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Asymmetric Breast Surgery – Breast Shaping for Lopsided or Uneven Breasts in Melbourne VIC

Are your breast significantly different in either size or appearance? You probably have Asymmetrical Breasts. Asymmetric Breast Surgery can help. Our top Melbourne Surgeon(s) can help you BALANCE out your breast sizes and even-up nipple and breast positions and shapes.

The medical name for severely asymmetric breasts and nipples is BREAST ASYMMETRY. The good news is that surgery can correct this condition. Furthermore, some patients may want the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons while for others it may be a medical necessity.

Making breasts more even in size: breast shaping and nipple matching

  • Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons for Complex Breast Procedures such as Asymmetric Breast Surgery – Breast Augmentation for correcting uneven breasts or nipples – includes Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Craig Rubinstein.
  • Our Melbourne and Berwick based Surgeons are all highly-qualified Plastic Surgeons, operating at major accredited hospitals in Melbourne for breast procedures.
  • They use both top Anaesthetists and highly skilled Surgical Support Teams. Their focus is on providing you with best-practice patient care and patient safety protocols.

Do you have severely asymmetric breasts?

Corrective Surgery is available in Melbourne to treat uneven breast sizes or dissimilar breast shapes

  • Are your breasts noticeably different sizes? In other words are the asymmetric or visibly different in size or shape?
  • Do your breasts look lopsided or uneven even when wearing bras, swimwear or other clothing?
  • Is one of your nipples sitting in a different location on the breast mound?
  • Are your nipples very different in shape, size or position?
Corrective Breast Surgery by Dr Craig Rubinstein (Asymmetrical Breasts) – Before & After Photos

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How many women have asymmetric breasts?

  • Having Asymmetric Breasts is a common condition.
  • From 25% to half or more of all women have noticeable asymmetry that concerns them.
  • Even women with similarly sized breasts have asymmetry, although they may not focus on the condition as much as women with very uneven breasts.

Is surgery for uneven breast sizes COSMETIC in nature or medically-indicated?

  • Asymmetry of the breast area is primarily a cosmetic concern for women rather than a physical one.
  • However, severely uneven breast shapes and sizes can have health-related implications
  • Corrective surgery for severe asymmetry of the breasts or nipples may be medically necessary and it may be elligble for a Medicare Rebate. However, you must meet specific criteria. Furthermore, you will still incur out of pocket costs.

Who’s Melbourne’s best Surgeon to evaluate Asymmetric Breasts for corrective breast surgery?

  • Dr Craig Rubinstein, FRACS, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, is particularly renowned for his extensive surgical experience to correct uneven, asymmetric breasts.
  • He is the author of the Breast Asymmetry surgery chapter in one of the most highly respected Plastic Surgery Guides /text-books.

Which procedures can help with different sized breasts and uneven nipple locations or elongated nipple shapes?

  • It varies. Some women may be best off having breast augmentation using different sized breast implants.
  • Other women may require a Breast Lift either with an augmentation or on its own.
  • While others may opt for a Breast Reduction/Lift, with slightly different amounts of reduction on one side of the chest than on the other side.

These surgeries, performed properly, help reduce the noticeable differences in breast size or nipple shape.

Different degrees of Breast Asymmetry

Nearly every woman has some amount of asymmetry, but uneven breast sizes and shapes range from milder forms

Photo examples of breast asymmetry and corrective surgery results | Melbourne

Before and After Photos of Breast Augmentation and Corrective Breast Surgery (Asymmetry)
Before and After Photos of Breast Augmentation and Breast Asymmetry Corrective Surgery

Why have surgery?

  • Asymmetry vs Symmetry and Aesthetic values are one aspect of having corrective size balancing surgery of the breast tissues.
  • But sometimes different sized breasts can make buying a swimsuit or bra that fits on both sides nearly IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Also, the symmetry of the face, body and breasts has been found to be highly attractive across many cultures.

After surgery, having more equally-sized breasts will make it easier to fit BOTH of your breasts into the same bra or swimsuit top.

  • Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons will be the first to ASSURE you that women’s BREASTS are ‘sisters, not twins’.
  • What this observation means is that it is extremely rare for women to have identically sized (mirror-imaged) breasts.
  • The same is true for the sides of your face.
  • Hence, a minor to moderate degree of breast asymmetry is very common and surgery to even up your breasts will be a personal decision based on preferences, risks and costs.

Severe asymmetry can impact lifestyle activities and can leave people feeling self-conscious. If this is the case for you, surgery for asymmetry correction may be able to help.

