Skin Rejuvenation and Scar Revisions

Our Plastic Surgeons focus on minimal scarring and can offer patients post-excision skin treatments.

Melbourne’s leading team of Plastic Surgeons and Dermal Clinicians for Post-Surgical Skin Healing

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We have the latest in NON-SURGICAL and alternative solutions – including injectables and laser treatments – for:

  • skin rejuvenation
  • vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa Touch
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • eyelid and skin rejuvenation
  • blepharoplasty by an Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt

Non-Surgical Solutions

Another one of our Non-Surgical Solutions for better skin or post-op healing is the award-winning HEALITE II.

The Healite II is a Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy system using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). It is an extremely relaxing and effective treatment used for a variety of purposes, including post-surgical healing optimisation. It helps improve circulation.

This safe, gentle and pain-free Light Technology treatment assists in healing and helps promote glowing, healthy skin

How is Healite II used for skin treatments?

The Healite II offers different wavelengths and colours of LED light to stimulate specific cells to treat a range of skin conditions.

Our Clinic uses the Healite II as a follow up to help improve the recovery time of patient procedures including:

• Plastic Surgery procedures (post-treatment)
• Laser and IPL treatments
• Skin Needling with Dermapen
• Post ablative laser
• Collagen Stimulation
• Acne

At Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery Healite II is used to:

• Promote skin rejuvenation and speed up healing time
• Treat acne and superficial skin lesions
• Assist psoriasis, pigmentation and rosacea
• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles (anti-aging and skin firming)
• Reduce pain – The IR red light source can be used to improve local blood circulation and provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain
• Treat S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – Many clients report feeling happier and calmer after each LED session

 Mona Lisa Touch: Vaginal Revitalisation


If you suffer from bladder weakness, mild urinary incontinence or stress urgency, vaginal skin laxity, vaginal shortening or atrophy and itchiness and dryness, visit our MonaLisa Touch page for information about the effective new treatment.

This revolutionary new light-technology treatment (MonaLisa Touch laser treatment) can help reduce the need for frequent use of HRT vaginal creams and lubes for vaginal dryness. It can also improve libido and reduce pain during sexual intercourse.

One of its most popular uses has been to treat mild urinary stress incontinence and stress urgency as well as vaginal dryness after menopause. It is also used for vaginal tightening when skin laxity is a concern, such as after childbirth.

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Options for Facial and Eye Rejuvenation

The Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery houses Melbourne’s leading Plastic Surgeons for facial rejuvenation procedures, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction and scar revision surgeries.  Skincare is now an art and a science, and having the best available laser and skincare technologies can make a tremendous difference in post-surgical healing, scar minimisation and patient comfort.

We are equipped with some of the world’s most renowned laser technologies.

In addition to Healite II technology and the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser, we also have the Fraxel Restore Dual System, the Cutera XEO Platform and the Deka DOT Therapy.

These high-tech Light Therapy and Laser Skin Treatment systems have been approved to treat a number of skin conditions, including sun damage, hyperpigmentation, facial lines and wrinkles, redness and scarring, as well as lost-volume from ageing or changes in weight.

How our skin treatments are delivered:

  • Our Clinic houses the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Team.
  • The Coco Ruby Skin Team consists of an Aesthetic Physician, a Dermal Clinician and several Senior Injecting Nurses with extensive experience
  • The Coco Ruby Skin Team is tertiary-qualified, extensively trained and highly experienced in non-surgical medical aesthetics including the use of injectables and light therapy modalities.
  • These Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Professionals keep up to date with industry standards and the latest trends by attending regular conferences and educational seminars, ensuring that you receive professional and sound advice to have the best skin possible.

Do you want an eyelid lift as part of your rejuvenation plan? Try our leading Blepharoplasty Specialist, Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Richard Sackelariou who is available in our Hawthorn clinic location.

Surgery and Procedural Excellence

We offer a high level of quality service and individualised care, to help you achieve the results and skin confidence you are looking for.

At the Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery and the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti Ageing Clinic, we believe that listening to and understanding YOUR expectations is the most important first step in any skin and rejuvenation procedure.

Wanting to look into your options for healthier, younger-looking skin?

We welcome you to make an appointment with us to discuss the rejuvenation or appearance change goals you would like to achieve through one of our treatment offers.

How to Book your Initial Skin Consultation

  • For bookings, send an enquiry form or phone us during Clinic hours.
  • For Plastic Surgery consultations, you can schedule a confidential consultation with your selected Specialist Surgeon by paying the $200 booking fee – send an Enquiry request by email or phone us during Clinic Hours
  • Email us or Call on (03) 8849 1444 to arrange your Skin Consultation appointment
  • A Referral from your GP or from your specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral – however, if you want to meet with a Surgeon who performs custom Skin Rejuvenation Procedures, then a GP referral CAN be helpful in terms of possible available rebates

Want more information before scheduling your Surgeon consultation?

  • Request more information about the procedure – send an enquiry form
  • Book a Complimentary Nurse Consultation (FREE) if you are exploring a Surgical Alternative
  • Organise a phone call with Patient Coordinator (FREE)
  • Attend our Regular Practice Events and hear from our Specialist Surgeons, the Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Team and their Support Team
  • Arrange a skin consultation (fees apply) with one of our Skin health-focused Dermal Clinicians and Injection Treatment Specialists.
  • Speak with a past patient that has had the procedure – call or contact us
  • Organise a Skype call consultation with a Surgeon (available for Interstate patients)
  • Browse our Frequently Asked Questions including how to choose a Surgeon for your procedure


Please contact us using this form to arrange to book a consultation with one of our expert Specialist Plastic Surgeons or to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator.