What Breast Implant do I have?

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What sort of Breast Implant do you have? – Australian Breast Implant Brands and their Manufacturers

Whether you’re planning on getting implants or you’ve already gotten them, it’s important to know the type, brand and manufacturer of your breast implants. By knowing the specifics about your implants, not only can you easily find their warranty information but you can also follow up properly with your surgeon, and let them know about your experience with the implant brand used for you.

There are a couple of ways you can find out more about your breast implants, however, we recommend that you ask before surgery so that the information is easily available.

Implant Brands and Manufacturers

Why should I know which breast implants I have?

Below are multiple reasons why knowing your breast implant information is useful.

Warranty information

Most breast implant brands used by our surgeons in Australia offer generous warranty programs to provide their patients with peace of mind for years after breast enhancement surgery.

Brands like Motiva, Mentor, and others all offer a replacement policy for ruptured implants for the lifetime of the patient. This means that if at any point in the future your implant ruptures, you get new ones for free.

Furthermore, manufacturers usually also cover other adverse events like late seromas, capsular contracture, and double capsules. In addition, many companies offer financial aid to help with the costs of revision surgery.

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BIA-ALCL awareness

In recent years, doctors have become aware that certain breast implants are associated with a type of immune cancer called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). This cancer was observed in patients who have textured implants, specifically those who have Allergan BIOCELL® implants.

This development has led health authorities to issue an alert to patients who have breast implants that are associated with BIA-ALCL so that they can consult with their plastic surgeons to discuss the risks and see their available options.

Reporting complications

When you develop symptoms such as breast pain, change in size, a palpable mass, or deformation, knowing the type and brand of your implants can be very useful for your surgeon or doctor when he/she is assessing you.

Sharing your experience

By knowing what breast implants you have, you can share your personal experience with others. This will help women looking to have breast augmentation know more about the outcomes experienced with certain brands, and will help surgeons assess patient satisfaction with specific implants.

How do I know which breast implants I have?

Implant Brands and Manufacturers - mentor and allegen

It is common for a patient that has had breast augmentation surgery to be unsure of the type and brand of implants they have. When you get breast implants, your surgeon will likely give you a product identification card that holds all the important information about your implants. It’s usually a simple plastic card, just like a credit card. This card contains information about your implants including;

  • The implant serial number
  • Model number
  • Surgery date
  • Style of implant
  • And, the implant brand.

If you’ve received this card, you should keep it in a safe place, and maybe save a photographed digital copy of it on your phone or in the cloud.

However, if you’ve lost the card or don’t remember ever getting it, you can contact your surgeon’s office or the institution where you’ve had the surgery. They will likely have a copy of this information, so you can collect it and store it somewhere safe.

Unfortunately, it’s also possible, that this information is no longer available if you’ve had surgery more than a decade ago and your surgeon didn’t have an electronic medical record system at the time to store these details. In such cases, your surgeon won’t be able to know the brand of your breast implants until they are surgically removed. This is why it is important to ask about these details before getting the implants.

Choosing the right breast implant

We encourage our patients to not only do their own research and read about other patient experiences with certain breast implant brands but to also look up reviews, and compare what each brand has to offer.

However, ultimately, your certified plastic surgeon would be the best source of information when it comes to choosing the perfect implants for you.

Below are some of the things that you should discuss with your plastic surgeon when choosing breast implants.

Brand reputation

Our surgeons offer reputable breast implant brands that are famous for their durability and quality, however, it’s always good to look up product reviews before choosing a certain brand.


As already mentioned, most breast implant manufacturers offer comprehensive life-long warranty programs to patients. These programs differ in terms of;

  • What complications are covered,
  • The duration of coverage
  • And, the amount of monetary assistance


Different brands offer different styles, sizes, shapes, and textures and some of these are unique to specific producers.

The decision

The final decision on your implant brand is a mutual one. You discuss your concerns and your surgeon explains and offers solutions. By doing this, you can get breast implants that are perfect for your specific desires and needs.

It is important to know, however, that choosing an experienced and accredited plastic surgeon might be even more important than the breast implant brand itself. By choosing a reputable surgeon you’ll be minimizing the risks of complications and ensuring that you will get the best results possible regardless of the brand you opt for.

What are the most used breast implant brands in Australia?

BIA ALCL best known implant brands - Mentor breast implant sizes Allergan breast implants

Our surgeons use some of the top breast implant brands in Australia – mostly Mentor & Motiva Implants. It is important to know that in the past couple of years, the TGA has suspended the use of several breast implant brands due to BIA-ALCL concerns. This means that there’s a chance your breast implants are no longer offered in Australia if you had your breast augmentation more than a few years ago. This does not mean, however, that your warranty is void or that you need to have your breast implants removed if you don’t have any symptoms.

