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5 Secrets of great Liposuction Surgeons in Melbourne

1. Your surgeon will be great at Liposuction Patient Selection

  • A good Surgeon will understand that liposuction is for body contouring, not for weight loss.
  • A great Surgeon will also let you know why you are – or are not – a good candidate for Lipo
  • While a fantastic Surgeon will know support teams to help you move into the stage of being suitable for liposuction or other body contouring procedures (such as healthy nutritional changes by people like Dr Arun Dhir).
Synopsis of Point 1: A great Liposuction Surgeon should be able to help you understand what is an ‘ideal’ or ‘practical’ body weight, and stable Body Mass Index (BMI), that leaves you a good candidate for Liposuction surgery and/or other forms of body contouring. great liposuction surgeon

2.  Your Surgeon emphasise the Importance of Maintaining your ‘Happy Weight’

  • A great Liposuction Surgeon will understand how body contouring will impact your overall physique and areas where excess body fat has accumulated, including the contributing factors;
  • A great Liposuction Surgeon also knows that the best results from liposuction surgery are typically attained by people who are close to their “happy weight” but with certain areas of ‘stubborn fat’ they want to be reduced.
Synopsis of Point 2: Some Surgeons are indiscriminate about who they operate on. This means they are unlikely to get satisfactory results for patients, and it can even be dangerous.  So be sure you choose a Liposuction Surgeon or Body Contouring Surgeon who has criteria for surgery; if your surgeon says he’ll operate on you when you know you are nowhere near your ‘happy weight’ and where your BMI is dangerously high, you might want to get a second or third opinion. liposuction procedure

3. Your Surgeon will value a Gentle Approach to Fat Reduction

Liposuction is, by nature, not necessarily a gentle surgery, per se. However, it is considered less invasive than a Tummy Tuck or other surgical excision method of fat and skin reductions. That’s because the cannula for body contouring via fat cell reduction enters the body through a small incision, leaving a very small scar that fades nicely for most patients.  As the surgery involves multiple passes of the cannula to specific parts of the body to help suction out the excess fat cells, a Surgeon’s technique can make a difference in how you feel afterwards. Some Surgeons are gentle in their approach, and others may seem ‘excessively rough’ in their liposuction cannula handling techniques.
  • A good Liposuction Surgeon knows that there will be less bruising and bleeding if a gentle approach is used.
  • However, it’s likely you will feel quite sore after liposuction whilst you heal. This can last for several weeks.
  • That’s because even though there is a small insertion incision and not a big incision line, it’s still a serious surgery (that has risks).
  • A Great Surgeon knows how to help you manage your recovery, including how long to wear the liposuction garments after your surgery, how long before the bruising or swelling resolves, what you can personally do to heal a bit faster (ask about the Rapid Recovery kit and/or Healite II treatments), and how long you’ll need to abstain from your normal activities and exercise.
But remember, every patient’s experience is different because every patient is unique – that includes pain levels, scars, healing times, risks and outcomes or results.

Synopsis of Point 3

Surgery is a collaborative effort. Some things are under your Surgeon’s control and some things under your control; however, a gentle approach will typically cause less bruising and less bleeding. So ask your Surgeon about their techniques anaesthetic great liposuction surgeon good anaesthetic

4. Your Surgeon will use Tumescent Solutions and the Right Anaesthetic

  • The use of tumescent solutions of local anaesthetic and adrenaline are often more comfortable AND studies indicate this is also potentially safer for the patient.
  • Find a good Surgeon who uses evidence-based medicine and proven techniques.
  • Ask who the Anaesthetist will be (you really don’t want to try liposuction using the ‘awake’ surgery method – not recommended by our blogging team!)
  • Ask about your Surgeon’s knowledge and strategies for management of post-op discomfort.
Synopsis of Point 4:  A good Surgeon uses evidenced-based medicine. A great Surgeon can tell you why they do what they do, in a way that you can easily understand it; and customises the procedure to suit your needs.  They will also have a refined technique, holistic care approach and a gentler method of using the cannula when possible.  remove fat with liposuction best option

5. Your Surgeon will do a thorough Pre-operative assessment; Post Operative Care

Your pre-operative assessment and your post-op care is as important as your actual surgery procedure because BOTH the consultation and the follow-up can have an impact on your results.  You’ll want to choose a Surgeon with a good ‘bedside’ or ‘chair-side’ manner. Synopsis of Point 5:  You will also want to enquire about their post-surgery care and how they will handle any potential complications or discomfort after surgery.

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