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How to get Perky Breasts – the secrets of upper pole fullness!

Perkiness is a desirable feature of good-looking breasts. To some, it’s more important than the size. As a woman, you go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes during your life. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and weight fluctuation just to name a few. These factors can reduce your breast perkiness and leave them looking deflated or saggy. Fortunately, there are effective ways to slow the sagging process and maintain breast perkiness for longer as you get older.

Skin products, proper support, exercise, and a few lifestyle habit changes can help you keep your breasts perky for longer. While they may slow the process of drooping, they cannot stop it or give you your perky young breasts back. The only way to do that is by cosmetic breast surgery. Breast implants, breast lift, breast reduction and fat transfer are all effective ways to make your breasts look and feel perky, fuller, and rounder again.

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Why do boobs sag over time?

Breasts are made of fat, glandular tissue, and connective tissue. The connective tissue is what gives your boobs their shape and is responsible for perkiness. The most important connective tissue component is called “the cooper’s ligaments” or “the suspensory ligaments of cooper”. You can imagine these as tight threads forming a web inside your breast to hold the tissue together and lift the breasts. You lose perkiness when these ligaments become stretched as you age.

Moreover, when your skin becomes lax and stretched, your breasts will lose more of their fullness and appear deflated. Ultimately, the only effective way to restore breast firmness and perkiness is breast lifting, this can also be combined with implants if desired.

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What are the causes of droopy breasts?

There are several factors that contribute to breasts sag and cause boobs to lose their perkiness, including:

  • Age: Unfortunately, no matter what you do, your breasts will continue to sag and droop with age. Your ligaments become stretched by the constant effects of gravity and eventually you lose your perkiness.
  • Pregnancy: When you get pregnant, your breasts become larger. Many women are left with excess skin and deflated breasts once they stop breastfeeding.
  • Having large breasts: This multiplies the effect of gravity and results in more sagginess
  • Yo-yo weight: A lot of weight fluctuation will stretch your cooper ligaments and make your breasts lose perkiness faster
  • Tobacco smoking: Smoking can weaken your ligaments and cause your skin to age faster. This can be a huge factor when it comes to droopy boobs.


Best proven ways to keep your breasts perky

There are no magical ways to tighten your breasts. Most of the advertised methods to naturally lift your bust are exaggerated and only help in preventing and delaying breast sagging and skin wrinkling.  Cosmetic breast surgery is the only effective way to fix sagging breasts and make your boobs fuller and rounder. However, here are some ways to help your breasts along:

Keep a healthy skin routine

You need to know that there are no wonder creams or lotions that would lift your breasts without surgery and restore perkiness. Nevertheless, having a healthy skin routine that involves the exposed areas of your breasts (like your cleavage) can keep your skin tighter and reduce blemishes and wrinkles. Use moisturizer and sunscreens with high SPF to keep your breast and décolletage skin healthy, especially if you live in a sunny area or wear clothing that exposes the area regularly.

Wear comfortable supportive bras

Some doctors believe that wearing a bra helps you stay perky, while others argue that wearing a bra can cause earlier sagging since it might weaken your ligaments. Ultimately, evidence to support either argument is lacking. Some bras might make your breasts look perkier and your cleavage fuller, but they don’t address the actual problem. We recommend that you wear a comfortably proper fitting bra to maintain a good posture and support you when exercising. This can subsequently contribute to keeping your boobs perky and healthy.

Exercise more often

Exercising can help improve your posture, maintain a healthy weight, tighten your chest muscles, strengthen your ligaments, and improve your overall health. This can delay boob sagging and help you stay perky after losing weight.

Keep a stable weight

If you want to retain perky breasts you need to avoid extreme weight fluctuations. Yo-yo weight is an important contributor to breast ptosis. When you gain weight, your breasts are more affected by gravity, which stretches your ligaments and your skin. If you gain and lose weight too often, you’ll be left with excess stretched skin and saggy deflated boobs.

Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to your overall health and is an important cause of earlier breast drooping and lax skin. It weakens your ligaments and damages your skin.

Work on your posture

By maintaining a healthy posture, you might reduce the effect of gravity on your breasts. Avoid chronically bending over and hunching the shoulders.

Always stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for the health of your skin and tissue. By keeping a normal water balance, you can prevent the early ageing of your skin.

These methods help you delay sagging of the skin and therefore sometimes the breasts (skin lax). However, surgery is without a doubt the best way to get them perky again. Surgery can give you youthful and firmer breasts by removing the excess skin and lifting and tightening your breasts up into a higher position. There are several surgical techniques to make your breasts perkier: Breast lift, breast implant, fat transfer, breast reduction or a combination of these.

