Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Post-Mastectomy in Melbourne VIC

Our Breast Reconstruction Specialist Surgeon operates at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

Autologous Breast Reconstruction (using your own tissue) is a popular and safe technique. Other surgical reconstructive techniques include using breast tissue expanders, breast implants, synthetic meshes and biologic matrices (like ADM).

Your surgeon will personalise a specific reconstruction surgery plan for you.

About Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Your surgeon will use your own tissue during this operation to reconstruct a new breast. The tissue is taken from the back or ‘Tummy Tuck‘ region and no synthetic prostheses or expanders are necessary. Your surgeon can perform natural tissue breast reconstruction surgery either at the time of mastectomy or as a delayed reconstruction when body healing is normal (i.e. after chemotherapy or radiotherapy has finished).

What are the Benefits of using your own Natural Tissue for Breast Reconstruction?

Your ‘new’ breast will be soft, with a natural curve, and of normal weight and body temperature. This new ‘normal’ body image has major psychological benefits compared to mastectomy. Both confidence and self-esteem improve aspects of life, including wearing normal clothes, participating in sports and your sex life.

Performing the operation?

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  • The surgeon will transfer a flap of muscle, fat and skin, (with its own blood supply), from either the back or lower abdomen.
  • These are reliable methods with a low incidence of complications.
  • Your surgeon will advise you on the best method for your reconstruction.
  • Operating time, when combined with mastectomy may take three to five hours.

The two techniques commonly used include;

  • The Free T.R.A.M. Flap Technique – Using tissue from the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) area
  • The Latissimus Dorsi Added Fat Flap Technique – Using tissue from your back

Will the operation leave any scars?

Even though every effort will be taken to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible, they are the inevitable result of this procedure. One of the principal aims of this operation is to make the scars easily covered by your swimwear or lingerie.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Breast reconstruction and rapid recovery after breast surgery

This procedure requires admission to hospital and general anaesthesia. Your hospital stay will depend on your overall health and the extent of the procedure and may be up to five to seven days.

What happens during the recovery period after the surgery?

  • You may expect some temporary swelling and bruising, which can result in a slight asymmetry with the other breast.
  • Other postoperative complications, such as delayed healing, infection or localised blood collections are uncommon.
  • Your surgeon will discuss all potential complications with you in detail prior to your operation.

What else needs to be done? Are there any additional procedures necessary?

Once the new breast has matured, nipple reconstruction and later colour tattooing can be done. Should your other breast require any adjustment, this can be best done in a hospital with an overnight stay.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient.

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