Below is a list of the most common breast implant brands in Australia.

Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva is a reputable breast implant brand used in Australia. The company has been around for some time, and thousands of women are grateful for their superb implants.

Motiva’s ERGONOMIX® implants with ProgressiveGel Ultima® promises women implants that give their breast the most natural look and feel possible that also adapts to their body’s movement.

They also offer a comprehensive warranty program to cover complications, with an optional extended paid warranty.

Mentor Breast Implants

Mentor is one of the top breast implant brands used in Australia. They offer Silicone MemoryGel® implants and saline implants in many different sizes, shapes, projections, and textures.

The silicone filling (MemoryGel) is a cohesive silicone gel filling. Its design mimics the feel of actual breast tissue and has a lower risk of leaking. The company offers a range of implant “firmness” that you can choose from.

Mentor implants are known for their durability and high-end quality. The manufacturer offers a great warranty program that provides free replacement for ruptured breast implants, contracture, late seromas, and double capsule formation.

Allergan Natrelle Breast Implants

Allergan Natrelle implants are currently no longer used in Australia after their BIOCELL® textured implants were found to be associated with BIA-ALCL. However, many women still have their Natrelle implants and are happy with their results. The company offer free replacement implants for women who have BIOCELL breast implants. However, the TGA does not recommend that those implants be removed if there are no symptoms or suspicion of BIA-ALCL.

Eurosilicone Breast Implants

Eurosilicone is a breast implant brand designed by GC Aesthetics, and it’s been in the market for decades. They offer silicone-filled breast implants in several sizes, shapes, profiles, and shell textures for cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries.

They offer both smooth and textured breast implants, with a variety of heights and projections. Breast implant sizes range between 100cc and 800cc. Their large collection of round and anatomically shaped implants surely satisfies every woman’s need.

Nagor Breast Implants

Nagor is another breast implant brand owned by GC Aesthetics. They offer top-quality breast implants with high-performance silicone elastomer layers. Their collection includes more than 270 implant options and technologies that promise to give you fuller and natural-feeling breasts.

Nagor offers both smooth and textured implants with a wide range of heights, projections, and styles.

Sebbin Breast Implants

Sebbin is a French company that manufactures high-quality breast implants. They offer silicone-filled implants in various shapes, sizes, and textures to fit all preferences. Sebbin, like most other brands, also offer replacement implants free of charge in case of rupture or capsular contracture.

Silimed / Sientra Breast Implants

Silimed (Sientra in USA) is a Brazillian brand that designs breast implants. They offer implants pre-filled with High Strength Silicone with a stunning variety in style, size, profile, and shape.

Silimed implants have a reputation for their great elasticity, stability, and resistance to gel fracture. Implants are available with either Pure Polyurethane or True Texture surfaces. Silimed has a product replacement policy in case of rupture, capsular contracture, implant displacement, or rotation.

It is important to note (again) that some of these brands or specific models are currently no longer available in Australia. The TGA has suspended some products for safety concerns related to BIA-ALCL. Even if your implants’ brand has been linked with BIA-ALCL, most national and international health authorities currently do not recommend that you remove or change them unless you develop worrisome symptoms. It is important, however, to check with your plastic surgeon soon to discuss this matter in further detail.

What are the different features of breast implants?

Breast implants come in many sizes, shapes, textures, and fill types. Here are some of the different characteristics that you should know about your breast implants:

Fill types

Breast implant filling can be either saline or silicone. Saline is simply sterile saltwater. Breast implants that have a saline filling have the advantage of requiring a smaller incision. This is due to the fact that the implant is put in your body without a filling, the filling is then added once the implant is inside your boob.

This also helps the surgeon adjust the size better during surgery. Silicone implants, on the other hand, hold the advantage of providing a more natural feel.


This refers to the surface of the outer shell. Some implants have a smooth surface, while others are textured. Textured breast implants usually hold their place better and are less likely to move or cause scarring. However, it’s important to know that textured implants have been associated with BIA-ALCL, and hence, most of these products are currently suspended by the TGA. Read the Update on Breast Implant Associated ALCL (BIA-ALCL): Everything We Know In 2022.


There are different breast implant shapes, however, the two most common shapes are round and teardrop (anatomical) implants. Round implants are perfect for those who want more full-looking boobs. Tear-drop implants have the advantage of resembling the natural breast shape.


This is one of the most important details to many women. As a result, implants come in a wide range of sizes that can accommodate the desires of all women. Implants ranging between 80cc and 800cc in volume.

Knowing the details about your breast implant(s) can really come in handy later in life. So, make sure that you research different brands before you decide which are right for you. And, remember to keep the product identification card in a safe place.

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