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Chin Augmentation or Chin Implants To Improve a Weak Chin or Retrogenia

  • Is your chin set back excessively, compared to your upper jaw?
  • Do you have what’s known as a weak or retruded chin?
  • Would you like a more strongly defined or masculine jawline?

Chin Augmentation is a popular surgery for individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of a weak or recessed chin.  Chin Surgery can help improve a recessed chin, or enlarge the chin and help refine the lower jaw.

If so, this condition is called retrogenia, or a receding chin.  It is often referred to medically as a ‘retruded chin’ or a retruding chin, but it basically means your chin is not protruding sufficiently to give you a strong-looking jawline or a balanced lower face. It can be quite obvious from the front as well as from the side, but most people with a receding or weak chin are most self-conscious about how they look from the side or 3/4 view profile, in person or in photographs.

There are even recognised cultural preferences for a strong jawline and chin, in women and men, but the treatment is often cosmetic in nature and the condition of a retruding chin or ‘weak jawline’ often doesn’t interfere with the actual function of that area of the face.  However, it can lead people to make awkward expressions in an attempt to balance out the bottom or lower lip or to hide that area of the face when they are feeling self-conscious about having a ‘diagonal looking jawline’ versus a firmer, horizontal looking jawline or protruding chin.

Chin Implants:  Chin Augmentation Surgery in Melbourne

  • A weak chin can be remedied with chin augmentation surgery using custom made facial implants or pre-manufactured chin implants (silicone).
  • Insertion can often be made through the mouth so that there are no visible scars on the face.
  • This facial implant procedure uses chin implants to improve the shape and protrusion of the chin, which in turn also enhances the jawline.

Chin augmentation surgery is, in fact, a popular surgery that can lead to significant improvement in facial aesthetics for men and women of nearly any age, once they reach adulthood. If you want to learn more, or schedule an appointment with our chin augmentation expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou, phone 1300 264 811 today (or send an enquiry form, below).

Before and After Photos of Chin Augmentation

Dr Richard Sackelariou melbourne chin implants2Dr Richard Sackelariou melbourne chin implants

What causes a person to have a retruded chin (weak chin)?

  • Retrogenia is usually something that is determined by your genetics.
  • If you were born with a so-called weak chin or recessed chin, chances are a parent or other family member has a similar-looking feature.
  • While you may not appreciate the appearance of a weak retruded chin, it often won’t affect your speech or eating.
  • But a recessed or retruded chin CAN impact your facial expressions and your confidence in your appearance.

In most cases, however, retrogenia is purely a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one (it can vary, however).

  • But people with a weak chin can become extremely self-conscious with the way their chin looks from certain angles, or in photographs.
  • Some people even cover their lower face with their hands to disguise the condition, which can lead to awkward postures and a lack of appearance confidence.
  • Fortunately, surgery can help improve the chin proportions and jawline shape, using custom made or pre-manufactured medical-grade chin prosthesis.

Does getting older make a receding or retruded chin look weaker – or worse?

  • Yes, a recessed chin or diagonally slanted-looking chin appearance can worsen as you get older, especially if you end up with a double chin appearance.
  • This relates to facial bone loss that occurs with ageing.

Jaw area bone atrophy and skin sagging over time DO tend to worsen the appearance of a recessed chin or weak jawline.

  • Again, however, it is primarily a cosmetic concern, not a medical one.
  • It is also a concern that may best be resolved with a plastic surgery solution, using chin implants.
  • This can be helpful for patients who feel uncomfortable or distressed by their chin appearance and for some patients, can lead to significant aesthetic improvements or feature balancing of the lower face in relation to other facial features.
  • Liposuction under the chin may also be an option, and/or double chin fat reduction injections, to assist with gaining a firmer or more horizontal looking jawline.

NOTE: some retrogenia conditions, usually related to congenital conditions with a receding lower mandible/lower jaw, can lead to impaired respiratory function in infants (this is often transitory but can vary) For more information on small lower jaws in infants, search for information on Pierre Robin sequence or Treacher Collins syndrome.

Does having a receding chin means a person has an overbite?


An overbite is when the upper teeth or jawline do not meet the lower teeth or lower jawline, but which protrude (extend) more forwards than the lower jaw and tooth line.

