improve a recessed chin, enlarge the chin and help refine and contour the lower jaw. Most cases of a recessed chin or lower mandible can be improved in appearance by a chin prosthesis (a chin implant or facial implant), typically inserted through the mouth.

Some more severe cases of retrogenia may benefit more from a sliding genioplasty strategy, rather than prosthetic enlargement, but this is a more intensive surgery with longer healing times and potentially higher risks.

Retrogenia, or a receding chin is often referred to medically as a ‘retruded chin’ or a retruding chin. This basically means your chin is not protruding sufficiently to give you a strong-looking jawline or a balanced lower face. It can be quite obvious from the front as well as from the side. However, most people with a weak chin are most self-conscious about how they look from the side or 3/4 view profile.

Although some cultural preferences recognise a strong jawline and chin, in both women and men, the treatment is often cosmetic in nature. Those that do suffer from either a retruding or ‘weak jawline’ will know that it doesn’t interfere with the actual function of that area of the face.

However, it can lead people to make awkward expressions in an attempt to balance out the bottom or lower lip.

Chin Implants:  Chin Augmentation Surgery in Melbourne

  • A weak chin can be remedied with chin augmentation surgery using either
    1. custom made facial implants
    2. or Chin implants that have been pre-manufactured (silicone).
  • Insertion can often be made through the mouth so there are no visible scars on the face.
  • This facial implant procedure uses chin implants to improve the shape and protrusion of the chin,
  • Which in turn also enhances the jawline.

Chin augmentation surgery is, in fact, a popular surgery that can lead to significant improvement in facial aesthetics for men and women of nearly any age, once they reach adulthood. If you want to learn more, or schedule an appointment with our chin augmentation expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou, phone 1300 264 811 today (or send an enquiry form, below).

What Is Chin Implant Surgery?Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery Blog - claim my Chin Surgery on Medicare Before and After Image Illustration

The most popular and most common method surgeons use in chin augmentation, or chin contouring is through the use of implants. A defined jawline along a firm chin plays a very important role in determining the definition, symmetry, and general harmony of facial features. However, as we age and begin to lose skin and muscle tone, we also start to lose the definition, symmetry, and harmony.

A small and indented chin, an undefined jaw, asymmetry in the lower third of the face, can be deformities that we have from birth, but also acquired during life as a result of an injury. When a more extensive procedure is necessary, surgeons, in collaboration with patients, may decide to use a more complex method that will deliver the most visible results. This procedure involves surgical augmentation of the chin by a specialist surgeon in the field. However, in patients who do not have too much deformity, the best option is the surgical placing of a silicone implant that will upgrade the chin, improve the missing volume, correct asymmetries or other imperfections.

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Implants Surgery?

Candidates for this type of surgery can be;

  • those who feel reduced self-confidence due to the appearance of their chin
  • And, who meet certain conditions set by the medical profession, in order to achieve better results and patient safety.

If you have lost volume and a clear definition of your chin due to the ageing process, or a harmonious appearance of your chin due to injuries and illness, you are probably a good candidate for this surgery. You should consider chin implant surgery if:

  • Your profile shows a weak jaw
  • Your chin gives the illusion of a bigger nose
  • You have a congenital chin deformity
  • Your chin is misaligned
  • You suffer from lowered confidence because of a weak chin
  • You are in good overall health

Benefits of Chin Implant Surgerychin augmentation surgery

A person suffering from disharmony caused by the poor appearance of the chin can in a very simple and almost painless way regain harmony and achieve the balanced look they aspire to. Not only are results visible immediately after the procedure, but recovery is relatively quick and painless. Furthermore, patients generally experience a high increase in self-confidence, thanks to visible and often dramatic improvements.

The results themselves are permanent, and potential risks and complications are very rare provided patients follow the instructions of their surgeon. Thanks to technological advances in the field, the results look natural, and it is impossible to see the difference between the natural appearance of the chin and the one containing the implant. Depending on the method your specialist surgeon chooses, a small incision will be placed where it is almost invisible. This is most often under the chin in the natural crease or on the inside of the lip, where it is completely hidden from view.

Chin Implant Surgery Before and After Photos

Dr Richard Sackelariou melbourne chin implants2 Dr Richard Sackelariou melbourne chin implants

Visit the clinic to see the real patient photo gallery of Before and After Chin Implants Surgery photographs representing typical results our patients get. Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly.

Chin Implant Surgery Procedure

The chin correction procedure itself lasts around 1 hour and can be done either under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia. If the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, certain medical examinations should be performed before the procedure to ensure the safety of the patient and to avoid bad reactions to anaesthesia and the like. Your specialist surgeon will opt for one of the implant implementation approaches, most commonly through the mouth at the bottom of the lower lip, or the outer side at the bottom of the chin. Sometimes, the implant is sutured, but in patients where the implant stands firmly, such a procedure is not necessary.

Recovery After Chin Implant Surgery

Depending on the type of anaesthesia you underwent during the procedure, you can go home after the chin correction or stay in the clinic for a short time to alleviate the effects of the anaesthesia. Your specialist surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chance of infections and analgesics that you can use if you feel pain and discomfort. After your surgery, you will wear a patch that will protect the incision site from negative external influences. The sutures will be removed within 7-10 days after the procedure.

