Career Guide To Working in the Cosmetic Industry

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Career Guide to Employment in the Aesthetic Industry & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

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The Cosmetic Industry- Aesthetics surgery and skin procedures – is a fast-growing sector. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery involves physical self-improvement and is an opportunity for a career change or employment for motivated individuals with a professional approach & caring personality.

If you are passionate about helping others to surgically correct a deformity or enhance a feature to address a physical concern, or to reduce unwanted signs of facial ageing, then cosmetic plastic surgery career paths may be a good option for employment, especially if you are seeking a different form of nursing jobs.

Careers in the Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Melbourne, Australia

Are you keen to become part of this Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Care and Plastic Surgery rewarding career path?

  • We are one of the largest Plastic Surgery Practices in Australia, with multiple locations
  • Career and Job Opportunities in the Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Services and Aesthetic or Beauty industry range from roles as Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Patient Coordinators, Practice Nurses, Surgical Assistants, Patient Care Liaisons and Medical Receptionists (Our phone team).
  • Many nurses, medical students, beauty therapists, and prior patients apply for our advertised roles


You can work your way up in our plastic surgery practices

  • From Phone Enquiries team to Medical Receptionist to Patient Coordinator (Part or full time) to a Satellite clinic Practice Manager


Best Career Pathways to find Employment in a Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery Clinic or a Medical Skin Care Clinic Environment | Melbourne VIC (Australia)


  • Here are some workplaces that may be a good pathway to your professional career development.

Pathway #1: Working for other Specialists such as an ENT Surgeon, Cosmetic Doctors or Dentists or Bariatric Surgeon

Pathway #2: Beauticians – Beauty treatments or Dermatology Interests or Medical Clinic Experience

  • DERMAL THERAPY and DERMATOLOGISTS – Skin Treatments and Laser Work
  • SKIN CANCER CLINICS – Skin rejuvenation and skin cancer removal
  • General Practitioner Offices that also handle Skin Cancer treatments or Investigations

Pathway #3: Working in Cosmetic Dentistry

  • COSMETIC DENTISTS – Aesthetics and Smile rejuvenation
  • AESTHETIC GPs – GPs interested in Aesthetic work – Lasers and Injectables
  • COSMETIC SURGERY – GPs that have progressed to basic cosmetic surgery operations (without Specialist RACS training)

Next Steps

How to apply for a job in the cosmetic plastic surgery or skin care sector:

  • Do some preparation – read the books listed below or watch the suggested videos
  • Come along to one of our monthly practice EVENTS and meet some of the team members
  • Apply for a role with us or get some basic experience in the Industry (see list above)
  • Fill in your LinkedIn profile and watch Seek for specific job ads – APPLY on SEEK

Want a career with Melbourne’s most respected group of Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons?

  • IF you believe you’d like to work with our top Plastic Surgeons and our Skin Care and Injecting teams, we welcome your application via SEEK.
  • If we’re hiring, we’ll list the advertisement on Seek.
  • Search SEEK for current Job Opportunities for Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery

If you cannot find a current job opening on Seek, for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery professions, you can still send us an enquiry form.

  • You can send your CV to us to express your interest in any future openings.
  • Email Coco Ruby Business Manager David Staughton at listing your career goals.

Recommended reading:

Several highly-rated books and podcasts that may be relevant for jobs in the Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery Industry include:

  • Send in your CV or preliminary job enquiries to
Last updated: 01/04/2021
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