Success with Selfies – 10 TIPS for Better Photos

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Selfie Tips For Social Media Posts


1. Get your head in a happy place first – your attitude shows up on camera

“If you’re not in the ZONE, don’t pick up the phone!”

2. Tilt your head differently – try a 3/4 or angled pose

Few people look fantastic straight-on.

3. Find YOUR best personal-angle pose

Try different angles to see what’s best for you.

4. Shoot from above

Not many people look too good filmed from below.

5. Use a selfie-stick so your arm isn’t in the photo

You can then choose the best background.

6. Step into the light – find natural lighting that flatters you

Avoid being back lit and watch out for shadows.

7. Wear bolder makeup or slightly brighter lip colours or lip stick

Sometimes images appear flattened – slightly more dramatic makeup can help, but don’t go overboard!

8. Use facial highlighter to give yourself some contouring or a studio glow

Highlighters, bronzers and sparkles can add to the image and help accentuate your cheekbones and other facial features.

9. Try something quirky for an ‘action’ type of look

If outside, try standing facing a light breeze (or if inside, try standing in front of a fan) – or skip the selfie and get your friend to take an image of you on a swing!**

10. Try an auto-image APP such as BONFIRE

You can make selfies look even better with a photo editing app – try BONFIRE for fun! Or do your research and find the best apps!

Checking mirror before selfie - image

BONUS Selfie Photography Tip:

Check the mirror – be sure there’s nothing left from lunch that’s showing in your smile.

If you’re selfie-happy after eating a healthy green leafy salad, just be sure to brush your teeth before pulling out your smartphone, I-phone or Android to take a happy snap!

** Show us your best selfie ever. Or your most fun. Comments related to this topic are welcomed and will appear after submission, as this blog is moderated. **

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Last updated: 10/05/2019
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