Very Large Breast Implants: Is the “Glamorous Breast Shape” right for you?

Breast enlargement has long been popular, but breast implant size choices and surgery preferences often vary from region to region. Ideals also tend to change over time, hence, breast surgery patients are wise to avoid following breast implant trends when having augmentation surgery. Instead, it’s important to choose what’s best for your body and your personal goals – including choosing the breast implant size or projection that best suits your goals, your lifestyle and skin health.

Instead of offering cosmetic surgery trend-driven breast implant sizes, our top Plastic Surgeons encourage you to focus on choosing what’s actually best suited to your personal preferences.

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Your choice and surgery results after breast implants, however, must also take into account what you are starting with, including your:

  • natural breast tissues
  • nipple shape(s) and location(s)/position
  • overall physique, height, weight, torso length, skin condition and lifestyle (to name a few).

Very Large Breast Implants: Who they suit best – and who should avoid them


How to select your breast implant size whilst limiting the risks of choosing a glamorous style breast enlargement option using a very large implant of over 500 or 600 cc.

  • Some individuals want a LOT of great amount of volume or projection increases after having a breast augmentation procedure.
  • Others want a smaller implant and a more ‘natural-looking’ breast augmentation result.
  • Most women are somewhere in between, but both smaller implants and very large breast implants can look good on certain body types.
  • The issue in selecting the larger or smaller breast implant is typically what you’re starting with, particularly with your skin condition in terms of whether or not it can accommodate the size, projection and weight of a larger implant without increasing certain complication risks.

So your skin health and elasticity is super important to consider if you’re going big with breasts. If you are after a smaller implant or are a bodybuilder or very thin, read this blog on breast implants for bodybuilders, athletes and thin or petite women. If, however, you are a larger person or a woman who wants a more noticeably voluminous enhancement of your breast size and cleavage projection, continue reading.

Want larger breasts and wondering which breast implant size will suit you?

He is a highly experienced, precision Surgeon with an excellent, caring bedside manner and open, down to earth communication style. He sees patients in Melbourne and in Sydney.

Wanting much larger breasts? Or do you already have good cleavage and breast volume, but want an increase?

If this is what you’re considering, you might be seeking what’s known as “the Very Glamorous Looking Breast Augmentation” procedure, which a term used to describe breast surgery that involves the use of the largest breast implant sizes available (typically over 500 to 600 cc).

Both Mentor or Motiva offer very large breast implant sizes for patients who want a lot of volume.

  • Motiva and Mentor both have large implants for the larger breast enhancement procedure or reconstruction.
  • But there are risks of choosing excessively large or heavy implants.
  • Particularly if your skin or breast tissues aren’t capable of supporting that weight and volume.

But if you are a suitable candidate with good skin health, natural breast volume and good skin elasticity, this breast enhancement allows for the use of larger breast implant sizes.

  • It aims to achieve a far more curvaceous upper body or greater projection and breast size.
  • It can even provide upper-body balance and physique harmonisation for women with wider hips or larger buttocks or heavy thighs.
  • Think about the breast size of Kim Kardashian, estimated to be 95 inches or 241 centimetres on a body frame of 5’3″; with her small waist and enviably ample hips, it really works for her body shape and gives her a stunningly feminine figure that many women seek to emulate.

But having large breasts won’t make you a celebrity.

  • Nor will having breast surgery tend to change your life – although some patients feel more body-confident with upper body curves and more balanced upper-torso-to-lower body proportions.
  • Surgery MAY increase your confidence but you need to keep your expectations REALISTIC.
  • You may have a bit of self-consciousness about having a less ample chest size after getting implants.

But it depends on numerous factors including whether or not having larger breasts will actually reduce your discomfort levels or size concerns, and help increase your sense of body esteem – or not.

Tip: Never have surgery to try to repair a relationship or please someone else. That’s a DEFINITE no-no. And remember, all surgery is invasive and has risks, and future re-operation is something to think about before proceeding with an implant choice.

Large implants may give you a great effect in terms of ‘breast glamour’ and ‘wow’ in swimwear or certain fashions, but be sure your breast skin can handle the weight of the breast implant.

There are, however, some added RISKS to choosing very large breast implant sizes.

  • But if you’re body and skin can’t handle the size of your desired prosthesis (implant), you’ll end up with potential sagging or bottoming out.
  • That noted, on suitable patients, they can achieve a stunning aesthetic balance that others are very likely to notice – if that’s WHY you’re seeking breast augmentation.


Here’s our interview with Dr Briggs on WHAT the pros and cons of large breast implants ARE  – and which patients are suitable for choosing them.

  • Properly inserted, large breast implants can produce a noticeably voluptuous breast volume that may suit certain body types.
  • The Motiva implant brand (and Mentor brands) may be particularly suited for these more noticeable augmentation procedures.

More on large breast implant sizes below, but for actual procedure information – click below to order PDF guide to breast augmentation procedures at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn (Melbourne).

