Lip Fillers – Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery – Melbourne

We offer cosmetic injections at our Clinics in Melbourne and Berwick through our Coco Ruby Clinics. Several of our Specialist colleagues in Sydney may also offer lip augmentation injections and surgical lip lift procedures. At Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, Senior Injecting Clinicians can reshape lips using Cosmetic Injections. Dr Richard Sackelariou one of our Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeons performs the Bullhorn Lip Lift. Dr Tina Purdon and Registered Nurse Sandra Wallace are highly experienced at what they do.

Do you want fuller lips?

lip fillers - treatment injection

Try Cosmetic Injections using natural-feeling Dermal Fillers (Lip Augmentation Injections).

Lip fillers or lip augmentation injections are increasingly popular ways to help balance out the face, even out a lopsided smile or plump up a thin top lip area.  These are some of the most frequently requested lip augmentation enhancements requested by patients at our Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery Clinic.  Alternatively, some patients with lip area appearance concerns are seeking the bullhorn lift for their lip area, Unfortunately, this procedure is not performed by our Melbourne based Surgeons. Injections are considered the non-surgical lip augmentation option; a bullhorn lip lift is a surgical procedure.

Lip Augmentation without surgery is possible with cosmetic filler injections.

Our Cosmetic Injector Clinicians in Melbourne and Berwick can plump your lips, however, and help you to reduce wrinkles and lines around the lip using high-quality cosmetic injections and dermal fillers.

Send us an enquiry if you’d like to explore lip plumping injections, dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.