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Thighplasty Plastic Surgery: Reduction of the size of the thighs and loose skin such as required after weight loss or weight change is known medically as a THIGH LIFT or THIGH Reduction procedure, best performed by a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in incision placement, scar management and surgical adipose tissue reduction/liposuction techniques.


Our  Thighplasty Surgeons for thigh lift/thigh reduction procedures are fully-accredited Australian Plastic Surgeons with decades of body contouring experience. They can help you reduce the excess skin that hangs from your thighs using Thighplasty surgery, liposuction or liposculpture combination procedures.

Our team’s top Thigh Lift Plastic Surgeons operate at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

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Is liposuction on the thighs on its own suitable or do I need skin reduction and liposuction of the thighs?

  • Most patients with thigh-related appearance concerns have excess skin or loose, crepey-looking skin on their thighs.
  • They also have some areas of mal-distributed fat tissues or fat deposits on their upper legs and thighs.

What does a scar look like after a thigh reduction surgery with liposuction?

  • The inner thigh is typically where the incision is placed.
  • It is a long incision, however, so there will be a visible lengthy scar BUT it’s usually on the inside of the legs.
  • Every patient heals differently and scar management can assist, including silicone strips for some patients or Laser of the incision line scar after surgery.

Am I a good candidate for a thigh Reduction?

  • Only a Surgeon can make that assessment fully.
  • In general, if you are at a stable weight/healthy BMI, and you have loose skin on your thighs including crepey-looking skin that hangs down or causes flapping sounds or chaffing, you may be a suitable candidate for thigh reduction/thigh lift surgery.
  • Phone 0388491444 to speak with one of our post-weight loss skin reduction Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne to find out more about your options including the costs and prices of Thigh liposuction and skin reduction surgery.

Costs and Prices of Thigh Surgery

  • Varies according to patient needs – after a consultation, you’ll be given a price quote (some people use SUPER for skin reduction surgery after weight loss)
  • Preferably performed by a genuine Plastic Surgeon as is a very complex procedure and you want to get a good result plus a minimal scar
  • During recovery, infections in this area could otherwise cause more problems with thigh skin or wound healing

Do you have sagging skin on your upper legs (wobbly thighs)? Maybe you should investigate whether you might be a good candidate for a thigh reduction/thigh lift surgery.

  • Do you have unsightly wobbly inner thighs?
  • Do you want to reduce your loose, flabby skin around your thighs?
  • Do you have excess skin folds hanging between your legs?
  • Have your legs sagged ‘overnight’?
  • Do you have excess skin on your inner or outer thighs and buttocks?
  • Do you hate your wobbly legs?
  • Do you have excess thigh skin after weight loss surgery?

Best surgery treatment for wobbly thighs: Thigh Reduction procedures

You may benefit from a medial thigh lift, upper thigh lift or thigh reduction surgery, all known as Thighplasty surgery.



A Thighplasty surgery or thigh reduction procedure is designed to reduce and re-shape the loose skin of your thigh, resulting in more toned, contoured legs.

Thigh Lift Surgery – Best Candidates for Thighplasty

Thighplasty surgery and complimentary body shaping procedures are often sought out by patients who:

  • Lost weight through diet and/or exercise
  • Lost significant weight through Bariatric surgery
  • Have excess hanging upper thigh skin that impacts clothing choices
  • Find loose, unsightly skin runs in their family (Hereditary/Genetic/Ageing)
  • Discover loose skin that was once a minor issue gets worse over time

Thigh Lift Procedure | Surgery Overview

Thighplasty surgery as performed by our Specialist Plastic surgeons in Hawthorn and Berwick requires a general anaesthetic in an approved hospital. This provides patients with the aftercare and support they may require. Operating in quality hospitals allows our surgeons to do their best work, confident that a full range of support and service are available.

  • An overnight stay is often not required. Everyone is different – your surgeon can give you more advice.
  • Liposculpture is often used in combination with Thighplasty to remove excess fat primarily from the inner and outer surfaces of the thigh and buttocks. Careful contouring of the underlying tissue allows for a natural, toned result.
  • Excess skin is removed from the inner aspect of the thigh using incisions around the groin, upper leg and hip depending on the desired results – an inner thigh or outer thigh lift.
  • The skin edges are closed using stitches that are beneath the skin and dissolve (often, no stitches need to be removed).
  • Drains are occasionally used to lessen the risk of haematoma or fluid build-up.
  • Healite-II technology may be used to help to heal and may help minimise surgical scars.

