NIPTUCK Magazine: Achieving a Youthful Complexion

When it comes to achieving an illuminating youthful glow to your skin, Dermal Clinician Sarah Trinh at the Non-Surgical knows best.

After experiencing bad skin herself as a teenager and completing her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree in Dermal Therapies, she says ‘a combined approach consisting of medical grade skincare products as well as professional procedures can repair the damage that has been caused over the years to achieve healthier and more youthful looking skin.’

Sarah TrinhIn her experience, the most common skin concerns are sun damaged pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. ‘Australia has the highest skin cancer rate compared to the rest of the world and that also comes with sun induced hyper-pigmentation and sun spots,’ she says. This causes uneven skin tone and texture. It has been established that an even skin tone is considered to be one of the most significant factors when people assess and determine beauty, as it reflects inner health. It has also been judged as being more important than wrinkle reduction.

‘The best thing that we can do is to prevent the damage, by applying a good quality sunscreen every day,’ says Sarah. She also believes in using quality topical retinoids (Vitamin A) and L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to strengthen the skin and stimulate collagen production. ‘It also allows your skin to “act” like younger skin’ she says.

In addition to skincare products, Sarah also recommends having regular medical grade chemical peels. Just like cats and dogs shed their hair, humans constantly shed dead skin cells every day. ‘It takes approximately 28 days for healthy young skin cells to flake off. However as we age, this process slows down significantly. More and more build-up of dead skin cells occur on the surface of the skin, creating a dull and lifeless appearance and pigmentation can appear darker,’ she says. Medical grade chemical peels help to speed up the skin cell renewal process to achieve a brighter complexion as well as assisting in better penetration of topical Vitamin A and C products.

For those who already have sun damaged hyper-pigmentation, Sarah believes that the next gold standard in treating pigmentation is the Fraxel restore DUAL 1927nm. ‘My patients are thrilled and amazed at how brighter their skin looks and how much smoother their skin feels,’ she says. To obtain best results, 2-3 treatments are recommended, and patients can see results immediately after the first treatment.

For lines and wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections as well as dermal fillers are the best options to soften those deeper lines and to plump up any loss of facial volume. ‘A combination of Fraxel laser resurfacing and anti- wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can take 5-10 years off a patient’s face’ says Sarah.

‘At the Non-Surgical, we believe that anti-ageing is based on three principles; repair the damage, maintain the results, and prevent further damage,’ Sarah says. ‘Your skin is an asset – commit and invest in it and you can achieve great results.

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To find out more about achieving an illuminating youthful glow to your skin, contact Dermal Clinician Sarah Trinh at Cosmetic Surgery for Women.
At your personal consultation we can discuss your exact needs and recommend a plan of action to help you to attain your goal. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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Last updated: 08/05/2019
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