  • Every woman has noticeable differences between the left and right breast shapes, sizes or nipple positions.
  • The LEFT side may be a tad larger for many women.
  • But for some women, the difference between their breasts is NOT minor.

What types of mismatched or uneven breasts can be treated?

Before and After Surgery - Breast Augmentation and Corrective Surgery for Asymmetry by Dr Doug McManamny
Before and After Surgery – Breast Augmentation and Corrective Surgery for Asymmetry

2 key types of Breast Asymmetry that are treated with Plastic Surgery

Breast Asymmetry – Different volume, shape, position, breast crease position (IMC)

  • Nipple Asymmetry – Different size, shape, height
  • Anterior Chest Wall issues – different shaped chest wall behind the breast

There can also be other causes of breast asymmetry, such as postural problems (Scoliosis), other diseases (cancer, Poland’s syndrome or effects of past surgery) and Iatrogenic causes.

Choosing the best surgery solution for Asymmetric Breasts – questions to discuss your Surgeon

  1. What do you really want? – Matching / Bigger / smaller?
  2. How many asymmetries do you have? – Mild, Moderate or Severe
  3. Do you want an implant?
  4. Would Liposuction help?
  5. If Liposuction isn’t enough – are you OK with scars
  6. Consider the options of NO surgery or fat transfer

Planning corrective Breast Surgery | Melbourne Surgeon Recommendations

Thorough pre-operative planning and customised procedure designs (work-up) is critical to getting a highly-satisfactory outcome. Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons recommend extensive planning so that your surgery investment is worthwhile and satisfactory. They typically require detailed assessment measurements.

Pre-surgery examinations or tests may include:

  • Breast volumetric tests
  • Computer-generated modelling with Vectra 3D
  • MRI imaging studies

What are the techniques for reducing breast asymmetry?

Sometimes you may need entirely different approaches for each breast.

There are several different solutions for your Breast Asymmetry, including making the:

  • Smaller breast LARGER using implants or fat transfer
  • Larger breast SMALLER through a reduction and/or lift
  • BOTH breasts smaller and more symmetric (reduction/lift and/or liposuction)
  • Both breasts LARGER and more symmetric (lift with an implant or different sized implants)

Patient Examples

Recently, our Clinic had a case in which one side underwent Breast Augmentation while the other was reduced and lifted (this breast correction surgery is called a Reduction Mastopexy).

  • Obviously, this is very difficult and complex surgery.
  • It requires years of knowledge in addition to significant experience and surgical ability to ensure patients are in the best hands getting the best result.

Multiple Breast Surgeries may be required to treat breasts that are very different in size and shape (severely asymmetric)

  • Some cases of severely Asymmetric Breasts or misshapen nipples MIGHT require two or three separate surgeries for full correction
  • Patients who have their first surgery need to attend every ANNUAL review to evaluate results over time, with additional surgical shaping options required for some patients

What about breast surgery scars after surgery?

Our team offers a range of techniques to aid your rapid recovery, improve your surgical results and reduce scars.

  • Special bandages, tapes and gels to aid healing
  • Healite II – LED treatment of healing scars
  • At around 8 weeks, we can arrange for Fraxel Laser Treatment of scars to aid healing
  • A selection of special bras may also support your recovery
  • We also provide special ‘Rapid Recovery Packs’ – a mixture of ‘science and love’ – to help you heal better and faster (Melbourne and Berwick patients)

All surgery has risks – for detailed information about the risks and potential complications of breast asymmetry surgery, please visit the risks of surgery page.

Choose an expert in Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Dr Craig Rubinstein is Melbourne’s most sought after Surgeon for Asymmetric Breast Surgery. He wrote an entire Chapter on Breast Asymmetries in the textbook Surgery of the Breast that Plastic Surgeons use.

Surgery Case Studies

Before and After Images of Plastic Surgery to Correct Breast Asymmetry

All image rights reserved by Dr Craig Rubinstein.

Symmetric Implants After Left Breast Lipo – Before and After Images of Surgery to Correct Asymmetric Breasts
Symmetric Implants After Left Breast Lipo

Asymmetric Breast Reduction (early recovery phase – 8 weeks) – Images

Asymmetric Breast Reduction

Right Breast Reduction with Symmetric Implants (early recovery phase – 8 weeks) – Images

Right Breast Reduction with Symmetric Implants

Right Mastopexy (Breast Lift) and Left Breast Reduction (Early recovery phase – 8 weeks) – Images

 Mastopexy and Breast Reduction

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient. All invasive surgery has risks. Read more about surgical outcome variability on our Disclaimer Page.

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