Pointy Breasts & Puffy Nipples – Is it Tubular Breasts?


How to diagnose Tuberous Breasts or Tubular Breasts

If you have pointy breasts or puffy nipples, with minimal breast tissues that droop or sag, you might have the condition known as tubular breasts.

  • Not all breasts that are small or ptotic (sagging) are tuberous, but tuberous breasts do have an under-developed appearance.
  • They usually look somewhat pointed or ‘snoopy-like’ in shape with puffy looking nipples.
  • If you have minimal breast projection (small volume breasts with ptotic skin), disproportionately sized nipples or narrow, pointy-looking breast curvature, you MAY have the condition known as tubular breasts (tuberous breasts).

Tubular breasts may also look puffy, ‘square’ or shelf-like, with nipples noticeably out of balance with the breast mound. This is due to having minimal or constricted glandular breast tissue.

Other Terms for Tuberous/Tubular breasts and breast deformity conditions

  • Breasts that appear cone-shaped or conical
  • Constricted breast base
  • Narrow breasts – they almost seem tapered vs rounded
  • ‘Snoopy look’ deformity – sagging down and slightly under rather than forward-facing

If you have gone through puberty and your breasts still appear out of proportion or ‘constricted’ and puffy looking, then corrective surgery for tuberous breasts may be worth exploring.

How to tell if you have Tuberous/Tubular breasts


pointy breasts small breasts and puffy nipples - is it tubular breasts?

Essentially, IF:

  • your breasts look pointed or narrow instead of teardrop-shaped or rounded
  • your nipples look out of balance with your breast mound, which looks underdeveloped
  • your nipples point in an unusual direction (drooping or diagonal sagging on otherwise firm skin)
  • your breasts look puffy, droopy or small, and with very little upper pole tissue (the top cleavage area)

Who is the best Surgeon in Melbourne for tuberous breasts?

If you are considering breast augmentation and your breasts are considered tuberous, you will want to ensure you choose a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon with skill and expertise in corrective breast surgery, not merely a Cosmetic Surgeon or general doctor who treats all breast augmentation surgeries alike.

That’s because:

  • tuberous breasts make breast augmentation a real challenge
  • sometimes the operation requires numerous adjustments or re-operation or sequential surgery
  • breast implants alone are often NOT enough to give you a good outcome due to having a constricted breast base or unusually narrow area for the breasts to rest on the chest wall

Common Breast Shapes (illustration)


Who can diagnosis Tuberous breasts?

The best way is to have a professional assessment with a Plastic Surgeon with experience in diagnosing the condition ( your GP may also assist, but the Surgeon will be able to treat the condition as well as diagnose the condition).

A GP referral to your Plastic Surgeon is usually best as this surgery may attract a minor rebate from Medicare or health insurance if you meet strict condition criteria. Otherwise, it’s considered cosmetic and not eligible for rebates.

Firstly, many people mistakenly think small breasts are tuberous when they’re actually not. But often, tuberous breasts may not be recognised properly by less experienced Surgeons.

That’s another reason it’s important to choose a Surgeon who has expertise in this area so that you get a good breast augmentation result.

tubular breast tuberous development

Which Surgeon to see if you have pointy, constricted or puffy looking breasts and nipples

Several of our Melbourne top Surgeons offer corrective breast surgery for under-developed, asymmetrical or tuberous breasts.

For more information on plastic surgery for pointy breasts, puffy nipples or under-developed breasts, visit the Tuberous Breast Surgery page. You can also meet with one of our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons with expertise in Tuberous Breast surgery and breast augmentation.

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Last updated: 09/04/2021
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