Mini-Face Lift

What is a Mini-Face Lift?

Which type of facelift will suit you best depends upon your skin condition, genetics, facial structures and how much facial ageing you’ve experienced.

You know how it starts.  Once you get to an age where you start getting wrinkles, you start becoming extremely self-conscious about your appearance – avoiding cameras, brightly lit situation and ex-partners when you’re not feeling your best. On the inside, you still feel young – but on the outside, facial sagging gives your age away. Getting a mini facelift (if you’ve had minimal facial ageing) or a Round Block Face Lift (a great option for many mid-aged candidates) may be just what you need to help restore a more youthful facial appearance. A mini facelift or Round Block or SMAS lift can help your outside appearance match how young you feel on the inside – and gives you an appearance confidence boost for years to come!   So you might want to explore the differences between the Mini Facelift options, a popular Round Block Facelift surgery or a more complex procedure (SMAS or traditional facelift for more aged skin).

A mini facelift is a name given to less invasive facelift procedures. There are many different types, but not all have the same longevity – and not all types are suited to every face. A traditional facelift may involve the SMAS, and a Round Block Facelift does the same but slightly differently, using shorter incisions (short scars) and resulting in a typically faster healing time than traditional SMAS Facelift options (which may be great for an aged face or extreme facial skin sagging, but often will need to be combined with skin resurfacing using lasers or deep chemical skin peels).

Meanwhile, back to the Mini Face Lift and Round Block FaceLift Options

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There are many approaches to face lifting that can be considered a mini face lift or a moderate face lift approach (there’s even a liquid facelift for a non surgical approach).  Some face lifts are called “string-lift” and others use names  such as ‘lite’ or ‘light’. For our Round Block and SMAS facelift healing periods, we often offer patients a complimentary Healite II treatment at the post-op consultation (when suitable). So we may have a “light touch Healing” method for your post-op recovery, but our Surgeons find most patients require a Round Block or SMAS level facelift to get the best results for their facial ageing concerns.  Sometimes a mini-lift, in other words, just isn’t enough or won’t give you the longevity you crave – it all depends, however, on you – the patient – and what your skin looks like at the moment.  Is your skin resilient with good collagen levels and firmness? Or is it crepey-looking and sagging around the jowls? Do you have just a few fine lines or superficial wrinkles – or do you have heavy, ingrained marionette lines and other deeper wrinkles?

You may have several facelift options including the Mini Facelift, The Round Block Facelift, the Traditional Facelift/SMAS Facelift

So the best thing to do is to speak directly with a leading Plastic Surgeon who focuses on facial rejuvenation surgery, to learn about what options will meet YOUR facial rejuvenation needs.  As not all patients will be candidates for all procedures. They are best when customised to meet YOUR skin and facial feature needs as well as rejuvenation goals.

And remember, each patient is unique so your best facelift surgery option may not match another person’s best facelift approach.

A mini facelift option may sound great, and for some patients, its a good option.

But not everyone is suitable for getting the results they want from a mini-facelift.  The only way to know for certain is to have a consultation with a Specialist Facelift Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne or Sydney.

Ask our Specialist Surgeons about mini-facelift options or the Round Block “light touch healing” options using behind the ear incisions and Healite II technology to promote a more rapid facelift recovery.


Mini versus Traditional Facelift

Many people wait until their skin is very lax and saggy before they embark on facelift surgery, when a slightly early time frame may have a more effective result as skin laxity is less of an issue.

But whatever your current age, facial rejuvenation surgery such as a facelift or neck lift – a SMAS facelift, Round Block Facelift or mini-facelift or even a liquid facelift – can be a viable, age-defying option.

Ask your surgeon if you’re a suitable candidate for facial rejuvenation surgery and whether a “mini-facelift” or a more traditional, complex facelift surgery is going to get you the best possible results for your specific ageing concerns.

And remember, keep your expectations realists. You can turn back time – a little (about 7 to 8 years according to most research) but time moves on constantly; and you’ll never look 20 or 30 again once you’re past 50.  But you can look a lot younger and more refreshed, naturally and with minimal healing time if you are a good candidate for a mini facelift!

Differences between a mini-facelift and a more complex approach such as a Round Block Facelift include:

  • surgery and anesthetic time
  • shorter incisions or less wound breakdown potential
  • healing time
  • underlying tissue changes (less adjustments)
  • less potential bruising or swelling

Optional rejuvenation methods include:

  • liposuction
  • neck lift
  • jawline contouring
  • fat transfer (autologous fat transfer or “AFT”) or dermal fillers to improve skin firmness or plump up facial areas that have lost volume, such as cheeks, temples and tear troughs
  • anti-wrinkle injections
  • facial implants
  • chin augmentation or jawline enhancement surgery

Dr Geoff Barnett, Specialist Plastic Surgeon for Round Block Facelifts or to discuss Mini Facelifts

Ask our Patient Care Coordinators to see Dr Geoff Barnett, who is an experienced Facial Surgeon and fully qualified Specialist Plastic, Surgeon. He sees patients in Hawthorn East and has over 30 years of experience in performing top facial surgeries. His focus is on natural-looking results that don’t look ‘pulled’ or done – but which are long-lasting, rejuvenating and visually appealing.

He works closely with the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing team to get a full-face rejuvenation effect.

His method of face lifting involves the Round Block approach, which may reduce healing time for some patients, especially if combined with Healite II and other Rapid Recovery methods. But as a facelift surgery patient, you DO want to allow adequate healing and recovery time and not resume normal activities until your surgeon says it’s okay to do so.

How to go about investigating your mini facelift options:

Contact us by sending an enquiry form today or phoning us during Clinic Hours on (03) 8849 1444.