Thighplasty Surgery Recovery Information

  • In many cases, Thighplasty can be performed as a Day procedure. Other patients may require an overnight stay in hospital. Please talk to your surgeon for advice about your specific case.
  • Generally, patients wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks after the procedure. The use of compression provides support for the newly tightened skin offering the best environment for a cosmetically pleasing result.
  • Patients will feel uncomfortable for a few days. This is a natural result of almost any surgery. Generally, patients experience no significant discomfort after the first few days. We consider pain management to be a core part of our role – your procedure and aftercare program will be specifically designed to minimise discomfort.
  • Most patients return to work after 1 or 2 weeks. If your work is highly physically demanding it may take a little longer. Everyone heals differently and we understand that. Your surgeon will be able to give you personalised advice.
  • Patients should avoid heavy lifting for 6 weeks.
  • Most patients are comfortable to drive at 1-2 weeks but everyone heals differently. Patients must take care to avoid vigorous movements while driving for a few weeks and we recommend being aware of traffic conditions and planning accordingly.
  • Patients attend review appointments at one week, six months and twelve months after surgery. We offer an extensive aftercare service for all of our patients – you will get the care you need – when you need it.

Thighplasty – Surgery Risks to Consider

Like all surgical procedures, Thighplasty, whether on its own or in combination with Liposuction or Liposculpture,   does have some risk. Broadly the risks can be considered as follows:

  • General Anaesthesia – Modern anaesthetic techniques are very safe, but there is always some risk from general anaesthesia. By operating in approved hospitals the surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery for Women are able to offer a safe supported environment for surgery. As well as a fully trained Plastic Surgeon you will have a trained surgical assistant present for your procedure. You will also have a fully trained Anaesthetist attending to you at all times while you under anaesthesia, as well as a fully trained team of other support staff.
  • Bleeding (Haematoma)
  • Infection
  • Pain – At Cosmetic Surgery for Women we consider pain management to be a core part of our role – your procedure and aftercare program will be specifically designed to minimise any discomfort.
  • Fluid build-up (Seroma)
  • Scarring – Some scarring after surgery is inevitable. Your surgeon will take great care to minimise scarring and will ensure that scars are as inconspicuous as possible. Please ask your surgeon about any concerns you may have.
  • Asymmetry – Your thighs are slightly different – just have a careful look in the mirror. Part of your surgeons’ skill lies in trying to minimise any asymmetry between your right and left thighs, however, some degree of minor asymmetry is quite common. For most patients, the difference is very small and it is often imperceptible unless they look for it. Your surgeon can discuss this with you during your consultation.
  • Deep Venous Thrombosis

Contact us to determine if you might be an ideal candidate for Thigh Reshaping surgery or other Body Contouring/Reshaping and Body Lift procedures by our Body Surgery Specialists in Melbourne.

Combined Body Contouring Procedures and Body Lift Surgery Planning

Patients choosing thigh surgery often combine other reshaping, contouring and body lift procedures by our elite team of Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, including Tummy Tucks, Cosmetic Breast Surgery, (Breast Reduction, Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation), Arm Lift and Liposuction for body contouring.

Abdominoplasty Surgery Prices in Australia

The cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Australia can vary significantly depending on your location, type of hospital chosen and your surgeon’s skills and experience. Make sure that you choose your Surgeon carefully when shopping around for an abdominoplasty on price. Sadly, if your surgeon is under-experienced you may suffer more surgical complications, poor scar healing or “dog ear” flanks. We see and fix many “botched tummy tucks” with revision surgery.

The exact price of your abdominoplasty will reflect its complexity. Every tummy is different and you may need a mini, upper, lower or full abdominoplasty depending on whether your stomach muscles are intact – each procedure is tailored and customised for you. Your Abdominoplasty surgery quote may also vary depending on how many nights you need to stay in hospital and whether you can qualify for Medicare rebate.

For more information about pricing and payment methods your Abdominoplasty Surgery, please visit our Payment and Payment methods Surgery pages.

If you would like a quote for your customised abdominoplasty please contact us to book a Surgeon consultation by sending the confidential enquiry form

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