Dr Richard Sackelariou – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard Sackelariou – Specialist Plastic Surgeon in both Melbourne and Double Bay, Sydney


Australian Specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Sackelariou Melbourne Sydney

With over 20 years experience in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Richard Sackelariou Specialist Plastic Surgeon offers a wide range of procedures for both men and women.

Dr Sackelariou completed his medical degree at the University of Sydney in 1979. Trained in general surgery before becoming a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in 1986 and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS England) in 1988. He then entered advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney, qualifying in 1993. He then spent 1994 undertaking further training in cosmetic surgery in Paris at the Clinique Turin.

Primary Areas of Focus

Dr Richard Sackelariou specialises in both aesthetic and corrective surgeries. His specialities include Facelift Surgery, Remove and Replace Breast Implants, Nose Surgery and Upper Lip Lift, as well as, Chin and Eyelid Surgery.

Surgical Specialties



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Why Choose Dr Sackelariou

For your safety and to maximise the chances of being totally satisfied with your surgery, it is imperative you find a bona fide surgeon, that is trained by, and meets the stringent criteria and high standards of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Honest and Genuine Advice
  • Precise and Accurate
  • High Attention to Detail
  • Latest Surgical Techniques
  • Individually Tailored Results
lip-lift-upper-lip-surgery in Melbourne by Dr Sackelariou

Results and Recovery

Dr Sackelariou has a commitment to excellence in not only patient education but also post-surgery patient care. Patients are offered Rapid Recovery packs and post-operative scar minimisation treatments such as Healite II low-level light therapy, Fraxel Laser treatments and other skin therapies to help achieve optimal results and heal faster.


Dr Sackelariou is available to see patients in Hawthorn East in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as well as, Double Bay in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


  • MBBS University of Sydney 1979
  • Advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney, qualifying in 1993


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If you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery then Dr Richard Sackelariou is the specialist surgeon for you. Dr Sackelariou will assist you in achieving your desired body image, helping restore you to a more youthful self. Phone 1300 264 811 to request a consultation.

Do you know the difference between a Cosmetic Surgeon versus a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?


*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient. Be sure you understand and accept the procedure details, risks, complications and potential side effects before consenting; and learn what you can do to help minimise your risks before and after surgery.

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Disclaimer: Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. This information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon.