Plastic Surgery Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery: What To Expect


We now offer virtual consultations.

For more information about having a virtual consultation, or to learn more about our Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s who are consulting in this way, please contact Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery on 1300 264 811

Having cosmetic surgery is a big step, and new patients would love to know just what to expect when they arrange to attend their first Plastic Surgery consultation. So today’s blog, we discuss what is likely to occur when you visit with one of our Team’s top Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons (your first cosmetic surgery appointment).

Before we begin, please recognise that each of our Surgeons takes a slightly different approach to virtual consultations. So this blog contains GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY. Your experience might vary, depending on a number of factors, including which SURGEON you meet with, and which PROCEDURES you’re discussing, as well as other factors.

Expect a call from your Surgeon’s Care Team BEFORE your appointment – or ask to arrange a phone call in the days before your first appointment – this really helps.

  • Before you have an appointment with your selected Specialist Plastic Surgeon, it’s is also best to speak first with their Nurse or Patient Care Coordinator, by phone, a day or two before your appointment.


Your pre-appointment call is usually from the Surgeon’s NURSE or PATIENT CARE COORDINATOR.

The call is very helpful to do before your appointment, as it can answer additional or preliminary questions, help you become familiar with the Clinic teams you’ll be meeting on the day, and can help ensure you GET THE MOST out of your initial online consultation with your Patient Co-ordinator or Surgeon.

  • They can also help you understand how to fill out your paperwork (and get a referral, if required) BEFORE your appointment – to save you time when you arrive.
  • Plus, then you can relax in the lobby and read magazines, or more materials, or watch our lobby presentations – and have a lovely tea or coffee while you wait.
  • Enjoy a coffee and watch our BEFORE and AFTER screens including skincare treatments and other procedures at our Clinic.

Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultations: Getting Your Questions Answered by an Expertyour first-cosmetic surgery appointment-with a plastic-surgeon-Melbourne or Sydney

Sure, you can do a LOT of online research, some valuable, some not. But the first real step to having cosmetic surgery is to attend a virtual consultation with a Specialist Surgeon who is FRACS qualified and recognised by AHPRA.

That’s because you can ONLY tell what your real options are by meeting with a Surgeon. You may take a guess after reading online material, but it would be only that – a guess.  In-person, you’ll have REAL information about what is possible from surgery. And that can be very empowering for patients.

  • Your first in-person meeting with your Surgeon helps you discover your best options and assess the communication style of your Surgeon.
  • This appointment also allows you to find out what plastic surgery can, and cannot, accomplish.
  • Your Surgeon will also review your health history, previous surgeries and other factors likely to influence your suitability for surgery – and your results.
  • Surgery details, risks, scars, healing and recovery times may also be covered when you first meet with your Surgeon.
  • Bringing along a friend or family member can help you remember what was said, but you’ll also get additional information or links for further research.
  • If you’re still unsure, or if you want to hear more about the procedure, also ask about attending one of our monthly Patient Information Night events.

An online consultation does not obligate you to book surgery.

You should take the materials given to you and read them carefully; and give the procedure timing, costs, risks and outcome variability consideration and DO make sure you’re comfortable with your Surgeon choice.

  • Remember, surgery is a big decision and should be taken seriously, not lightly.
  • There is NO obligation to pursue surgery just because you have a consultation.

There is also a mandated waiting time to have surgery even if you decide to go ahead.  So you can take your time and get the information you need; or if you feel very comfortable with your Surgeon and your procedure options, you can ask about potential surgery dates.

TIP: You’re also encouraged to request a second meeting – or a second opinion – if you feel excessively nervous after having a consultation.

  • All of our Specialist Surgeons are top in their class of Specialist Surgeons.
  • Each of our team members has a unique surgery specialisation focus, such as breasts, tummy surgery or face and eyelid rejuvenation.
  • Some Surgeons perform combined procedures, such as Mummy Makeover surgery.

But if you have a virtual consultation with one of our Surgeons, and feel their communication style didn’t suit your personality, or they recommended another Surgeon on our team with a dedicated focus in what you’re wanting to be done, please ask our Patient Care Team for another online consultation (or second opinion) with another one of our leading Surgeons by phoning 1300 264 811

“Do I really need a consult? Can’t I learn everything I need to learn about cosmetic surgery by doing online research?”

Before you get your heart set on a particular procedure or potential outcome, you do really need a virtual consultation with an expert Surgeon.

  • That’s because you may THINK you need a certain procedure to get a certain outcome; yet in reality, that procedure might be inappropriate for you.
  • Or it might not be the RIGHT surgery to get you the result you want.

Don’t fall for thinking you can get everything you need on the web.


Often, there’s as much misinformation as there is valid information about surgery on various sites, and not all cosmetic surgery websites have scientifically-backed information about surgery.

