Famous Celebrity Noses: Stars Who Celebrate their Uniquely Shaped Noses and Those that Don’t (Celebrity Rhinoplasty)


Celebrities Who Celebrate their Unique Noses

There’s a pressure to look “perfect” in Hollywood – both ON and OFF the big screen. Many famous stars have had nose reshaping surgery (Rhinoplasty) early in their careers. Yet some celebrities have embraced their readily-recognisable nose shapes even though they are far from perfect.

These famous celebrity noses might not match Tinseltown’s impossible definition of a beautiful nose, but these celebrity noses lead to instant recognition of their facial profile.

Famous Celebrity Noses

The celebrities we’ve chosen to highlight aren’t just renowned for their incredible acting talents. In some instances, their noses actually steal the show. For these top celebrities, their stand out noses has become part and parcel of their onscreen – and off-screen – identity.

Owen Wilson has a very crooked nose but he’s never shy of celebrity employment – How he came by his unique nose


Owen Wilson has what is considered one of the oddest shaped noses of anyone who has ever made celebrity status in the entertainment industry. According to People magazine, Wilson’s trademark nose bump and large bulbous nose tip aren’t exactly a natural look. It’s more the result of him breaking his nose, twice, allegedly during a high school brawl and/or while playing football with friends.

If his nose was injured from playing football, it’s certainly not uncommon.  Sporting accidents, freak accidents and vehicle mishaps are some of the key reasons a nose can become ‘bent completely out of shape.’ These are also the common reasons people seek Rhinoplasty surgery to reshape their noses or correct a deviated septum. In regards to how it helps him in his film career: our blog team believes his nose gives him a roguish look that renders him suitable to play very-believable, ‘everyday’ style character roles – including the charming but vulnerable boy next door…yes, the one who broke his nose playing football. You’ll no doubt be familiar with Owen Wilson, but if not, watch Midnight In Paris or The Wedding Crashers.

Barbra Streisand has a very recognisable nose


The most recognisable songbird, at ~70 years of age, still looks absolutely stunning.

It’s obvious the legendary singer has likely had a little “cosmetic work” to help maintain her extremely youthful appearance. But one thing is certain: no Surgeon has ever touched that famous nose of hers. Her nose hump is part and parcel of her persona as well as her singing career. It’s probably a great thing that she’s never chosen Plastic Surgery to reshape her nose (called a Rhinoplasty). That’s because the nasal structures can either add to – or take away from – the sound of a singing voice.  Not all Rhinoplasty procedures will impact a voice, but with a voice like hers, it seems she didn’t want to take a chance that surgery might impede her octave range. Plus, her voice – along with her extremely recognisable nose – has spawned an unstoppable music career.

In several interviews (including a 1985 interview with the famous celebrity interviewer, Barbara Walters), Barbra Streisand stated that she had “never had a nose job” out of fear that it would “ruin her career.”  If what’s been printed is correct, then according to Barbra, it’s her deviated septum and nose shape that helps makes her singing voice so incredibly beautiful, after all.

That noted, many singers have chosen Rhinoplasty surgery and maintained their stellar music careers.


Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey and Ashlee Simpson both are reported to have had nose reshaping surgeries.

Actress and Singer Nicole Kidman also appears to have had a nose job, quite early in her career – yet her voice in the film Moulin Rouge and in a duo with Robbie Williams maintains a beautiful tone.

Helen Mirren has a regal looking nose – thin and pointed – and it suits her

helen-mirren-celebrity-rhinoplasty-plastic-surgeryAnother famous face – and celebrity nose – is that of ~70-year-old actress, Helen Mirren. The English actress is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 movie The Queen.

Her nose is often described as somewhat long, somewhat pointed and having a thin nasal bridge. This type of nose is sometimes said to portray a sense of regal elegance. Like everything else we see Helen Mirren wear, she wears it extremely well.

For her list of amazing films, visit her IMDB page.

Actor Adrien Brody has a nose that is distinctive in size, but that’s not all that makes him unique


Adrien Brody, born in 1973, first shot to fame after playing in Roman Polanski’s highly-rated film, The Pianist.  This award-winning actor’s nose is one of his most distinctive features.

It’s obviously larger in size than many of the typical noses you tend to spot in Hollywood.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that it’s also a little bit crooked as well as large in size.  It is believed that broke his nose in 1999 while filming a scene in Summer of Sam.  Image adapted from Wikimedia Commons.

Actor Gerard Depardieau also has an instantly recognisable celebrity nose and would likely NOT be recognisable as himself if he ever had a Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Celebrity Noses Gerard DepardieuFrench-born Actor, Gerard Depardieu, has an extremely distinctive-looking nose. Yet onscreen, often plays very endearing characters in romantic lead roles.

