Can I Use My Super For Surgery? Early Release Of Superannuation

Applying for Early Release of Super Funds for Surgery in Melbourne VIC

Many patients ask us about applying for an early release of super funds to pay for their plastic surgery. It is not an uncommon question, especially for patients seeking procedures such as skin reduction after extreme weight loss or bariatric surgery, breast reduction surgery, corrective nose surgery or rhinoplasty for breathing issues and droopy eyelid surgery.

Many patients have been able to access their accumulated Superannuation Funds to pay for their own life-changing surgery. However, keep in mind that there is; a government process to follow, forms to fill out and Super Funds to contact. Even if you do all this there is no guarantee that your Super Fund will approve the release of funds.

Note: Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery is not in any way encouraging people to use their Super for Plastic Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons. You can only apply for early release of your super if the surgery is medically necessary and has an item number from Medicare.

Cosmetic surgery for cosmetic enhancement is NOT applicable for Super Fund Release. 

If you are considering applying for an early withdrawal of your super to help fund your plastic surgery – here are some important things you need to know.


How do I apply for Super Fund release?

You can make Applications for early release of super for surgery through the ATO via your ‘MyGov’ account.

There is no guarantee that your request will be approved. It’s also important to understand that the rules and regulations around super withdrawal for surgery may be subject to change.

Download our Guide to Medicare and Health Insurance for Plastic Surgery

Medicare and Health Insurance Guide

How do I know if my application will be approved?

The answer to this question is that it will depend on a number of factors, including your financial situation.

If you apply for an early release of super:

  • Your condition must meet certain criteria to apply for compassionate release of funds
  • You will likely only recieve approval if your procedure is medically necessary plastic surgery, not for purely cosmetic surgery
  • Approval of your application can can take several weeks. Approximately 2-3 weeks or longer.
  • Your Super Fund provider may have the final say in whether or not you get approved for early release. Some Super Funds don’t.

When it comes to an early release of Superannuation for Surgery, some Super Funds allow early super withdrawal for procedures, however, some do NOT.

Will my Super Fund pay for my Tummy, Abdominoplasty or Breast Surgery?

Early release of Super will most likely apply to plastic surgery which is related to health concerns, such as:

Will my Super Fund pay for my Nose Surgery?

Early release of Super could also apply to plastic surgery which is related to the nose or breathing health concerns, such as:


Can your Superannuation Fund be used to pay for your Plastic Surgery?

In most cases, Australians cannot unlock their Super until they reach the ”preservation age”. This is between 55 and 60, depending on your birth date. But, under exceptional circumstances, the ATO will assess early access on ‘compassionate grounds’, which includes medical procedures to treat life-threatening illnesses and chronic pain.

Not all super funds permit early access to super benefits on these grounds, so you should check with your super fund before applying.

The ATO website also provides useful information on the preservation of Super and gaining early access to your Super.

A company called Supercare may also be able to assist you in applying for early release of Super – they charge a fee for this service.

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Download our Guide to Medicare and Health Insurance for Plastic Surgery

Medicare and Health Insurance Guide

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