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Why You Should Avoid Discount Cosmetic Surgery Deals

Choosing a cut-rate cosmetic surgery deal might seem enticing, but it often leads to unforeseen complications and hidden costs. We strongly advise against opting for cheap plastic or cosmetic surgery deals. While the price might be appealing, it often comes at the expense of proper training and recognition.

Discounted surgeries are typically performed by doctors who lack the necessary training and FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) recognition. Many of these surgeons are unable to operate in accredited private hospitals, limiting their practice to non-hospital settings like backrooms or day surgery centers.

Opting for a “pop-up” clinic with undertrained doctors and cheap operating rooms can significantly increase the risk of a botched surgery. Cheap, inferior quality implants might also be used in these cases, compromising both safety and outcomes.

Choosing budget surgery might expose you to higher risks of complications and subpar outcomes. Procedures performed outside of genuine hospital settings may even resort to “awake surgery,” bypassing proper anesthesia and posing serious risks.

Additionally, these discounted options often lack access to immediate emergency care in case of complications. It’s essential to prioritize your safety and well-being by selecting a reputable, experienced surgeon operating in accredited facilities. The repercussions of botched surgeries can be severe, sometimes irreparable.

The first and best opportunity to ensure a successful surgery is by choosing a qualified, experienced surgeon who operates in accredited hospitals. Cutting corners on quality and expertise is not worth the potential consequences. Your health and satisfaction should always be the top priority when considering any type of surgery.

Bargain/Cheap cosmetic Surgery Deals – A Cautionary Note for Consumers

When considering cosmetic surgery, it’s crucial to be cautious of tempting bargain deals and prioritize the selection of the right surgeon. Making an informed decision involves delving beyond the surface and understanding the nuances that define a qualified professional.

At our practice, we emphasize transparency and thoroughness in every aspect of the surgical journey. We believe that knowing exactly what you’re choosing is vital. Are you selecting a surgeon who is FRACS-certified (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons)? Are they affiliated with recognized professional bodies like ASPS/ASAPS (Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons/Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)?

Unlike budget deals, we provide comprehensive cost breakdowns. We don’t just present the surgeon’s fee; we outline the complete expenses, including facility/hospital fees, anesthetist charges, post-operation garments, and follow-up care. Our priority is ensuring that patients have a clear understanding of the entire financial scope involved.

Moreover, we believe that informed patients make for successful recoveries. We equip you with a realistic view of what to expect during the recovery period. Furthermore, we provide guidance on minimizing scars after surgery, recognizing that optimal outcomes require a holistic approach.

When it comes to your health, well-being, and satisfaction, shortcuts aren’t worth the potential risks. Choosing a qualified surgeon and being fully aware of all aspects of the procedure are critical to a successful cosmetic surgery experience.

The Importance of Accredited Hospital Settings and Genuine FRACS Plastic Surgeons

Selecting the right environment and medical professionals for your cosmetic surgery is a pivotal decision that can greatly influence the outcome of your procedure. Opting for an accredited hospital setting and a FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) Plastic Surgeon over cheap cosmetic surgery options is paramount for several key reasons.

Accredited Hospital Setting

Surgical procedures should take place in facilities that adhere to strict medical standards and regulations. Accredited hospitals offer a controlled, safe, and well-equipped environment that is conducive to surgical success. These settings ensure that emergency care is readily available in case any unforeseen complications arise. In contrast, non-accredited facilities might lack essential resources and expertise to handle unexpected situations effectively.

Genuine FRACS Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a certified FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) Plastic Surgeon provides an assurance of the surgeon’s training, expertise, and adherence to high ethical and professional standards. These surgeons have completed rigorous education and training requirements, demonstrating their commitment to providing a specific standard of medical care. A genuine FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) Plastic Surgeon possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to perform safe surgical procedures, minimising the risks associated with subpar practitioners.

When it comes to your health and well-being, cutting corners is not an option. Opting for accredited hospital settings and working with qualified, certified FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) Plastic Surgeons ensures that you are in capable hands throughout your cosmetic surgery journey. Your safety, comfort, and optimal results are our top priorities, and these choices reflect our commitment to providing the best possible care.

Choosing Quality Breast Implants for Your Peace of Mind

When it comes to breast augmentation mammoplasty, the type of implant you choose plays a critical role in achieving the results you desire. Not all breast implants are created equal, and it’s vital to prioritise quality and safety above all else. This holds true for renowned brands like MOTIVA and MENTOR, which have established themselves as leaders in the field due to their impeccable manufacturing standards and proven track records.

Commitment to High Quality

At our clinics, we have are committed to using only the highest quality breast implants. We recognize the significance of utilizing reputable brands that have earned the trust of both medical professionals and patients alike. Both Mentor and Motiva have become synonymous with excellence in Breast Augmentation mammoplasty, offering not only exceptional outcomes but also the assurance of longevity, supported by adhering to the rigorous 14 safety points of breast augmentation mammoplasty.

What we do differently for Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery

  • Choice of experienced and Qualified Plastic Surgeons (NOT Cosmetic Physicians)
  • All major operations performed in major Australian accredited hospitals
  • Highly Trained specialist staff and surgical team
  • Highest quality breast implants from Mentor and Motiva
  • Continuous After-Care and Support

We operate in major Accredited Hospitals in Melbourne, Berwick or Sydney

Our team of Plastic Surgeons all work individually but meet regularly as a team. As individual Surgeons, they use their own techniques they’ve honed over many decades. But patients benefit from these experts being in one location. They can cross-consult and discuss complex surgery cases when required; because they AIM to provide patients with an exceptional care experience and a positive, long-lasting surgery outcome.

We take patient satisfaction seriously and are always striving to improve our patient care processes, surgical and patient education expertise.

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