Plastic Surgery Trends & The Hottest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


1. Cosmetic Injections will reach greater levels of capability – and increase in popularity.

Snapshot: There will be an increase in requests for non-surgical options before people progress to surgery.  There will also be an improvement in what injectable treatments and dermal fillers can do for facial feature sculpting.

More people are realising what cosmetic injections can do for their facial appearance, they will use that method for as long as they can before resorting to facelift and eyelid surgery.  We also expect an increase in combined procedures that involve surgical and non-surgical options performed closely together in time.  But the biggest change we’ll see in 2019, is how the newest filler injection methods can sculpt features to greatly enhance the face.  This year, it’s all about the diversity of products and technique. Non-Surgical options will be a starting point before moving towards Cosmetic Surgery Options.

  • That’s primarily because non-surgical options work on different aspects of the appearance than surgical methods.
  • But some things are best treated by cosmetic surgery rather than injections – or a combination of both.
  • Puffy eyelids, for example, maybe slightly reduced by cosmetic injections, but typically only a Blepharoplasty will tighten” lift, tighten and reduce the skin that sags to the point it impedes vision or disguises your eyelid and your eyelash line.
  • Used together, eye area injections and eye surgery can work ‘magic’ to reduce crows feet, sagging lids and reduce your tired, aged or puffy eyelid appearance.
  • Even under-eye bags and dark circles under the eyes can be treated with surgery, injections or a combination of a lower blepharoplasty or canthoplasty and filler injected into the tear trough area.

Take-home messages about this prediction for 2019 Plastic Surgery Trends and the NON-surgical components of “modern grooming” are:

  • Non-surgical methods will become even more powerful when used by the right practitioner.
  • But non-surgical options still won’t accomplish the larger changes that many people expect from a cosmetic procedure, such as reducing their nose size, reducing wrinkles or remedying a fatty-looking double chin.

Patients will want to see the study data on effectiveness. As with injectables, even body contouring and facial lifts “without surgery” will be combined with surgery rather than used as stand-alone procedures.

  • New facial sculpting treatments using dermal fillers and strategic injecting strategies will evolve to rejuvenate the face and lips.
  • Fat reduction without surgery will lead to new devices being trialled on the market; the effectiveness of results will become clearer over time.
  • Healite II treatments using low-level light therapy will be increasingly used to help plastic surgery patients heal a bit quicker.
  • New lasers and skincare products will hit the cosmetic skincare market and patients will begin concentrating on rejuvenating their hands and décolletages as well as their faces.
  • Fat transfer to breasts for breast shaping may be on-trend.
  • Lipo Breast Reduction – Liposuction can be combined with surgical breast reduction.
  • Silicone strips might become more popular for healing wounds as well as less expensive as more manufacturers bring their silicone strips online.
  • People will understand that the artistic nature of surgery is a combination of art and science, including rapid recovery healing protocols to assist with better healing.

Take-home messages about this prediction for Plastic Surgery Trends and the non-surgical components of “modern grooming” are:

  • There will always be new machines that come onto the market, and many are simply being trialled to see how effective they are.
  • In many cases, surgery still accomplishes more, in about the same amount of time (or even more quickly); but surgery is usually slightly more expensive. But often, if you add up what repeated non-surgical treatments cost compared to surgery, you’ll notice it’s not as large a difference as you may have anticipated.

 3. More women will enter Plastic Surgery studies and take Cosmetic Medicine Career Paths

Women in Plastic Surgery, Female Plastic Surgeons, latest-trends-cosmetic-surgery-injections
  • We anticipate that more women will become interested in pursuing Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine as a surgical career path after studying Medicine.
  • As you no doubt have read, it’s a long and arduous journey to become recognised by APHRA as a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon with FRACS level qualifications.

So this takes a huge commitment. We are very fortunate and proud to state that we have one of Melbourne’s best known female Plastic Surgeons working at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, along with our top team of other Specialists.

In terms of other gender-related shifts in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, more men will also begin to get skincare and injection treatments, Facelift and Eyelid Surgery, and even Male Breast Reduction (with Liposuction) as they discover what it can do for their partners.  More services will also surface in specialised Melbourne Clinics for transgender and intersex surgery services, which may become a dedicated area of medicine.


Recent Plastic Surgery Trends in Breast Surgery show an increasing demand for natural-looking vs fake breast augmentation results.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast enlargement. A body balanced, the customised approach and natural look will be the trend as the  “fake look” boob job trend further declines.

This year, we expect to see more reasonably sized breast augmentations being requested across more diverse age groups.

If you’re trying to determine how large you want to go with implant sizes, it’s good to understand that your ideal breast augmentation preferences are likely influenced by cultural influences, fashion trends, sporting preferences and personal cleavage ideals.


Take home message about this  Plastic Surgery Trend prediction about smaller breast implants being more popular than larger breast implants this year are:

  • Sometimes size DOES matter when it comes to getting a natural-looking breast augmentation versus a fake-looking breast job.
  • Your body size, not your ideal cup size, needs to be taken into consideration to get a good result.
  • BMI also has an impact (your weight or body mass index) as does your chest width, shoulder to waist ratio and other proportions.
  • The size of a breast implant can also impact your long-term results.

If you choose an implant that is too large for your body frame, your breasts will not only look unnaturally out of proportion, they might contribute to short-lived surgery success such as a double-bubble or bottoming out.

5. Women Over 50 will seek more surgical help with anti-ageing

Cosmetic Injections are a great way to keep the years off a person’s face. So are the rejuvenating eyelid reduction procedures such as Blepharoplasty.

