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Breast Augmentation Price Ranges – Average Boob Job price in Melbourne

If you are considering Breast Augmentation surgery, you will likely need to do some financial planning and research before taking the next step. You may find yourself wondering why costs appear to vary significantly from Surgeon to Surgeon.

The average surgery price will vary quite significantly, and this is dependent on a number of factors. Your surgeon’s level of expertise, the condition of your breast tissue and the type of surgery required will all influence the cost of your procedure.

This blog will discuss breast implant surgery prices in Australia in further detail, and explore the deciding factors which may impact the cost of your surgery.

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Why does the cost of Breast Augmentation vary?

Plastic Surgery costs for Breast Enlargement vary depending on seven important factors:

WHO is performing the surgery?

  • Above all, you should consider your Surgeon’s level of expertise, training and qualifications.
  • For example, how many Breast Augmentation procedures have they have performed and are they highly regarded as an expert?

WHAT is included in your surgical quote or price estimate?

  • Is everything included in your price quote? Otherwise, you may get hit with unexpected expenses such as anaesthetic, facility fees, medication, recovery aids and more.

WHERE will your surgery be performed?

  • Will you be under General Anaesthetic in a hospital or under Local Anaesthetic in a clinic back room?

WHEN will your surgery be performed?

  • If you are planning surgery several months or even a year in advance, be aware that prices may change.
  • Therefore, we recommend speaking to a member of our Patient Care Team about rapidly-changing hospital fees and rebate criteria for medically-indicated breast surgery.

WHY are you are having the procedure?

  • Is your Breast Augmentation for purely cosmetic reasons or do you require a medically-indicated surgery?
  • E.g. medically-indicated procedures may include correction of tuberous breasts or severely asymmetric breasts.

HOW long will your surgery take in theatre?

  • The duration of your surgery often depends on the complexity of your chosen procedure, which brings us to the next point.

YOU – Complexity of the case

  • The complexity of your procedure, which may take in to account your existing proportions, health and skin condition, will often impact on pricing.
  • For example, is it a primary procedure, a more complex revision or combined Breast Lift with Implants?
  • A more complex surgery will involve a higher level of planning and surgical expertise to achieve a successful result.

In addition, breast implants alone vary in cost depending on manufacturing processes, content or fill quality, brand, type and style. Implants can cost up to  $2800 for a pair, not including surgery or hospital costs or follow-up care.

Models and makes of breast implants vary in terms of reputation and approval. Motiva and Mentor are two of the premium breast implant brands in Australia at the current time.

What are the average price ranges for Breast Augmentation in Melbourne?

Prices of cosmetic surgery in Melbourne - how much does cosmetic surgery costs -

There are 3 basic price ranges for Breast Augmentation procedures in Melbourne, Australia.

This includes low-cost which typically ranges from around $8,000 to $10,000. Mid-range Breast Augmentation costs range from between $10,000 and $14,500, and lastly, High-range procedures generally range from $14,600 to up to $20,000 or higher.

1. Low-cost surgery – costs range from around $8,000 to $10,000 

  • Low-cost surgery is usually performed in a clinic back room using “awake” or “twilight’ Anaesthetic as opposed to a Hospital under General Anaesthetic.
  • If you’re considering back-room options to reduce your Breast Augmentation costs, we recommend you view the ABC FOUR CORNERS cosmetic surgery report on back-room operations in Australia.
  • Typically performed by a GP or other doctor without RACS recognition, as opposed to a qualified and accredited Plastic Surgeon.
  • Patients may experience unexpected out-of-pocket costs, a non-customised procedure and/or the use of cheap implant brands.

2. Mid-range surgery  – prices typically range from $10,000 to $14,500.

  • Mid-range surgery will likely be performed by a genuine Plastic Surgeon, however, be sure to check your Surgeon’s qualifications.
  • The quality or brand of breast implants may vary, however, this type of procedure will usually involve the use of a reputable implant brand. In any case, be sure to ascertain whether a reliable, quality implant brand, such as Mentor or Motiva, is being used.
  • Surgery could be performed in a hospital or clinic back room.
  • If your Surgeon doesn’t perform surgery within a hospital setting, ask if they are a qualified Plastic Surgeon and if they have hospital admitting rights should something not go to plan.

3. Premium surgery  – costs ranges from $14,600 to $20,000 or higher

  • Premium surgery usually involves a highly-regarded Breast Augmentation Surgery expert, as well as the use of quality, reputable breast implants.
  • You can expect full customisation of the procedure, e.g. implant placement, incision size, insertion methods, extra patient safety protocols and more.
  • General Anaesthetic administered by a seasoned Anaesthetic team.
  • In addition, patients will stay in hospital overnight for maximum comfort, and receive post-operative garments and quality follow-up care.

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Last updated: 10/10/2020
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