Perfecting Cleavage – How Breast Implants or Fat Transfer Can Get Your More Projection


Perfecting Cleavage: How Breast Implants or Fat Grafting Enhance the Breasts

If you have been considering breast augmentation that you probably have thought about what your cleavage will look like after your breast implants or fat grafting procedure. In a literal sense, cleavage means a V shaped, indented formation. While your perfect cleavage might mean your breasts are closer together in the middle (in other words, a narrower V) or might mean wider apart (or having a better “side boob” contour) – the perfect amount of cleavage is entirely subjective.  That noted, beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder – it’s often wired into our brains to like a certain look.  We’re also influenced culturally by fashions, celebrities and our friends.  There are certain dimensions that may make a more pleasing breast contour or breast cleavage result, and it’s one of the many reasons women choose to have breast augmentation with breast implants or grafting.

Maven recently interviewed Dr Rebecca Wyten, a female Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne, about “perfecting cleavage.”  Here are Dr Wyten’s insights into the process of breast augmentation or breast enlargement, and how cleavage can be improved with slightly fuller breasts – or even MUCH fuller breasts, as long as they suit your physique, your ideals and your skin tone.


So whilst individual preferences rule, there are some guidelines, however, that help women aiming for perfecting cleavage using breast augmentation procedures such as implants or fat grafting.

These guidelines may be important to your result because cleavage that is too close or too far apart may look unnatural. Finding something that resembles the perfect look for you is something you will need to discuss with your Surgeon; and remember, what you’re starting with in terms of your personal anatomy and physique is definitely going to play a part in your final breast enlargement result.

A woman’s anatomy plays an important role in determining how your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will give you the cleavage you’re aiming for after surgery.

  • The width of your breast bone, the shape of your chest wall and where your nipples lay all play a role and contribute.
  • Finding an experienced surgeon who can guide you in choosing the right implant style and size and also recommend proper placement and technique will ensure that you achieve your ideal look.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to go over pictures and to be clear with your surgeon about what you like and what you dislike.
  • Whatever the width of your sternum (Breast bone) it can be a limitation, as will the shape of your chest (flat, barrel).


The bigger you go the more cleavage you can get, but that means you are at risk of eventual skin sagging or ‘dropping’ – even though every one does get Ptosis at some stage, the bigger the breasts or implants, the more likely it is that ptosis will occur if your skin lacks collagen over time.

Your plastic surgeon has two methods to help give you the ideal cleavage: implant placement and implant dimension.

This will all be determined by what you already are working with in terms of your existing physique and dimensions, as well as skin resiliency.

Implant Placement can impact cleavage after breast augmentation surgery

You can achieve the perfect cleavage by the proper placement of your implant. The implant can be placed higher up on the chest wall to get a higher and fuller appearance but an overly full upper pole is a clear giveaway that you have implants right under your skin. Upper pole fullness happens to many women after implants because of swelling and also because implants need time to ‘settle’ and fall.

Your implants can also be placed closer to each other on the chest to create medial cleavage. You have to be careful with this however because improper placement can create the dreaded “uni-boob” or “mono-breast”.  If you have been blessed with naturally large breasts then you usually decent cleavage, however because of their weight, large breasts will tend to sag and you will be left with less upper pole fullness at the top of the chest wall.


Placement of the implant either over or under the muscle is also important and something that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you. Placing your implant OVER your pectoral muscle can create more cleavage because the implants can be placed closer together. This does generally result in a less natural appearance and you can even be left with sagging and wrinkly breasts years later. Placing implants under your pectoral muscle will provide you with a more natural look and your implants will be more supported over the years. You have less risk of your implants bottoming out, but you risk having your implants sit further apart on your chest wall. Be sure to discuss what option is best for you.  Also, there are limits to what is achievable with implants given your natural anatomy so be sure to understand what your surgeon considers achievable.

Implant Dimension also impacts breast surgery results: there are different types of breast implant projections

The right size implant can be everything when it comes to breast augmentation. Generally speaking, the larger the implant, the better cleavage you will achieve. As the size of your implants increase, the more space they occupy on your chest wall, both vertically and horizontally so you automatically get more cleavage. Implants can all be either High Profile or Moderate Profile. High Profile Breast Implants will typically give more upper pole fullness.

The shape of the implant is also important. There are different types of implants that are wider than others so it’s important that you select a well-qualified surgeon who will know which implant is best for you. Some implants are higher in their profile or lower and will allow a surgeon to really fine tune the look you are trying to achieve based on your natural breast and chest anatomy.

Setting Your Expectations

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to be clear on what you like. It is also important that you do your research and find a surgeon who has experience in creating natural cleavage for their patients. Be clear in your communication and ask as many questions as you want during your consultation.

At Cosmetic Surgery for Women, our expert surgeons such as Dr Rebecca Wyten and colleagues, can help you get the breast shape and size and cleavage contours you’re wanting.


Your individual results will vary, but our Surgeons will help you understand what size might suit your physique the best for a balanced, natural-looking and artistic result (aesthetically pleasing including cleavage contours).

We even can help you visualize what your new larger breasts will look like on your body once you heal from your surgery procedure.

Send an enquiry form today to meet with Dr Wyten or phone a patient coordinator on (03) 8849 1444 during clinic hours.

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Last updated: 18/05/2018
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