What Makes a Beautiful Nose?

What makes a beautiful nose? If we were to define beauty, we would classify it to be something whose colour, shape, form, or proportion appeals to us.

Is it the frontal view that determines the symmetry? Or is it the profile view of the person pertaining to the nasal dorsum transitions from the forehead? Despite the classic set of principles and rules, beauty is something that still remains an elusive concept.

Around the world, individual tastes, cultural differences, social media influencers, celebrity styles, and media can play a huge part in defining beauty.

A common question that a lot of people ask is: What makes a nose attractive? Is there a standard of beauty that we can define? Is there a perfect profile? What does a great one look like?

These are very tricky questions and need discussion. Let’s start by taking a look at some essentials that make a nose attractive.

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What Does an Attractive Nose Look Like?

Being the central feature of the face holds the key in defining the overall proportion and balance of the face. If it isn’t in harmony with other facial features, your face may look or feel a bit strange. As the media and more online meetings have influenced the beauty standards for both men and women, we have seen a quick rise in facial aesthetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty as part of Facial Rejuvenation.

The concept of beauty has changed over the years, but if there is one thing that has remained common throughout the year, it’s the concept of the Golden Ratio, which dates back to Ancient Greece. Humans have used the golden ratio, symmetry, and fractal patterns from the beginning till today in architecture, paintings, or defining charm as we seem to be in agreement about the beauty of certain things.

Balanced Proportions and Symmetry

As mentioned above, proportions and symmetry have always attracted human beings. Symmetry is commonly considered to be ideal. While some might be born with a correctly proportioned nose, others are not so lucky. If yours isn’t symmetrical, you don’t have to live with it. You can opt for Rhinoplasty, which is a cosmetic procedure taking symmetry into account.

Your face can be divided into three different areas or parts. The upper part consists of the area from your forehead to your eyebrows. The middle part extends from your eyebrows to the base. And the lower part is from the end of your nose to your chin. The golden ratio is then applied to your face to find out the perfect proportion, face and vertical and horizontal symmetry are achieved. Your surgeon can look at these ‘Facial Thirds’ to address your facial balance.

Characteristics of an Attractive Nose

One of the biggest challenges that surgeons have to face is determining what patients want from their surgery. To achieve what you want, you have to understand and follow a special formula. As everyone has a unique face, it often becomes very hard to outline the characteristics and features of a nose that will suit a specific face. Generally, there are a few things that most people want to change, which we consider a reference point.

Width: First of all, most people want their nose to be thin. So, narrowing the overall width is an important part of Rhinoplasty.

Nasal Tip: Another characteristic that people want is an ideal nasal tip. Many people have thick nasal skin, which makes their tip rounder instead of pointy.

Straighter lines – No Humps and Bumps: Nose bumps mimic the look of acne and pimples that look very bad. Dermal fillers and injections may help solve this problem temporarily, but many patients seek a surgeon for removal of a dorsal hump.

Size of nostrils: While nostrils are designed to process air into the lungs, they play a huge part in the aesthetic appearance of a face. An Alarplasty may help to provide similar smaller or symmetrical nostrils.

The angle between the tip and the lip: A basic metric of determining an ideal nose is the angle between the nasal base and the top of your upper lip. This can help define a more feminine or more masculine nose.

The overall shape relative to the face: Last but not least, it must suit the rest of your face, or else a perfect nose on an imperfect face wouldn’t make much of a difference.

An Ideal Nose Doesn’t Have To Be Thin

Most people who wish to get a rhinoplasty think that if they have a thin nose, it will look good on their face. Let me warn you beforehand that a thin nose doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect nose. You should never experiment when it comes to cosmetic facial surgeries, as even a millimetre of a change makes a huge difference in the overall shape of your face. You still have to be able to breathe.

The research that I have done has led me to the conclusion that it is hard to define the perfect or ideal nose. It is all about achieving harmony and balance between different facial features. If you opt to get a rhinoplasty, you should be looking for the same thing. Make sure that you consult your nose surgeon and let them help find out what works best for your face.

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Beauty Standards Differ for Men and Women

We live in a world where beauty is important. For better or worse; men, women, and even children understand the importance of outward appearance. The one that you are born with might not necessarily be your idea of perfection. So, a person who is not satisfied with their nose has a lot of different questions.

What Makes a Beautiful Woman’s Nose?

According to research, the ideal angle of a woman’s profile stands between 105 to 110 degrees from the bottom edge of her nose to the tip of the upper lip. The science behind it is that it enhances the femininity in females and makes them more attractive to the other genders.

What Makes a Man’s Nose Attractive?