  • Some individuals born with a receding chin (and others who develop one over time) DO have an overbite condition.
  • For these individuals, it is possible that corrective orthodontics may be an option.

But for others who want to remedy a receding ‘weak-looking’ chin, it’s simply a matter of having a less-protruding chin than a person desires, or a jawline that appears more soft and diagonal than firm or sculpted.

Chin augmentation with chin implants for patients who are unhappy with having a retruded chin or weak chin

Two Types of Chin Surgery: Chin Augmentation using Chin Implants, or Sliding Chin Genioplasty

Most cases of a recessed chin or lower mandible can be improved in appearance by a chin prosthesis (a chin implant or facial implant), typically inserted through the mouth.

Some more severe cases of retrogenia may benefit more from a sliding genioplasty strategy, rather than prosthetic enlargement, but this is a more intensive surgery with longer healing times and potentially higher risks.

At Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men, we offer Chin Augmentation options that are fully customised to meet the needs and preferences of the patient in terms of improving the appearance of their lower jawline and chin.  Depending on your needs, we may recommend additional imaging or scans, and custom chin implants, or pre-manufactured medical prosthesis, to help you gain a stronger looking, shapely chin to suit your preferences (chin enlargement or chin augmentation).

  • Augmentation using custom made or pre-manufactured medical-grade chin prosthesis (implants) are the primary method of augmenting the chin area to improve the appearance of the face and jawline.
  • There are other alternatives, such as different surgical methods to lengthen the jaw itself.
  • Exercising the chin or jawline is usually futile to remedy a physically retruded chin or weak-looking chin and jawline.
  • That’s because the bone and soft tissue structures of the face are not amenable to significant alterations by exercises alone.

Exercising your chin and jawline will NOT tend to help reduce a weak-looking chin or receding chin

  • In general, exercising your chin or jaw will not remedy a physically small or receding chin.
  • It is unlikely to help improve your appearance the way an augmentation or chin implant can.

Remember, however, that everyone is different; and that results can vary from person to person.  Schedule a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to assess your suitability for chin augmentation using chin implants; ask a Patient Care Coordinator for an appointment with Dr Richard Sackelariou, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who operates in Melbourne and Sydney.

Good candidates for Chin Augmentation

chin-implant-surgery-Melbourne diagram - illustration of a chin-augmentation-melbourne

Chin implants may be suitable for adults of any age, who either suffer from Retrogenia (a retruded chin) or who want a more pronounced chin area or stronger looking jawline.

  • Chin Augmentation is suitable for healthy adults of a wide age range.
  • Sometimes the chin implants will need to be custom-made.
  • Your appearance preferences must be discussed with your surgeon; images and photographs may be of assistance during a consultation.

Like all surgeries, a healthy patient with realistic expectations, who understands the procedure, recovery time and risks, is going to have a better experience with surgery than a patient who has unrealistic expectations about what having a stronger chin and jawline will achieve.  Be sure you discuss this with your Surgeon and that you understand what surgery can, and cannot, accomplish.

Imaging can help you anticipate what the benefits of a chin augmentation procedure might be.

Ask your Surgeon to show you before and after photographs of their chin augmentation patients; and to show you drawings or adjusted photographs of what a chin implant can attain for your facial appearance from both the front and side profile views.

For the right candidate, a chin augmentation can significantly improve facial contours.

  • A strong jawline, along with a nicely shaped chin, can balance out your facial features.
  • Having a nicely shaped chin and stronger jawline can also enhance your smile and overall facial appearance.
  • Improving the chin through chin augmentation (facial implant) surgery can have a positive impact on the perceived attractiveness of a face, regardless of gender.

Surgery to augment the chin (e.g. Chin implants) on people who have a weak-looking chin, can:

  • drastically improve the appearance of a person’s face from both the front and side
  • enhance the appearance of the smile and jawline and give the face a more vertically balanced appearance
  • improve facial expressions by harmonising the upper and lower jaws or upper and lower lip positions
  • balance out and enhance the facial features visible from the front and side views, including the side on profiles

To find out more about your options for chin augmentation to improve your facial profile and front-facial appearance, phone 1300 264 811 and ask to see our chin augmentation expert, Dr Richard Sackelariou, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne and Sydney.

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