Large Breasts using Augmentation Procedures: What are the Largest Implants Available?

Recently our Blog Team interviewed Dr Patrick Briggs, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with expertise in Breast Augmentation procedures, to find out which patients benefit most from larger breast implant sizes. We also asked him what the largest-sized breast implants were that you could get in Australia if a suitable patient. The answer is that the largest breast implant sizes range from 500 cc (considered large) to 775 cc (Motiva breast implant size range).


The Glamorous Looking Breast Augmentation: Are large breast implants right for you?

Seeking Glamour: The “bold breast, bold body” Breast Augmentation

You’ve heard about the mini boob job and the benefits of small vs large breast implants because:

  • Small to moderate breast enlargement can look more natural on thin individuals and women who are less tall
  • The heavier the breast implant, the more prone patients are to complications such as bottoming out or the waterfall effect
  • Large breast implants can make women look heavier or ‘plump’ and might even interfere with certain exercise activities

But breast augmentation using larger breast implants of over 400 cc in size (ranging from 450 cc to 650 cc in size, or potentially even larger) DOES suit some patients.


Breast Augmentation: Large Implants for the Glamorous Look

Here’s who may benefit from larger sized breast implants during Breast Augmentation.

  • Women who want to make a bold breast or bold body statement – they want glamour
  • Women who are very body-conscious and feels they need more upper body curves or cleavage
  • Women who are generally curvy or who want to more upper body curves (allowing for a more”hourglass physique” where the breasts and hips project further than the waistline)
  • Women who have a very slim waist, with large buttocks and/or a wide hip girth – they seek more balance on top

What age of patient tends to request bigger implants?

  • Typically it’s women from the age of 18 to their early 30s
  • It is often people who are still doing a lot of social interaction and/or dating
  • It is a bit rarer in the late 30’s and 40s – and mostly as the skin may not hold a larger implant; plus, if they have children, they might feel self-conscious with a “bold-breast/bold body” type of Breast Augmentation.
  • Sometimes it’s people working in dancing or hosting professions, who simply want to stand out a bit more from the crowd

Other Benefits to Larger Breast Implants through Augmentation Procedures


For the right body shape, the larger implant can make a provocative statement.

  • Can look spectacular in that low cut, cleavage hugging gown
  • Leaves some women feeling more glamourous or more sexually desirable
  • Can draw more social attention as it’s a more noticeable result – it can looks spectacular in the right bikini, lingerie and other clothing items

Big Breast Prosthesis (Large Breast Implants) are not suitable for:

  • Extreme bodybuilders and very thin or low BMI patients
  • People with very little body fat or very slim hips (will look unbalanced or top heavy)
  • Very thin people or people with low body mass weight – exceptionally low BMI as it won’t cover the implant adequately.
  • May also not be suitable for someone who’s had mastectomy (reconstructive) due to skin health or skin damage

Details of a Glamourous Augmentation using Large Breast Implants

  • Size range: will vary according to the patient – the largest sizes range 350 cc / 400 cc to 600 cc
  • Special techniques are used to minimise the higher risks of complications that come with larger implants, such as Bottoming Out or Breast Sagging (Ptosis)
  • Placement: Under the Muscle is required for surgery using larger breast implants to prevent implant descent

melbourne or sydney surgeon large-breast-augmentation-implants-melbourne

The Type of Breast Implant is important also: it’s best to use nano-textured implants to help them remain in place under the muscle.

  • MOTIVA implants are a bit more costly, but they can help stop breast augmentation results from bottoming out
  • You can use Round, teardrop or ergonomic breast prosthesis.
  • Skin health/skin elasticity and projection goals, and other factors impacting surgery results, are considered before choosing the size, type or style of implant.

Good candidates for larger implants during an Augmentation Procedure:

  • Needing more upper body balance to harmonise a larger lower half (hip and buttocks)
  • Normal to Slightly Elevated BMI -20 to 25 up to 30 (CM to check this)
  • Good skin cover – The right amount of existing natural breast/glandular tissues, to help softens the look or cover the edges with larger implants as they take up more space in the chest area
  • Good Skin Condition / Skin Elasticity and Strength (Collagen/Elasticity)


Can a Breast Lift be combined with a larger breast implant?

  • People who’ve lost a lot of weight and have drooping, saggy skin with lost elasticity are typically not suitable for large implants OR may need implants with a breast lift.
  • When doing a combined breast lift with augmentation using implants, you have to balance out both procedures and make adjustments – even compromises – on either the lifting or the implant size.
  • A breast lift that looks good usually involves implants between 250 to 400.
  • The bigger the implant size, the less breast lift you can achieve, as there is less skin available.

Read more about the Benefits of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Find out more about the Glamourous Breast Augmentation procedure with quality implants by Motiva or Mentor.

Call 1300 599 990 and request an appointment with the Glamourous Breast Augmentation Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Patrick Briggs.

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Last updated: 01/11/2023
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