Best Time to Have for Cosmetic Surgery – Planning Your Surgery Date


Many people want to have their Plastic Surgery over their holiday periods. This is primarily because they’re already off of work and/or aren’t driving kids to school and sporting events.

Additionally, having surgery over the holiday period also means other family members are more available to help with childcare and home recovery needs.


But are holiday periods the best time for cosmetic surgery?

Sometimes YES and sometimes NO. Read our tips for choosing the best time of year for your surgical procedure.

3 Tips for planning a surgery date

1. Book as far ahead as possible when you have your heart set on a certain surgery date and recovery time frame.

  • Certain times of the year are in HIGH DEMAND for surgery bookings, meaning theatre lists can fill up in advance
  • Advanced planning in crucial to scheduling specific date(s) for your surgery
  • This is especially important if you need to fully recover before your school or office reopens and/or attend any big events

The most popular times of the year to have cosmetic plastic surgery include:

  • Summer school holidays (between school semesters)
  • Christmas/New Year leave periods
  • National and state holidays including around Australia Day
  • Long weekends
  • Easter
  • Winter School Breaks
  • Just after school starts

How to secure a surgery date: check with your Surgeon in advance to affirm:

  • your Surgeon IS AVAILABLE and OPERATING the days/weeks you prefer to have your surgery
  • there is room on the theatre list

2. Sometimes summer is good for a procedure, other times winter may be better – here’s why!

  • Check your social calendar – are things busier in spring, summer, autumn or winter?
  • Consider when it’ll be easiest to take time away from work, home or school
  • Do you need to schedule your LEAVE around your other colleagues?
    • If yes, perhaps OFF-PEAK time frames might be easier to request LEAVE than when everyone is wanting to be OFF from work
  • You can work around your social calendar but DO consider heat vs cool on your surgery recovery time
  • Summer surgery dates may allow for more Leave time for recovery, depending on your business and family needs
  • But there are downsides to having surgery during the warmer months
    • Tanning: Sun exposure on fresh surgery scars (or after laser treatments) is a bad idea
    • Sweating: If you have to wear firmly-hugging support garments after surgery – you may be prone to sweating or higher infection risks from bacteria!
    • Water: Wounds need to be kept dry. You won’t be able to get your incision lines wet – or cool down in the pool – due to bacterial concerns
  • Winter and Autumn may be best for body contouring procedures and for some facial procedures; although having a facelift, eyelid lift or nose surgery in summer means there’s LESS risk of getting the flu
  • Breast surgery is typically suitable for nearly ANY time of year, however, sweating around breast scars and bacteria in swimming waters can cause some problems – ask your Surgeon for advice
  • If you want to be recovered BEFORE summer swimsuit season, then schedule surgery in winter or early autumn.

3. Consider when you’ll get the best rest and healing time in relation to children or pets – is during school semesters better?

Reasons it may be better to have surgery away from school holiday periods – unless you’re a teacher without young children.

  • When kids are in school, they are occupied for the better part of the day
  • This allows you MORE rest time than when they’re home and needing ‘entertainment’ (e.g. “bored”)
  • Other than getting help with school runs, you may have FEWER CARE DUTIES – at least during school hours – during the semester periods vs term breaks

“I did this with my kids when I had my breast and tummy surgeries,”  notes Michelle. “It was great. I got to rest the entire time they were away and I really only needed to be ‘on-call’ a bit in the morning and late afternoon. Having family support really helps.”

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Planning the Best Time of Year for your Plastic Surgery takes some thought.

Why plan ahead?

Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery can be a daunting process. Whether you’re a professional, student, carer or parent (or all of the above at once), you’ll want to think ahead so you can relax during your healing after surgery. Please phone us on 1300 264 811 Alternatively, you might like to download our guide on choosing the perfect surgery date.

It may also help to get a bit of assistance from your friends and loved ones – or to know how to approach your manager,  what to tell your colleagues and how to manage family, children and pets as you recover!

“If you’re juggling a family, business or studies AND you want to have surgery, planning ahead can help you have a positive result and good experience.”

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Last updated: 08/05/2022
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