Post Operative Surgery Period


What we will do to help you through your Post Operative Surgery Period

We care about ALL aspects of your surgical journey, especially your Post Operative Surgery Period. All of our surgeons have over a decade of specialist experience. This experience and knowledge translate into their ability to perform highly skilled surgery with outstanding results.

These techniques include:

  • Pre-operative planning by the surgeon immediately prior to surgery, involves measurements, photos and markings. Not only does this ensure precision, but also reduces the amount of time you will be under general anaesthetic.
  • Anaesthetic Blocks – the use of local anaesthetic, not only around the operative site but also in the underlying muscle, leads to a reduction in both muscle spasm and pain.
  • Gentle and careful dissection by the experienced surgeon results in less tissue trauma, less bruising, less pain, less swelling and lowers the risk of wound infection.
  • The use of specialised, lubricated introducers used during Breast Augmentation procedures, places less stress on the implant which is known to contribute to a longer life for the implant.
  • The very efficient V-Loc(TM) wound closure device used by our surgeons is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need to tie knots, as seen in more traditional suturing techniques.
    • The V-Loc(TM) device offers secure, fast, and effective incision closure, resulting in less time for you on the operating table and a better scar result.
  • We have a very small, select group of anaesthetists for all of our procedures.
    • These anaesthetists have been with our surgeons for up to two decades, making them experts in Plastic Surgery Anaesthesia.
    • This results in a shorter anaesthetic with minimal chance of post-operative complications and better postoperative pain management.
    • Where indicated, our Anaesthetists organise for Patient Controlled Analgesia devices to be implemented, for efficient post-operative pain management in the ward.

Post Operative Surgery Period

And shortly after your surgery, you’ll be offered a Healite II treatment to optimise your healing, along with Fraxel Scar Minimisation treatments for procedures where visible scarring is a concern – these are included as part of your post-op care.

Last updated: 27/05/2020
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Michelle Staughton
Michelle Staughton is a Patient Education Interviewer and Patient Care Coordinator for several top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With over 4 years’ experience helping plastic surgery patients at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, after having been a patient herself, Michelle offers a wealth of knowledge to help surgical patients with cosmetic and plastic surgery planning and recovery tips.