  • With our over 50 faces looking younger than ever due to injections or to a facelift or eyelid lift, we may be shaving 3 to 7 years off our facial appearance.
  • As non-surgical options for appearance rejuvenation increasing in popularity, so does the trend for having a holistic makeover (such as a Mummy Makeover) that includes body, face, breasts and eyes.
  • Also, people are looking after themselves in new ways these days, meaning that cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer only available to celebrities or matriarchs.
  • Additionally, with more revealing fashions and swimwear being worn by women of all ages, it seems that Breast Lifts, Breast Lifts with Implants and Breast Reductions are all going to increase in terms of surgery requests.

6. More men will seek surgery to reduce their “Man Boobs” (Gynaecomastia Surgery)

male breast reduction surgery gynaecomastia
  • With the rise in obesity, soy product use, new beer brews, alcohol and other substance use and excess body fat, more men will end up with enlarged breast sizes.
  • The surgical solutions are male breast reduction using liposuction and Gynaecomastia Surgery.

And of course, women with very large breasts will continue to pursue Breast Reduction Mammoplasty surgery to reduce neck pain, back pain, shoulder bra strap dig-ins and uncomfortable social situations or comments.

7. Swapping Out Breast Implants – Removing & Replacing Old or Textured Breast Implants


Breast Implant Exchanges and Breast Revision Surgery is increasing with Removal and Replacement of Breast Implants as a priority for many women

  • Women who had unsuccessful surgery, botched cosmetic surgery performed overseas or surgery by less trained doctors will seek Revision Breast Surgery to try to get a better result.
  • As more junior doctors enter the cosmetic procedures market, the requests for breast revisions surgery by highly experienced Breast Surgeons will increase.
  • More people will also begin to realise there’s a difference in types of Surgeons who perform Cosmetic Surgery, and WHY it may be wiser to choose an Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is FRACS qualified (a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon) instead of a less-trained GP or Dermatologist who isn’t a genuine Plastic Surgeon and who didn’t specialise in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

People who have had their implants in for a long period of time will make decisions to remove them or to remove and replace them.

  • Individuals who chose implants that were a bit too large (or smaller than they wanted) will seek out expert Plastic Surgeons to perform breast implant removal and replacement procedures.
  • People who experience problems with breast implants may want them removed entirely or replaced with a newer type or better brand.

8. More Selfies lead to 3D Virtual Modelling for eyes & noses


3D Modelling Options and Rhinoplasty or Facial Surgery Requests for Nose Surgery may rise as the Selfie Trend continues unabated.

  • More people are likely to request nose surgery, especially with Meghan Markle’s adorable nose being plastered all over the daily news media channels.
  • With higher grade lenses and imaging technology being used in phone cameras, the quality of a selfie has also taken on new levels.  This means people will more clearly see how their nose looks in a 2D and 3D format.
  • 3D technology trends are also on the increase, meaning profile views of one’s nose area will be more easily seen, such as the Vectra 3D imaging system for facial surgery.
  • As more social media channels pop up that rely on video, more people will also be seeing exactly how their 3/4 and side-on profiles – and their facial expressions – appear on a Youtube video.

This could lead not only to a rise in Nose Reshaping Surgery but to other facial enhancement procedures such as dermal filler injections, lip enhancements or wrinkle relaxers as well as double chin fat reduction treatment using injections.

9. More Selfie Phenomenon Research will be published


Self-Perception Research will enlighten our understandings about how our Psychological Responses are linked to our interpretations of our Appearances.

Some people have a love/hate relationship with their smartphone cameras and social media posts.  We are about to see more research published about how social media has changed our self-perception in both positive and negative ways.

And finally, we will see a greater understanding of how much our appearance is linked with our self-perception, and how life-changing surgery or non-surgical cosmetic options – as long as expectations are kept realistic – can help.

10. More Mums and Dads will try Abdominoplasty surgery when exercise alone fails to remove excess skin


Mummy Makeovers will increase and the Daddy Makeover will become a common word in the vernacular; as people start to treat weight gain, obesity and excess skin folds with the latest Tummy Tuck and skin reduction treatment options.

Mothers who discover exercise and dieting alone CAN’T get rid of their belly bulges and excess skin after pregnancy will know that there are surgical means to remedy these problems, such as Abdominoplasty or Belt Lipectomy Surgery and Breast Lifts (the Mummy Makeover Surgeries).

Read more about Post-Pregnancy issues such as diastasis recti and how pregnancy impacts the core muscles of the abdomen, often leading to incontinence and back pain (a vaginal laser can help).

Watch for more media coverage of this topic in the coming months.

Read more about 16 Best Plastic Surgery Procedures and Non-Surgical Treatments

1. FEWER Plastic Surgery requests for larger or textured breast implants.


2. SMALLER LIPS – Less is More when it comes to surgery and lip augmentation

3. BIG BUTTOCK ENHANCEMENTS – as people realise the currently available fat injection methods may cause issues they weren’t expecting.

  • We love curves now, and that’s fantastic. But people are starting to realise that the grotesquely exaggerated BBL derriere phenomenon may become a passing phrase .
  • We predict that more balanced physiques will become the cultural ideal of attractiveness, and take precedence over extremely augmented features. This includes the body, face, lips and noses. Preferences for “overfilled” faces and lips and “over-amplified” butts will be replaced by a more balanced appearance.

There you have it.

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Last updated: 05/05/2022
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