Breast Augmentation Vectra 3D

Making your consultation personal

Prior to a consultation with a plastic surgeon, patients can be quite nervous about the outcome of their chosen procedure. It’s a big decision to make a change to your body and to put the result in your surgeon’s hands.  We are all individuals. Breasts that suit one person may not be the right shape and size for your body. Breast augmentation candidates no longer need to make a decision based on someone else’s photographs or by stuffing bras, resulting in a more comfortable, and productive, consultation session.

Most patients we see at Cosmetic Surgery for Women have a rough idea of what they want to achieve from breast surgery, whether it be an augmentation, a lift or reduction.  Explaining the result you want to achieve can be challenging, and you want to make sure your surgeon has the same vision for your breasts as you do. Knowing you share the same ideas as your surgeon can help ease any anxiety.

Vectra 3D Imaging

The Vectra 3D Imaging system from Canfield is allowing breast augmentation and breast lift (mastopexy) patients to envisage the results of their surgery prior to going under the knife.  The Vectra simulates an outcome for the patient based on a real image of their body and reproduces an image of what the patient would like look with their desired size of implant.

The development of Sculptor software has transformed aesthetic practices worldwide. VECTRA‘s three-dimensional photographs can be rotated to provide multiple views of the simulated outcome, side by side or overlaid on the pre operative pictures to help you to decide on the results you are seeking.

Using multiple camera angles and a whole library of different implant shapes and sizes, the Vectra system gives patients a computer-generated vision of what they will look like post-surgery.  This also allows the image that the surgeon has in mind to be conveyed to the patient in a visual form. It’s not just a tool to benefit the patients, our surgeons use the Vectra to help plan surgeries too.

Most breast surgeons find computer imaging like Vectra to be a useful addition to the communication tools that they already use when it comes to the preoperative discussion of their patients’ goals.  Your Vectra imaging is performed at the time of your consultation along with a set of ‘before’ images for our clinical records. A set of ‘after’ images will be taken at your post-operative review appointment.

The Vectra also offers 3D imaging for mastopexy patients, although it is slightly harder to achieve a realistic simulation depending on the amount of overhang and shadowing, so this option is not always available.

Before the Vectra was available, the only tool to estimate implant sizing were ‘chicken fillet’ silicone sizers that are placed inside a bra. This is often an inaccurate representation of implant size and doesn’t give the patient a visual idea of what their breasts will look like without a bra.

The Vectra is not always exactly accurate, but it adds predictability to the process and is a better option than silicone sizers or a verbal explanation from your surgeon.

At Cosmetic Surgery for Women we use the latest technology to ensure that the end result is a happier, more confident you.


Last updated: 24/09/2019
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Michelle Staughton
Michelle Staughton is a Patient Education Interviewer and Patient Care Coordinator for several top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With over 4 years’ experience helping plastic surgery patients at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, after having been a patient herself, Michelle offers a wealth of knowledge to help surgical patients with cosmetic and plastic surgery planning and recovery tips.