Losing Droopy Skin after Weight Loss: Super Size Reductions

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Reducing loose droopy skin (excess skin) after weight loss or gastric banding surgery

Have you lost significant weight and drastically reduced your BMI? Has this resulted in excess droopy skin folds and recurring skin infections? If you are a person who undertook significant weight loss and is now at a stable weight, you might be able to reduce excess skin folds through Body Lift Surgery. You might even be able to access your Super Fund to do so.

Read more about Maven’s interview with Dr Patrick Briggs  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and one of our Team’s leading Body Lift Surgeons.

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The 2 Part Journey for Significant Weight Loss Patients and Gastric Banding Patients

At the turn of a new year, getting fitter is often high on people’s priority lists. Chances are that you, too, made fitness resolutions at the beginning of the new year.  

For some people, gym membership and better nutrition are simply not enough to reach their fitness or weight goals. Often, people who suffer from long-term obesity have few health solutions other than surgical interventions to lose weight. These procedures are called Bariatric Surgeries. They may involve; gastric lap-band surgery, gastric sleeves or stomach bypass procedures. However, the downside of these surgeries is that while they save lives, they can also cause result in discomfort. This is because the weight loss can leave redundant skin folds that can detract from the weight loss.

It’s a two-phase process that helps patients regain their body contour after obesity and weight loss.  It’s what leads many individuals to have additional body contouring procedures after they lose weight with either gastric band, balloon or bypass surgery.  From thigh lift to tummy tuck, breast lift, facelift or arm reduction, patients may require several different surgical procedures to reduce the excess skin after significant weight loss.

Australia’s Obesity Rates: Continuing to Rise

Australia is estimated to have the 3rd highest obesity rate in the world, with Obesity and related health risks continuing to rise. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Lap Band and other Bariatric Procedures are some of the fastest-growing surgeries in Australia.


The downfall of Scaling Down and Losing Significant Weight (Overcoming Obesity)

Losing weight can save lives. It can also;

  • Reduce diabetes
  • Lower the risk of disease
  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Increase energy levels and libido
  • Reduce joint pain
  • As well as, reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.

However, through speaking with Plastic Surgeon Dr Patrick Briggs and a number of weight loss patients, it is clear that gastric banding surgeries have a serious downside; saggy, loose skin.

Are you someone who was formerly obese and lost excess weight, but now has excess hanging skin folds?

If you’ve either undergone bariatric surgery or lost a significant amount of weight, you may be experiencing excess, sagging skin.

Unsightly skin folds can leave you dissatisfied with your appearance after significant weight loss. It may even leave you feeling that your body shaping journey is not yet complete.

But Body Lift procedures can help!

This excess skin can deter people who have lost a lot of weight from participating in all aspects of life. This includes things like; swimming or going to the beach. People feel they can’t do the things they enjoy because they’re self-conscious about their appearance. Many people also avoid intimate relationships after significant weight loss, because of their residual excess skin.

The Problem of Loose, Excess Skin Folds after Weight Loss Surgery or other weight changes

Sometimes excess skin will be more obvious in certain areas of your body than others.

It varies significantly from person to person. These gastric surgeries reduce incidents of harmful medical conditions, including; cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as psychiatric problems such as social anxiety or depression. But weight-loss patients are often unaware of the resultant skin problems that result from significant weight loss. This is because they aren’t expecting it and often they feel there only ‘halfway there’.

What can be done to eliminate excess folds of skin after weight loss?

You can tone up your new body with exercise, which is great for both bone and muscle strength. But sadly, exercise won’t help revitalize or shrink your skin.

“Obesity Specialists should better warn patients that excess skin removal surgery will likely be required to provide full psychological and physical relief after significant weight loss,” says Dr Briggs, who sees many patients who feel either depressed or anxious about their excess skin folds.

Body Lift Procedures – The Way To A New You

If you’re disheartened by excess skin folds after your gastric banding surgery, you’re not alone. But there’s something you can do about it. Body Lift procedures after weight loss can help give you a more natural body contour and help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Are you a Candidate for A Body Lift?

Patients who seek Body Contouring and Weight Loss Makeover procedures do so because they are unhappy with their excess folds of drooping skin. They want to restore their body contour, which the weight loss, on its own, doesn’t do.

Male and female candidates for body lifts are often motivated by wanting to prevent excess-skin related health problems (chaffing, fungal infections or back pain) but are often also wanting to be more confident in certain types of clothing.

They want to restore their body confidence so that they can participate more fully in ALL aspects of their lives and be comfortable wearing fitted clothing or more revealing clothing, such as in summer. (Read more about the benefits of a Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty).

The Body Lift Procedure Journey: Body Contouring After Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve or Balloon Surgery

If excess skin folds remain in the way of you having body confidence or participating in social activities, we can help you. All body lift surgery programs are tailored (including adequate pre-surgery preparations).

The focus of Body Lift Surgery is to reduce excess skin folds that are problematic in terms of infections or pain (This includes bot physical pain and psychological discomfort). Overall, a Body Lift Surgery plan removes the heavy, excessively drooping skin folds and residual fat stores that exercise alone cannot remove.

“A body lift has a very significant impact on quality of life and a patient’s mood and confidence. After they recover from Surgery, they seem to feel revitalized – it’s as if suddenly they have their own life back. It’s very empowering for them… Like a Surgeon, it is also a very moving experience. Their confidence just soars.”

Are you considering body lift surgery to reduce your excess skin folds or stubborn residual body fat, after losing significant weight?

Dr Patrick Briggs wants you to know that Body lift surgery frequently involves several combined or sequentially scheduled procedures, all designed to reshape your body to more natural body contours.   To learn more about your body lift options or to arrange a confidential consultation with Dr Briggs, please submit a confidential Enquiry form or phone a Patient Care Coordinator.

Read more additional blogs including Part II on Body Lifts After Weight Loss, in which Dr Briggs discusses what’s involved in a body lift surgery program AND how some patients have used their Super Fund to help payment methods their body lift surgery costs.

About Dr Patrick Briggs, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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Dr Patrick Briggs has over three decades of experience seeing patients for reconstructive and plastic surgeries including body lifts, tummy tucks, complex breast surgeries and other procedures. He is one of Melbourne’s leading body lift surgery experts and part of our elite group of Australian Plastic Surgeons.

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Last updated: 29/04/2022
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