Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation

Plastic Surgeon Virtual Consultation for Coco Ruby Plastic Surgeons

We remain open for phone and virtual consultations throughout the COVID Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change the way we interact with you.  As an existing or new patient, we have chosen to offer a virtual consultation to you for the indefinite future. Wanting to have plastic surgery for any reason is a big decision. You need to be well-informed about your surgical options. This enables our team to work closely with you through each step of the process, from pre-op to your final follow-up visit.

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Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you with your surgical journey, starting with your first enquiry with our clinic. That is why we are now offering patients a Virtual Consultation. At this time it is not possible to offer an in-person consultation due to government restrictions regarding COVID-19. Instead, we can now offer our patients several plastic surgery virtual consultation options.

Plastic surgery is a personal and life-changing step, with many aspects to consider. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make informed, educated decisions.

Virtual Consultation FAQs

How much does a consultation cost?

A Virtual Consultation costs $300. This covers the following:

  • a pre-consult call with a Patient Liaison Team member
  • a virtual consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon of your choice
  • We will follow this up with a face to face consult once there is a lift on COVID-19 restrictions
  • No need for a referral
Virtual-Consult plastic surgery

Which surgeon will I speak with?

  • We have a selection of RACS registered surgeons within our practice.  One of our patient liaisons will assign you a Specialist Plastic Surgeon after speaking with you.  
  • Their job is to talk you through which surgery you are after and which surgeon will best suit you. You can get in touch with us via the online contact form on our website or by phone 1300 264 811.  One of the team will contact you to arrange your consultation and send you instructions.

What do I use on my phone to do the virtual consult?

  • Our surgeons are using Facetime and Skype mainly or a normal phone call if you prefer.

How long does a virtual consultation last?

  • Our consultations will range from 30-60 minutes in length depending on the procedure/s you are wanting to discuss.

Do I need a Referal

  • You do not need a referral for an online consultation. You will need a referral for your free following face to face consultation if you require a Medicare Item number.

Do I still see the surgeon in person?

  • Yes.  Our surgeons will see all of the ‘Virtual’ consulted patients for an ‘In-Person’ consultation to provide a physical examination and measurements along with sizing (if applicable) and clinical photos.  Once restrictions lift we will be contacting all patients to arrange these appointments.

When are the online consultations available?

  • Each surgeon has set days and time slots for the consultations from Monday to Friday.  When you speak with our team they will advise which surgeon and which day they are available to you.

When can I have surgery?

A Guide to Taking Photos Before Your Surgery. Download Now!

Please take and send your photos ASAP before your Virtual Consultation

Photo Taking Download

How to get the most from your online virtual consultation

  • Research your procedure and obtain information so you’re ready for your consult
  • Make a list of questions so at the end of your consult you can ask anything your surgeon doesn’t cover.
  • Ensure you have a good internet connection.
  • A static camera is preferable as that doesn’t move around. If you’re using a mobile device we suggest you mount or prop your device so that it is stable and captures you in full view or use a computer with a camera if you can

How do virtual consultations work?

Face to Face consultations are the gold standard for plastic surgery but virtual consultations are now becoming popular. You may have heard of telehealth, online or virtual consultations before, but you may not know how it all happens.

After booking a set time for your consult, you will be given instructions, forms to fill in and send back along with photo instructions.

There is no undressing on camera – it is a “Facetime” like conversation while the surgeon can see your still photos on a screen. During the consultation you will discuss your concerns and any specific treatments you’re interested in. Your surgeon will also ask you questions in return regarding your health, medical history and medications etc. to determine whether you will be a good plastic surgery candidate. Our surgeons will go through which procedures are good options for you and the results you can expect from treatment. They will discuss surgical risks and healing as well. You will then be passed onto the surgeon team who will look after you and provide you with an itemized quote and any information you may need.

Download the Guide to learn about our Clinic – Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery – Melbourne

About Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery Download

Will I get a better consult in person instead of virtually?

The sole purpose of a consultation is to discuss your concerns and wants with your surgeon directly so that they can create your treatment plan. Although you won’t see your surgeon “in person”, it is the same amount of time booked as if you were in the practice and you are getting the same conversation and information that you would if you did come in person.  Virtual consultations are very effective and work in with people’s days and schedules.  Some people struggle to come in due to the kids, work or car trouble etc. but most people can manage to sneak away as it cuts out time off and travel around the appointment.

After the Virtual consult takes place and you are happy to continue, you will then be booked for an “in-person” follow up at no charge, where you will have a physical examination and take clinical photos. You will still get that Face to Face interaction but it doesn’t need to be in the first instance if a Virtual consult works better for you.

How can I make the most out of my virtual consultation?

To make your consultation successful you need to follow instructions – here are some tips:

Complete and submit any paperwork

Complete all forms as soon as you can that way we have everything we need and you won’t forget to do it. It will ensure all information is in your file ready to go.
It’s best to have a computer/laptop with a webcam or your phone/tablet on a tripod or stand so it’s like an “online meeting”. You also need good internet or enough data and a quiet space for the duration of the consult.

Look at before and after photos

Unrealistic expectations are one of the most common reasons for underwhelming results. Looking at plenty of pictures is a great way to understand how your surgeon can help you achieve your desired results.  It’s also a way for you to really narrow in on what you don’t want.

Take photos

We ask all patients to use natural lighting where possible and take photos as shown in our Photo Guide.  It is always better to have someone take them for you if possible or set a timer on your phone and take them yourself.  Selfies are ill-advised as they are NEVER the right angle.  Always refer to our guide and send them back as soon as possible so we can check them over to ensure they are correct.

Make a list of questions you want to cover

With the excitement of the consultation, it can be easy to forget a question you wanted to ask.  We advise our patients to keep a list on their phones or somewhere it can be easily accessed. That way if you have any questions the surgeon hasn’t managed to answer in the consultation you can ask them at the end.

Find a clear and quiet space for yourself

Before your virtual consultation, make sure you are in a comfortable, private and quiet space.  We want you to feel comfortable and to speak freely. The consult will be between 30 and 60 minutes.

Check your internet and test your device

Technology can be stressful on any day and we don’t want you stressed during your consultation.  We advise testing everything the day before and right before your consultation to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Schedule a follow-up in-person appointment

Virtual consultations are great, however, it is essential to schedule a follow-up appointment with your surgeon for a Face to Face appointment.
Follow-up in-person appointments will be used to perform a physical examination and to have clinical photos taken.  In this appointment we will narrow down exactly what your treatment plan will look like and whether you are happy to move forward with surgery. If you have any new questions that have popped up since your initial consultation you can ask them during this appointment. Your surgeon can go over things with you and you will get to meet the staff.  We see all of our patients for post-operative care within our practice with our own nurses and we also offer in house scar treatment once you have healed.

Making an online consultation appointment

For more information about having a virtual consultation, or to learn more about our Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s consulting in this way, please contact Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery on 1300 264 811.

Coco Ruby’s Specialist Plastic and ENT Surgeons

With a wealth of experience and training, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to best practice patient care and education, customising Breast Enlargement Surgery for each and every patient to best meet their needs and desired surgical outcomes.

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What to do next?

Our Patient Liaison Team can assist with any questions you may have when considering a procedure. You can send in an enquiry form below or call our Melbourne Clinic between 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Phone 1300 264 811, Email us: or Book a FREE 15-minute Phone Chat with our Patient Liaison Manager or a Virtual Consultation with a Surgeon.

Disclaimer: Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. This information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon.