What Having Twins Does to Your Abdominal Muscles

As many Mums know, your body is unlikely to be the same after pregnancy. This is especially the case if you carried more than one baby at once, or a large baby to full term.  But what does having 6-kilo twins do to your body? In this blog “What Having Twins Does To Your Abdominal Muscles,” we discuss the Plastic Surgery scenario of a SUPER MUM who had a Tummy Tuck Surgery and Diastasis Recti repair after having twins.

What does having Twins does to your Abdominal Muscles (Video Interview)

Weight loss and body changes after pregnancy are fairly common.  But when you carry large twins to term, then find yourself caring for two infants at once – you can end up with quite an altered body.  The Plastic Surgery Hub recently featured a story about a patient of Dr Craig Rubinstein’s, who had twins and found herself with excess weight.

  • She decided to turn her fitness levels around and did an amazing job of losing weight after pregnancy.
  • But as everyone knows, “you just can’t exercise skin.”
  • Redundant skin folds after having babies – singular or plural as with twins – is what makes the Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) procedure so popular with many Mums.
  • That’s because without the repair of damaged abdominal muscles and without the excision of the excess skin folds (along with additional body contouring using liposuction), there’s often little to no chance of getting your pre-baby body contours back to where you want them.

Again, pregnancy simply changes the body in ways that leave many Mums with excess, over-stretched skin and damaged or torn abdominal muscles.

This scenario is often treated surgically, which has added benefits of improving core muscle strength and reducing related symptoms that occur after giving birth.

Video of our Tummy Tuck Patient Experience


Watch the VIDEO about Twins, Abdominal Muscle Damage and Tummy Tuck Surgery

An Interview with Plastic Surgery Hub on Tummy Tuck Surgery after Twins

Abdominoplasty Surgery and Diastasis Recti Repair surgical experience of a MUM’s Tummy Tuck Surgery after carrying Twins.

Trish. “Thanks for helping other patients understand what it’s like to go through Abdominoplasty surgery, Nadia.

Q. How did your body change after pregnancy, and had it bothered you a lot?”

Mum Nadia said that she essentially “gave up” a bit on her body after pregnancy, because she was so busy raising the twins and because there were so many body changes including weight gain. We hear this from a LOT of new Mums – and losing weight after pregnancy can be a challenge.

Once she saw a photo of herself at a family gathering, she was so dismayed by the excess weight, that she decided it was definitely TIME to do something about it.

She then worked hard to lose weight and get fit, and turned her fitness levels around. Nadia recalls that moment her “inspiration” moment (or her “motivation moment”). But after losing the weight, she then struggled with excess skin and stretched or torn abdominal muscles, known medically as Diastasis Recti.

abdominoplasty surgery after having twinsNadia After Tummy Tuck Surgery Dr Craig Rubinstein

Photo: Nadia before and after tummy tuck surgery.

Q. After losing weight after carrying twins, were you HAPPY with your post-baby body?”

Like many women and men who lose weight, only to find they are stuck with redundant skin, the weight loss journey is only half fulfilling.

  • Getting healthy again and losing weight is always pleasing, but it’s not always rewarding in and of itself.
  • Her answer was that she did not find the excess, sagging skin after weight loss (and after carrying and delivering two large twins) very comfortable.
  • Even women who DON’T carry twins can end up with loose skin and torn abs in need of a Tummy tuck.
  • So she started investigating Tummy Tuck procedures, with a list of Surgeons to see.
  • She then saw Dr Craig Rubinstein for a consultation in his Hawthorn offices and proceeded with surgery after learning more about the procedure.
  • She now regularly educates other patients about what it’s like to have surgery, but initially, recovery was far more difficult than she anticipated.

Q. Was there anything unexpected about having a Tummy Tuck after Carrying Twins?”

  • Yes, the Tummy Tuck surgery recovery was a lot more difficult than she had anticipated, especially as a well-planned Abdominoplasty surgery uses suction-assisted technologies (Liposuction) as well as surgical excisions in order to get a better result and improved waistline shape.
  • The pain was initially greater than anticipated (but everyone feels pain differently and she had just had MAJOR surgery – which is why you should ask about how to manage discomfort after surgery and have adequate help at home – or even stay longer in hospital for some patients).
  • The initial healing process was also very uncomfortable (painful) especially for the first few days; (Note from the Blogging Team: It’s helpful to recognise that everyone feels pain differently and that pain can be well managed by the Surgical team but typically you will have some discomfort and difficulty sleeping immediately after your surgery; this can also lead to heightened emotions and less tolerance of discomfort).
  • Mum Nadia also said that she needed a lot more at-home help during the healing stages than she initially considered, and advises patients to be sure they have a good support team at home for at least 2 weeks following the procedure.
  • Explaining that she was having surgery to young children was easier than thought, but it was harder than she anticipated to NOT try to pick them up when they wanted a cuddle.

Q. Do you have any TIPS for other Mums who are considering a Tummy Tuck procedure to reduce the stretched out skin and skin folds?”

  • Nadia’s tips for choosing a Surgeon: Pick a Surgeon who communicates well and that you feel 100% comfortable with.
  • If you’re not comfortable, get a second opinion (at our Plastic Surgeons group, second opinions are available from your choice of several Specialist Plastic Surgeons with extensive experience in Abdominoplasty and Body Contouring procedures as well as Facial Surgery and Breast Surgery).
  • Make sure you realise this is serious surgery and that recovery will take more time than you might think.
  • It is painful for some patients (not for all patients, but for me it was more painful than I’d anticipated)

The Tummy Tuck Surgery Result for a Mum after having Twins (Photos)”

** Nadia is also having non-surgical fat reduction treatments – to further sculpt the abdominal area after pregnancy. Read more about Fat Reduction at Coco Ruby.

More Before and After Tummy Tuck photos are available in a one-one consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at one of our three locations or click here for more.

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Last updated: 08/08/2020
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