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Reduce Double Chin Skin Rolls of Fat under your Chin –  the Non-Surgical Neck Lift alternative

The appearance of either a double chin, fatty, sagging jawline or neckline can greatly detract from a youthful-looking face.  In fact, studies revealed that nearly 7 out of 10 people above a certain age have concerns about the appearance of their necks. Subjects in a large study reported primarily disliking the excess fat or skin folds that accumulate under the chin area and along the jawline, often with age or weight changes. This leaves an unwanted ‘double chin’ appearance or an indistinguishable chin and jawline.

Although Double chin injections for fat reduction are great for some people, there are alternatives and sometimes a surgeon may recommend either a Facelift or Necklift. These surgeries are serious surgical procedures that can have substantial downtime.

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But there are two other ways you can reduce your double chin appearance. The first is with a chin implant (if warranted) or jawline enhancement. The second is with double-chin treatment injections to reduce the fat cells in that area of your jawline/neckline.

Can you get rid of a double chin with injections?

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You’ll need to see a Plastic Surgeon or talented Cosmetic Doctor, to assess which option might be better for your concerns.

  • But fortunately, surgery isn’t the only way to go for some patients with mild double-chin appearances.
  • There’s now a cosmetic injection option to help reduce under-chin fat and enhance or strengthen the contours of your jawline.
  • These are known as ‘under chin injections’. They use a solution that became popular in the USA after it got approval from the FDA (2015).
  • It’s now available in Melbourne and throughout Australia, but be very careful about who you choose to perform these injections.

Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections are a prescription cosmetic medical treatment. They improve not only the appearance and profile of the chin, but also the jawline and/or neck area for treatment-suitable patients.

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Candidate Criteria: Suitable conditions for double-chin injection treatments

  • These injections are best for reducing mild or moderate submental fat stores below the chin (submental fat)
  • They are less effective if the amount of under-chin fat is severe OR
  • If there is substantial skin laxity as well as fat accumulation beneath the chin or jawline area BECAUSE
  • If there is laxity and under-chin fat, the results of reducing fat are typically more noticeable laxity – which could look worse

Ask your Practitioner for the PROS and CONS of having this treatment if you have BOTH conditions, and make an informed decision

  • Your alternative might be chin augmentation, a facelift with a neck lift, or some other procedure
  • IF, however, you are a good candidate for these injections, you might find the minimal downtime and reasonable costs make this a good alternative to surgery (select patients only).

Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing offer neck fat and double chin injections treatment (under-chin injections treatment.

Minimum treatment criteria

We assess patients for treatment suitability. However, you might be a good candidate for double-chin reduction treatments if you meet the following criteria:

  • Suitable candidates: 18 years of age.
  • Mild to Medium levels of under-chin (submental) fat
  • Good collagen/healthy skin
  • No contradicting conditions
  • Willing to undertake repeated injection treatments at the required intervals

Not all patients may be suitable for the non-surgical neck lift/fat removal procedure. Furthermore, the procedure can be uncomfortable for patients.

Double Chin Injections – do they work?

  • Yes, they can work when the patient attends all sessions and follows preparation and post-treatment protocols.
  • However, you can expect several days of discomfort and/or swelling and sensation changes.
  • Read more to find out how submental fat injections work to reduce your Double Chin fat deposits for suitable treatment candidates.

Methods for Neck Fat Injections (What is having neck are injections like?)

Non-surgical Neck Lift techniques using Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections

  • First, we will numb the treatment area. We use either a local anaesthetic or other numbing methods including cool packs or ice packs.
  • Ice packs/cool packs are also great during treatment to reduce discomfort.
  • A dotted grid is then over-layed onto the treated area and the numbing agents are removed/the area is thoroughly cleansed.
  • The design of the grid is for strategic injecting strategies.
  • Each session usually means fewer injections as the fat area under the chin becomes reduced.

  • Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections are made into the submental fat below the chin
  • Retreatment of the area will be necessary at 6-week intervals for approximately 3 treatments. However, this can vary from patient to patient
  • The long-term result is considered a permanent reduction of under-chin fat. It will leave you with a clearer, firmer-looking jawline and chin area
  • These cosmetic injections can provide you with more youthful neck and jawline contours without surgery as long as you have good collagen in your skin
  • If your skin is lax, then a surgical neck lift or facelift and neck lift maybe your best alternative to Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections below the chin

Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections below the chin

  • Patients can use of cool packs/ICE packs before and/or during the treatmentb to ease discomfort.
  • Cool packs are also a great idea for after the Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections to the submental fat under the chin/upper neck area.
  • Injections are made very carefully in the designated treated area.
  • The under neck injection procedure is repeated at approximately 6 weeks after the first treatment.
  • Most patients require 3 or more treatments but every patient is unique and treatments are fully customised.

What does it feel like to have Double-Chin Fat Reduction Injections to your chin fat?

Initially, there is redness, a sensation of heat and swelling, which can last for several weeks as the treatment takes effect. The skin may also feel numb and ‘wobbly’ as there is swelling for several days to approximately 4 weeks after the injection.

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