In men, the angle of 90 degrees seems to make a nose more attractive as it turns men more masculine for the eyes of other genders. Moreover, ones that are long and point downward are also considered masculine and accentuate beauty.

How to Decide if You Need Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is considered to be a fine art and a ‘millimetre surgery’, which means that even a millimetre of change can make a huge difference to the overall structure of your face. As it is such a complicated surgery, you need to make sure that you choose the best nose plastic surgeon.

When it comes to deciding if you need a nose job, there are no right answers. The only thing that matters is what is right for you. How much of your appearance is affected by your nose? Does the shape of your nose come in the way of your confidence and self-esteem? Do you only like being photographed in certain angles? Once you get the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to make a decision for yourself.


What Type of a Nose Do You Have?

Noses come in all shapes and sizes. Be it narrow, wide, long, small, upturned, or crooked; no two noses are alike. The size of your nasal cavity, the shape of your nasal bones, and the amount of cartilage in your nose highly determine what type you have. Here are the 6 most common types, yours being one of them.

Upturned or Celestial

Commonly known as an “upturned nose” and shared by almost 13% of the world population, the celestial nose features a small nose with a protruding tip at the end and a dent in the nose bridge. It is one of the most attractive nose shapes as famous celebrities like Emma Watson and Zac Efron rock it.

The Greek or Mediterranean

It is another aesthetically appealing nose that features a perfectly straight line from the bridge to the tip. A common feature of a Greek nose is that it has pretty narrow nostrils, which is a very common demand from patients who opt for Rhinoplasty.

Aquiline or Eagle

It is a type of nose that has a prominent bridge giving it a bent or curved shape. Aquiline is derived from the Latin language meaning “eagle-like,” as this nose shape can be compared to a diving eagle. Famous celebrities having an aquiline nose include Ryan Gosling and Meryl Steep.


A Nubian nose features a long nose with a wide base, common to ethnic people with a darker complexion. People with this type of nose often get a nose job requesting narrowing the nostrils to achieve a much narrow base.


If you have seen a snub-nose revolver, you might already have an idea what a snub nose looks like. It is a short nose that turns slightly upwards at the end, like a celestial nose. It is considered very petite and cute as celebrities like Carrie Mulligan and Scarlett Johansson have this nose shape.

Hawk Nose

Like a beak of a hawk that is long and narrow, a hawk nose has both the characters with a bridge that curves downwards. The centre area is popped out due to bone, and cartilage and most people with this type of natural shape opt to get a rhinoplasty as a hawk nose doesn’t give a strong impression.

What Changes Would You Need To Make Your Nose Picture Perfect?

You need to have realistic expectations from a nose job if you are going in for surgery. While technology has come far from where it used to be, there are still some limitations. You can share some photos with your surgeon, highlighting the features that you desire. If you Choose a good plastic rhinoplasty surgeon, they will show you images of the changes that might help.

If your nose is wide, you can get it narrowed. Likewise, if your nasal bridge has a hump, you can get it lowered with the help of surgery. If you are not satisfied with the tip of your nose, you can get it tweaked to your liking. All in all, if you are going for multiple changes, make sure that all these individual features harmoniously end up creating a great nose match, according to your face.

Does your Favorite Celebrity Nose inspire you?

It is very common that patients request to look like their favourite celebrities. With social media influencers, movies, and TV serials, making a huge impact on what people perceive to be beautiful, a lot of people get inspired by their favourite celebrities. However, there are some things that you must know before raising any expectations.

Famous Celebrities Who Have Had a Rhinoplasty

Here is a  list of celebrities who have gotten a nose job to accentuate their looks. The list includes Megan Fox, Jennifer Garner, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Kidman, Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Tyra Banks, and Lady Gaga. Have a look at our blog about celebrity noses.

Teenage Celebrities Who’ve Had Surgery

The list of teenage celebrities with nose jobs include Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson, Eiza Gonzalez, Janet Jackson, and Jessica Simpson.

What You Need To Know About Celebrity Culture and Plastic Surgery

Changing your nose is a very delicate surgery. You have to understand that just because one looks good on your favourite celebrity doesn’t mean it would also look good on your face. For years, cosmetic surgeries were considered to be taboo, but as more and more celebrities have gotten candid about their decisions, this type of surgery has become quite a norm.

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Further reading about a Beautiful Nose

Choosing a Surgeon for Your Rhinoplasty

Now that you know everything about the nose and how delicate it is, you need to be very careful when choosing a plastic surgeon for your Nose Surgery.

We give our patients true technical expertise and a sense of artistry so that they can leave the clinic happy and content with their new nose. You can have a consultation and assessment and have some nose imaging done as well.

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Last updated: 01/11/2023
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