Our TOP FIVE products for your Winter skincare regime

We stock all of these products at Cosmetic Surgery for Women, every skin is different, so our Coco Ruby dermal clinicians are available to perform an in depth analysis of your skin to determine which products will benefit you most. We stock a wide range of Advanced Cosmeceuticals products.

  1. Cosmedix Purity Solution

This product is a hydrating oil cleanser, which is a winter staple to keep your skin hydrated. The Purity Solution is gentle on sensitive skin and removes excessive oil and makeup without stripping the skin of it’s hydration. This product can be used both morning and night.

  1. PCA Hydrating Serum

This miracle serum is pumped full of antioxidants to replace moisture loss that most of us experience in the change of seasons. The product is great for acne, rosacea and dehydrated skin. It doesn’t block pores and acts as a great base for makeup to give you all day hydration.

  1. PCA Retinol Renewal

PCA’s unique blend of vitamin A complex is a low-grade formulation, which is a great start for retinol users. Vitamin A is a natural irritant to our skin but once we adapt to it, it can have highly effective anti-ageing benefits.

  1. PCA Body Therapy

It’s not just about the face; the rest of our skin needs loving in winter too! Body Therapy by PCA improves surface texture and reduces cellular buildup, encouraging much softer and smoother skin. This product should be used once a day in the shower.

  1. SkinMedica Lytera

SkinMedica’s skin brightening complex ‘Lytera’ improves the appearance of sun damage, evens skin tone and brightens the complexion. This product should be used as part of your night routine.

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Last updated: 27/05/2020
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Michelle Staughton
Michelle Staughton is a Patient Education Interviewer and Patient Care Coordinator for several top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With over 4 years’ experience helping plastic surgery patients at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, after having been a patient herself, Michelle offers a wealth of knowledge to help surgical patients with cosmetic and plastic surgery planning and recovery tips.