Recovery After Breast Implant Surgery


Recovery after Breast Implant Surgery (Breast Augmentation Recovery).

Breast implant surgery RECOVERY time frames can VARY from patient to patient.  Because NO TWO PEOPLE – not even identical twins – will have the exact same surgery recovery experiences.

In general, however, you’ll need to allow 1 to 2 weeks to fully rest and recover after having a breast augmentation/breast implant surgery procedure.

While RECOVERY after breast implant surgery “takes the time it takes” – this BLOG will help you understand WHAT YOU CAN DO to enable a more pleasant healing journey.


Breast Augmentation Recovery: TOP TIPS for Recovery after Breast Implant Surgery

  • RECOGNISE that every patient is different
  • READ the instructions your Surgeon gives you for post-surgery aftercare (Post-Surgery Recovery Guides and related materials)
  • DO follow your Plastic Surgeon’s instructions carefully
  • DON’T do anything foolish like smoking or trying to exercise or drive too soon
  • ALERT your Plastic Surgeon immediately if you suspect a complication or infection
  • BE PATIENT – recognise that if you experience a complication or infection, this can slow down the recovery time; allow for flexibility to reduce your post-op stress
  • REMIND yourself WHY you wanted larger breasts (post your BEFORE photo where you can see it)
  • KNOW that your healing and recovery time shall pass in just a few weeks’ time* (*most patients)

Is it painful to recover from having Breast Implant surgery?

  • Some patients experience short-term discomfort and/or longer-term discomfort
  • Most discomfort or pain is managed by over-the-counter pain medications and/or local anaesthetic
  • Consult your Surgeon if you need more assistance during your initial recovery
  • Remember, wearing a support bra 24/7 is imperative for getting a good result AND for enhancing your recovery comfort as you heal



Post-Surgery HOME CARE and HOME assistance

  • Having a good SUPPORT system at HOME can aid your recovery
  • CHOOSE very supportive friend(s) and/or family to be close by to assist you for 1 to 2 weeks
  • Don’t drive, lift small children or perform other strenuous activities until your Surgeon gives you the ‘all clear’

Emotions and Sleeping

  • Recognise that you might feel emotional after having surgery – keep your BEFORE photo handy as you heal
  • EXPECT initial difficulty sleeping
  • ASK your Surgeon which resting POSITIONS are required (you may need to rest/sleep elevated or propped up for a few days and avoid sleeping in face-down positions)
  • BE sure you have a COMFORTABLE room and BED to rest in
  • TIP: create a pampering healing space before your operation

Read How to Sleep Better after Breast Surgery for more information.

GOOD distractions can be helpful as you heal

  • You may initially experience discomfort or potential sensation changes after surgery, but discomfort tends to abate over a period of several weeks
  • TIP: It can help to have BOOKS, VIDEOS/FILMS, NETFLIX and/or RELAXATION and MEDIATION RECORDINGS on hand to help keep you occupied or distracted during your recovery

Attend Follow-Up and Post-Surgery Consults

  • You’ll need to ATTEND follow up appointment(s)/post-op examinations; some patients may need external sutures removed
  • TIP: Before attending the  clinic, ASK us about our special post-surgery Healite II treatments (low-level light therapy) and facial treatments available at Coco Ruby – the Clinic is in the same location as your Melbourne follow-ups (*not in Berwick)


How LONG is the recovery time frame after breast implant surgery?

  • The length of your Recovery Period will depend on:
    • your specific procedure
    • your body’s unique responses to surgery
    • other factors
  • As above, Recovery time frames CAN VARY; but in general
    • normal recovery after breast augmentation tends to require from 1-2 weeks away from work and other activities
    • you may need 4 to 6 weeks or longer BEFORE resuming certain more strenuous activities
  • Some activities MAY need to be postponed for a few more months after surgery (some Surgeons suggest waiting longer before resuming high impact sports such as boxing or horse riding) – ask your Surgeon!
  • TIP: Scar maturation takes up to 12 months to ‘settle’ – until then, they are typically pinkish or darker in colour

ATHLETE’s TIP: If you’re a competitive athlete, television presenter or model who’s getting breast implants, DO ask your Plastic Surgeon about scheduling your surgery at the BEST time for your schedule to ALLOW for adequate healing and recovery time frames.

Plus – ask how having larger breasts after getting implants might impact your exercise routines.

TIP: REVIEW our Plastic Surgeon Procedure GUIDE eBOOKS for more information (click here)

OR phone us on 1300 264 811 to request a copy by email

  • Disclaimer: This BLOG is general in nature. It does not apply to all patients or all surgeries and never replaces direct advice from your Surgeon or medical team. Ask your SURGEON for specific instructions and follow them exactly.

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Can you do anything to speed up your recovery after breast implant surgery?

Breast Augmentation Recovery: You will need to work with your Surgeon to allow for adequate and proper healing and recovery time after getting breast implants.

Rapid Recovery after a Breast Augmentation – the package that MAY help you recover more quickly

  • We do all we can to help you heal faster and stay more comfortable as you recover after getting implants
  • But you DO need to allow adequate recovery time no matter what
  • DON’T risk your results by doing too much, too soon or by smoking
  • That noted, find out about our RAPID RECOVERY PACKAGE and light-treatment protocols.

One of the ways our top Breast Augmentation Surgeons help patients after surgery is with their Rapid Recovery Pack (available for patients in our Melbourne locations).

We’ve nicknamed it ‘the Science & Love’ surgery recovery pack.

  • This package contains evidence-based products to facilitate your healing
  • PLUS some pampering products to use whilst you rest and recover
  • TIP: Read the Rapid Recovery Guide Book and ask your Surgeon’s team how to make the most of the items in the rapid surgery recovery pack.

It is important to work collaboratively with your Plastic Surgeon at all times – follow your Surgeon’s recommendations after having breast implants.

  • TIP: To maximise the LONGEVITY of your Breast Surgery results and reduce complication risks, it is important to maintain a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and to wear the right support bra.
  • Understand that CHANGES to your weight/body mass index (BMI), health and lifestyle may impact your results (pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain or weight loss).

After your recovery, be sure you SCHEDULE and ATTEND all follow-up appointments – including ANNUAL REVIEWS by your Melbourne Surgeon – and alert your operating Surgeon to any concerns about having breast implants.

Searching for a good Breast Augmentation surgeon in Melbourne? REVIEW the surgical experiences of some of Melbourne’s top Breast Augmentation Surgeons.


how long does it take to recovery after Breast implant surgery

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Last updated: 09/04/2021
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