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Asian or Armpit Breast Augmentation in Melbourne & Sydney

Other names for Breast Augmentation via an armpit incision include;

  • Transaxillary Breast Augmentation
  • Armpit Breast Augmentation
  • Scarless Breast Augmentation
  • Asian Breast Augmentation.

It uses an incision hidden under your armpit rather than a more traditional breast incision. Your surgeon uses this incision to create a pocket inside your breast and insert the breast implant.

Transaxillary methods involve a surgical incision via the armpit and are more challenging for the surgeon. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard Sackelariou has a lot of experience in the Armpit insertion of Breast Implants. He has clinics in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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Why have Armpit Breast Augmentation? – No Breast Scars

The armpit-breast implant insertion technique MAY help reduce visible scars under the breast area. It can also help avoid keloid scars on the breasts of women with higher skin pigmentation, including women that may be prone to keloid scars. This also includes breast surgery patients of Asian, Mediterranean, Maori, African, Middle Eastern or Egyptian descent as well as women who have keloid scarring tendencies.

For Transaxillary or Asian breast enlargement incisions for insertion of the implant are made in the armpit area. Then the implants are inserted through these incision(s) the surgeon will then position them INTO a surgical pocket near the chest wall.

Scarless Breast Augmentation – Transaxillary Scar from Breast Enlargement

Armpit Breast Enlargement Melbourne

With the armpit insertion method, there is NO scar on your breast area. There will, however, be a small scar in your armpit area. This scar may be less visible than an under-breast area scar. Obviously with an armpit scar you can only see it when patients raise their arms and are wear sleeveless tops.

Scarless Breast Augmentation can only be performed for primary or first-time breast augmentation. Sometimes removal of the implants can be performed through the same incision route by Dr Sackerlariou.

Is the Transaxillary Insertion Method the best way to avoid breast scars?

Yes, for some patients this method is a good way to reduce breast area scars. This leaves an incision line scar in the armpit area instead of under the breast, in the breast crease or inframammary fold (IMF). Scars can vary in size, shape, width, length or visibility.

Can you hide a plastic surgery scar?

  • A good Surgeon will typically do their best to make your scars as unobtrusive as possible.
  • However, sometimes the operation involves a compromise of sorts, between aiming for a good result with a very visible scar, or a less visible scar but a less good result.
  • Be sure you discuss your preferences with your Plastic Surgeon and ask any and all questions that you have.
  • There is also makeup you can wear to disguise a scar until it fades (ask about Lycogel or Jane Iredale makeup coverage options).

Scars vs Augmentation Results

When it comes to hiding scars, some surgery scars simply can’t be adjusted to a less visible place. For many procedures, incision lines NEED to be in more visible places to get the best shaping results. It can become a compromise between RESULTS vs SCARS.

Ask your Surgeon about their Scar Minimisation protocol. There are a few things you may be able to do to minimise your visible scars, for example, silicone strips or gels, Fraxel laser or Dermapen Skin-needling.

Breast Augmentation Scars: Under the Breast or in the Armpit?

Asian Breast Augmentation Surgery in Melbourne & Sydney
Asian Breast Augmentation Surgery – Melbourne

For breast surgery scars, you now have another option rather than on the front of the body – the transaxillary or armpit incision method for breast augmentation.

Asian Breast Augmentation Surgery for No Scar Under the Breast Area, instead, it’s in the armpit crease. This procedure is often recommended for Asian patients and others prone to Keloid Scars.

This alternative method for breast augmentation incisions may be an ideal alternative for people with melanin-rich skin. However, results can vary from patient to patient.

Ask your Surgeon for details.

Where is the armpit incision or armpit scar made for Asian breast enlargement?

Illustration of armpit area incision for Transaxillary Breast Enlargement

Transaxillary Breast Enlargement

The Transaxillary or “TA” method of implant insertion involves making incisions in the armpit area of both arms. Then the surgeon carefully inserts the implant through those incisions and into place on the chest wall (potentially a sub-facial placement).

Is there a “No Scar Method” for Scarless Breast Augmentation?

  • It’s actually not accurate to imply the “no scar method” leaves zero scars.
  • It’s just that these scars are not in the usual place after breast implants are inserted.
  • Instead, the Armpit Breast Augmentation scars are in the armpit or underarm area of the body.

It leaves NO SCARS under the breast after breast augmentation surgery; instead, the incision line scar will be in the armpit area and for many patients, disguised in the armpit skin folds when the arms are at rest.

Photographic Illustration of the Transaxillary Incision versus the Inframammary Incision or Periareolar Incision


The image above (all rights reserved) shows the early stages of healing of an armpit incision (armpit breast augmentation scar) at approximately 8 weeks after surgery.

This scar will continue to fade and will be significantly less visible at 9 to 12 months after surgery.

Techniques for Scar Minimisation

Our surgeons can ensure a natural-looking breast enlargement (breast augmentation) surgery result that suits your entire physique.

Ask our Surgeons for more information on how they minimise scars after Breast Enlargement surgery with the inframammary incision method or the transaxillary (Armpit Breast Augmentation) incision placement method of quality brand Breast Implants.

We also have special guides and helpful tips for reducing scarring after your surgery. Phone us on 1300 264 811 or send an enquiry form today and ask us for our helpful guides including recovery and healing tips from augmentation breast surgery.

Who performs Armpit Breast Enlargement in Melbourne & Sydney?

Dr Richard Sackelariou, MBBS (FRACS) Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne & Sydney

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a specialist plastic surgeon and breast surgery expert who operates in both Sydney and Melbourne.

  • He is highly respected for his expertise in Asian / Transaxillary Breast Augmentation procedures (using armpit insertion points) as well as other forms of breast surgery including breast lifts or breast reductions as well as combined procedures.
  • He is also very adept at facial feature augmentation such as Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Chin Augmentation, Lip Lift surgery and surgical Facial enhancements.

Armpit breast Augmentation is suitable for Asian patients and any other patients wanting a more scarless breast augmentation.

Book a consultation by phoning 1300 264 811 and asking to see our Transaxillary Surgery experts for Breast Augmentation.

  • Primary breast implant surgery only (if your surgery is for a revision or removal and replacement of breast implants, you will require an inframammary incision approach or non-transaxillary method).
  • In addition to transaxillary/armpit insertion methods for breast implants, Dr Sackelariou perform inframammary-fold incisions and sub-facial placement strategies, breast lift surgery to improve sagging breasts after pregnancy or menopause, breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) or Mastopexy-Augmentation (a breast lift with added breast volume using breast implants, for women who want a nipple lift or breast lift and a larger bra cup size).

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