You may experience slight bruising and swelling, but if you follow your surgeon’s instructions and use cold compresses it should be minimal. Recovery is generally quick and easy, and you can get back to your daily activities in no time. It should be noted that contact sports and strenuous efforts should be avoided for at least a few weeks. This is to avoid potential injuries and thus jeopardize the results of the procedure.

Your Chin Implant Surgery Journey


You will arrange a consultation with your specialist surgeon so that they can discuss your wishes and expectations. The specialist surgeon will suggest possible solutions, according to your wishes, and refer you to additional tests to eliminate the risk of unwanted complications. At this stage, you will discuss the size of the implant and its position in order to achieve the desired results.


The appropriate type of anaesthesia will be applied after which the specialist surgeon will begin the procedure itself. A small incision will be made in the appropriate place, and position the implant through it. The incision will be closed with sutures.


This procedure is an outpatient procedure, and most often patients are discharged a few hours after the procedure itself. Your specialist surgeon and his professional team will provide you with instructions important for a successful and quick recovery. After a few days, you will undergo a check-up. During which your stitches will be removed and the course of recovery examined.

All surgery has risks – for detailed information about the risks and potential complications of Chin Implant Surgery please visit the risks of surgery page.

Chin Implant Surgery Melbourne Cost – How much is Chin Implant Surgery Melbourne?

Every patient is different, therefore the prices vary. You will be given a price quote after your first consultation. Your Chin Implant Surgery quote will include; your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, perhaps a surgical assistant fee, and the hospital fees.

For information about a Chin Implant Surgery Payment Plan.

Chin Implant FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Implants

What causes a person to have a retruded chin (weak chin)?

  • Genetics play a large role when it comes to Retrogenia.
  • If you were born with a so-called weak chin or recessed chin, chances are a parent or other family member has a similar problem.
  • While you may not appreciate the appearance of a weak retruded chin, it often won’t affect your speech or eating.
  • But a recessed or retruded chin CAN impact your facial expressions and your confidence in your appearance.

In most cases, however, retrogenia is purely a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one (it can vary, however).

  • People with a weak chin can become extremely self-conscious about the way their chin looks. Not only in person from certain angles but in photographs as well.
  • Some people even try to cover their lower face with their hands or scarves to help disguise the condition. This can lead to awkward postures and a lack of confidence.
  • Fortunately, surgery can help improve the chin proportions and jawline shape.
  • This can be achieved by using custom made or pre-manufactured medical-grade chin prosthesis.

Does getting older make a receding or retruded chin look weaker?

weak chin

  • Yes, a recessed chin or diagonally slanted-looking chin appearance can worsen as you get older. Especially if you end up with a double chin appearance.
  • This relates to facial bone loss that occurs with ageing.
  • Jaw area bone atrophy and skin sagging over time DO tend to worsen the appearance of a recessed chin or weak jawline.
  • Again, however, it is primarily a cosmetic concern, not a medical one.
  • Thankfully it is a concern that plastic surgery can often alleviate.
  • This can be helpful for patients who feel uncomfortable or distressed by their chin appearance.
  • For some patients, it can lead to; significant aesthetic improvements or feature balancing of the lower face in relation to other facial features.
  • Liposuction under the chin may also be an option, and/or double chin fat reduction injections, to assist with gaining a firmer or more horizontal looking jawline.

NOTE: some retrogenia conditions, usually related to congenital conditions with a receding lower mandible/lower jaw, can lead to impaired respiratory function in infants (this is often transitory but can vary) For more information on small lower jaws in infants, search for information on Pierre Robin sequence or Treacher Collins syndrome.

Does having a receding chin mean having an overbite?

An overbite is when the upper teeth or jawline do not meet the lower teeth or lower jawline. Instead, they protrude (extend) more than the lower jaw and tooth line.

  • Some individuals born with a receding chin (and others who develop one over time) DO have an overbite condition.
  • For these individuals, it is possible that corrective orthodontics may be an option.

But for others who want to remedy a ‘weak-looking’ chin, it’s simply a matter of having a less-protruding chin than a person desires. Or a jawline that appears more soft and diagonal than firm or sculpted.

How long do chin implants last?

  • Most implants last a lifetime. However, if the implants are made in part of your tissue, instead of artificial materials, absorption will occur over time.

Are Chin Implants dangerous?

  • Not really. Satisfaction with the results of the implant procedure in the chin is about 90%. This translates to nine out of ten patients being satisfied with their results.

How painful is a chin implant?

  • Most patients do not feel any pain after implant placement. After recovery, the patient will not feel the implant as a foreign body inside.

Are Chin Implants reversible?

  • In most cases yes. Surgeons can remove or move the chin implant if the patient is not happy with the placement or for any other reason.

Can my body reject implants?

  • Implants are often made of artificial materials and as a result, they can cause a reaction (infection). If this occurs then they will need to be removed from the body. Fortunately, this phenomenon is not common because the body generally responds well to implants.

How do chin implants feel to the touch?

  • The high-quality implants used by our best surgeons feel just like tissue itself – natural.

Further Reading – Medical References

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Our surgeons operate in accredited Melbourne hospitals using only experienced anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

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