General Anesthesia risk and complications

Surgeries to get perky breasts

There are several types of breast surgery to fix deflated droopy breasts. Your surgeon will explain to you which surgery is best for you depending on the size of your breasts, the degree of ptosis (sag), and your desired outcomes. The aim is to lift your breasts and nipples, tighten your skin, and if you choose to enhance their size with implants. This can be achieved by breast lifting alone or it can be combined with other procedures to get the outcome you’re after.

Breast implants

  • Also known as breast augmentation or a boob job. Breast implant surgery is one of the most popular and most effective surgical procedure for women who want young-looking, perky, breasts. Breast implants increase your breast size and are excellent in many other ways. Top brands like Motiva implants offer technologies that mimic the natural feel, look, and movement of real breasts. Most importantly, breast implants provide upper pole fullness, which will give you a perkier cleavage with a well-outlined contour.

Breast lift (mastopexy)

  • A breast lift is perfect for women who have saggy or droopy breasts. During this surgery, the excess skin will be cut out and the breast tissue and nipples will be fixed higher up with sutures. The remaining skin will then be pulled closer together to give your breasts a tighter firm appearance. Breast lifts can be done as; a sole procedure, as a part of breast reduction, with breast implants or fat transfer.

Autologous fat transfer

  • Fat grafting has been gaining popularity as the most natural way to make breasts bigger and perkier. A fat graft boob job does not use implants. Instead, your surgeon harvests excess fat from other parts of your body (like your thighs or abdomen) and then injects the fat back into your breasts. This can be done with implants or on its own – your surgeon will guide you. To be performed safely no more than a cup at a time is recommended to be transferred per procedure – if you are looking at a larger size, multiple transfers may be needed or an implant may be the better option.

Composite breast augmentation

  • Also known as hybrid breast augmentation. This surgery combines implants and fat transfer. Implants will give you volume and perkiness, while fat grafting can assist in the outline.

Most of these surgeries can be combined together to give you the breasts you desire. Cosmetic breast surgery is the most effective way to get perky and young-looking breasts.

What is the internal bra technique?

The internal lift or internal bra is not an independent surgical procedure on its own. It is a technique that plastic surgeons use in breast lifting, breast reduction, or implant revision surgery to provide better support for your breasts. An internal bra is when your surgeon tightens the breast pocket firmly with strong sutures to provide a stronger, longer-lasting lift. It is thought that this technique makes your implants and where they sit, last longer.

breast implants

How to make your cleavage look perkier?

A major problem with saggy breasts is losing the perky cleavage. This is usually our patients’ top concern. When your breasts become soft and lose their elasticity, the fat and tissue become concentrated in the lower pole of the breast and the upper pole looks empty – no more cleavage. Breast implants are a wonderful solution for women who want to emphasize their cleavage. A breast implant will pump the volume of your breasts and provide upper pole fullness, which emphasizes your cleavage and enhances its contour. It can be combined with a breast lift (mastopexy), which will lift your nipples and breasts back to their normal position and tighten your skin to give you natural and young looking boobs.

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Breast implant revision surgery

If you’ve already had breast augmentation surgery but 10 years or more have gone by or you now feel like your implants are out of place or your skin is sagging, then you might need breast implant revision surgery. There are a few options for this surgery;

  • Your old implants may be removed and replaced with new ones
  • They may be;
    • removed and lifted (mastopexy)
    • They may be removed and nothing else
    • Or, they may be removed and replaced with a lift
  • You can also combine any of the above with a fat transfer.


More FAQs about breast sagging and perky breasts

What is upper pole fullness?

  • This refers to the fullness in the upper area of your breasts.
  • The upper pole of the breast is given special focus since it determines how your cleavage looks.
  • Breast implants and fat transfer are excellent procedures to improve your cleavage and make it look fuller.

What is the best breast implant brand?

  • This is a tough question to answer. There is no perfect breast implant brand, and it all depends on your own anatomy and your specific desired outcomes.
  • That being said, Motiva and Mentor are our surgeons’ chosen breast implant brands.

bra to prevent sagging breasts

Does wearing a bra prevent sagging?

Is the “internal bra” an alternative to wearing a bra?

  • No. The internal bra is a surgical technique to support your breast implants and provide result longevity.
  • It does not provide support for the weight of your breasts, you still need to wear a bra to maintain your posture or when practising sports.

If you’re considering cosmetic breast surgery, choosing a talented and experienced plastic surgeon is of utmost importance. Our surgeons are some of the best plastic surgeons in Australia, and they offer a wide variety of plastic surgeries to rejuvenate your breasts and make them as perky as you’d like them to be.

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