PLUS, every person is unique in what they need to get a good result. You are more likely to get good surgery results when your operation is customised to suit you as an individual; rather than choosing a cheap “cookie-cutter, one-approach-fits-all” type of procedure offered by cheap or inexperienced Surgeons.

No amount of online research into Cosmetic Surgery can give you adequate relevant information for knowing your options.

Only an in-person plastic surgery consultation will allow for an expert opinion and assessment of whether a type of Surgery is RIGHT for you – and whether your condition is RIGHT for the surgery you have in mind. We can however at this time of the coronavirus, make an initial assessment online, before having an in-person consultation down the track.

In general, factors your Surgeon will investigate when you meet with them relate to which procedure techniques will be best, and other factors relating to your skin health, medications and/or lifestyle habits.

An expert Surgeon will look at several things before recommending a certain cosmetic surgery approach.

Factors they investigate include:

(a) your suitability as a surgical candidate, including your BMI and health habits

(b) the condition of your skin and how this will impact your options and results

(c)  additional factors that can impact on aims to get a good result

So even though you can do a lot of cosmetic surgery research online, this step is an important one.

  • That’s also because which SURGEON you choose for your cosmetic surgery may have a significant influence on how good you feel about your surgery experience, and how long your cosmetic surgery results may last.
  • It’s also important that you understand YOUR role in getting a good result, including NOT smoking, allowing adequate recovery time and following your Surgeons pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions.

Online Research about Cosmetic Surgery vs a Virtual Consultation? You’re best off doing both.

You can still take your time to decide what you’re going to do, even after chatting with our team online. But you’ll be far better armed with information after you see a genuine FRACS qualified Surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic surgery procedures. So plan to take in what you’ve learned, and make a decision ONLY when it feels RIGHT to you – including the RIGHT surgeon, the RIGHT time in your life, the RIGHT facility, the RIGHT operation, the RIGHT Anaesthetists, and the RIGHT approach to sustaining good results.


Do you want to know what’s GREAT about having a cosmetic surgery video consultation, even if you feel nervous at first?

  • The answer is the empowerment that comes from listening to the expert opinion of a leading Surgeon.
  • Knowing your options – instead of guessing what’s going to work best – gives you powerful knowledge as well as confidence in decision making.
  • Plus, by having a consultation, you’ll have taken a genuine step towards what you’ve long been wanting.

While a cosmetic plastic surgery zoom consultation can seem daunting for some individuals, many patients find it more informative AND more empowering than they imagined.

What To Expect During an initial in-person Plastic Surgery Consultation for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery with our leading team of Melbourne Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons.

First things, FIRST, for your very first cosmetic surgery consultation. For your initial consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon, be sure you know WHO you’re meeting with – and WHY.

The very first thing to know BEFORE you attend a surgery consultation is WHY it’s so important to do research into the DIFFERENT TYPES of Doctors or Surgeons who claim to perform cosmetic surgery procedures, either in Australia or overseas.

This is important for ANY cosmetic procedure you’re considering, whether that’s breast surgery, body contouring, liposuction, facelift surgery, eyelid lift surgery or a Rhinoplasty procedure.

  • There are DIFFERENCES in Surgeon types – be sure you recognise the difference.
  • We suggest you check their AHPRA Specialist recognition.
    • Are they a Specialist Plastic Surgeon recognised as such, by AHPRA?
    • OR did they study something else entirely, such as general medicine or diseases of the skin?)
  • Ask – then independently verify – whether or not your Surgeon actually holds Australian hospital operating privileges.
    • If they can ONLY operate in the back room of their clinic – or at a friend’s clinic – without hospital admitting rights, chances are they are NOT an AHPRA recognised, genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon with FRACS.
    • A back-room only type of Surgeon may NOT be able to care for you very well, should you experience a complication or require hospitalisation – e.g., they do not have hospital rights/admitting rights.

So choose your Plastic Surgeon wisely!

Secondly, look for a genuine FRACS Specialist in Plastic Surgery: one who listens and understands your needs, one who has extensive cosmetic surgery experience, and one with stellar communication skills.

  • Find out the differences between a so-called “Cosmetic Surgeon” (like a GP or skin doctor) and a FRACS and AHPRA recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Check their memberships and qualifications for cosmetic plastic surgery or Revision Cosmetic Surgery
  • Ask how many surgeries they do a year, and ask if they are willing to let you meet and talk with other patients
  • Don’t be afraid to investigate their online reputation (what other patients say) such as Google Business pages.

Feeling nervous about an online consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

If you’re nervous about your first cosmetic surgery appointment, read PART 2 of this blog.

Part 2 of this 2 part blog helps you know WHAT generally occurs and how you can prepare for a more relaxed consultation where you feel comfortable asking your questions to your Surgeon.

Visit our Downloadable Guides pages

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

Plastic Surgery Patient Information Guide

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Last updated: 10/05/2022
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