Gerard’s nose – long, with a notably bulbous tip – is part of his character in many of his roles. Whilst he’s obviously never had a Rhinoplasty surgery (if so, it is possible something went askew) – his daughter Julie has reportedly undertaken five (yes 5) nose job surgeries before she was 40 years in age.  Journal stories claim she didn’t want her nose to resemble her famous father’s nose and chose to have nose surgery instead.  Why five?  Rhinoplasty surgery can be very challenging to get right the first time, and revisions are fairly common. It’s a very complex surgery and with some noses, it’s akin to having 20 to 30 separate operations in just one procedure.  Read about his daughter’s nose job surgeries.

Photo adapted from http://www.lifetimetv.co.uk/

Meryl Streep has a strong, distinctive nose that she used to hate

merly-streep-celebrity-nose-rhinoplastyThis talented actress – with the trait of excelling in every role she’s ever played – has reportedly admitted that her nose is a bit on the long side. But she’s also fully okay with that, according to interviews. It has been said that there was a time she absolutely hated her nose, but she now proudly embraces her features.  “Everyone tries to look a cookie-cutter kind of way, and actually the people who look different are the ones who get picked up,” she once said in an interview.  Being instantly recognisable and having a unique profile can be a great thing in Hollywood, it appears – and whilst we love her nose, we also think that her superb acting abilities – even more than her appealing facial features – are what has landed her so many well-deserved awards.  One of the best, brightest and strongest.  Image adapted from Wikimedia Commons.

Rhinoplasty Guide: What’s it like to have a nose job?

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Distinctive Profiles and Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Celebrities that embrace their noses – and those who don’t

Having a misshapen or otherwise distinctive nose can give your entire face a lot of ‘character’ – it can also give you instant profile recognition. 

If you’re a character actress or actor with great acting skills, having very distinctive features can sometimes help your career. Alternatively, it can potentially leave you pigeonholed for certain types of roles.  The above actresses and actors have embraced their distinctive features or – as could be the case for Owen Wilson with two prior nose breaks –  embraced their ‘notable nose flaws.’   

But what if you’re no longer wanting to live with a very distinctive, long, twisted nose or deviated septum which interferes with your breathing or sleep?  You  CAN try either filler injections (which can work to balance out the nose bridge), bridge augmentation, or a surgical option including Tip Rhinoplasty.

Many other celebrities may have taken to Plastic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) to get a ‘dreamier’ nose. Rumours still abound that Actress Julia Roberts and Actor Patrick Dempsey (AKA Derek Shepherd – “Dr McDreamy” from the award-winning TV show Grey’s Anatomy) may have had nose surgery – but the jury is out and they’ve reportedly never stated they did so. Take a look at their photos and judge for yourself!


Meghan Markle’s Nose Surgery: Speculation about a Rhinoplasty is simply that – speculation!

Has Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, ever had Rhinoplasty surgery? When it comes to news stories about celebrities and Rhinoplasty: Meghan Markle’s nose surgery speculation is all over the news. But despite journalists using the story to gain more views on social media, our blog team and Specialists suspect that Meghan Markle likely sports the very same nose she was actually born with.

Sure, there’s always the slight possibility she could have enhanced her nose, ever so slightly. Or perhaps she may have chosen a liquid rhinoplasty approach (a non-surgical rhinoplasty). But we really don’t think so.

And neither did the Royal Family, who have princely noses.



It seems that when it comes to nose shapes, some people are just born lucky in terms of how their nose matches their other features. And, well, in who they get to get engaged to or marry!  Such is the life of the gorgeous Meghan Markle.

Rhinoplasty. Meghan Markle’s Nose Looks natural to us


Take a look at these news articles about Meghan Markle’s nose and Cosmetic Surgery speculation and decide for yourself.

The angle of a photo – even a selfie – determines how your nose will look in a photograph. Take a look at all the Meghan Markle “before and after Rhinoplasty photos” used by news stories speculating that she may have had a nose job. They are hardly different and mostly relate to angle changes and expression changes.

Our bloggers don’t believe she had cosmetic surgery or Rhinoplasty.

Plus, if she did, it would have been incredibly subtle OR long before photographs were taken of her as a young adult.

One of the great features about Meghan Markle’s nose is the nose tip.

For some individuals who are unhappy with their nose shape, a Tip Rhinoplasty may assist in a subtle reshaping of the nose tip. Even nostrils can be adjusted. But Rhinoplasty is serious surgery, and should never be taken lightly.

When we view Meghan Markle’s facial features, we feel her nose is very suited to her face shape in size, shape and length. Her nose is well proportioned, nicely aligned and flattering.

  • But she’s so beautiful, she could actually get by with nearly any shape of nose.
  • And whether that nose shape came from genetics or surgery – or a combination of both – is not important.

A good result from nose reshaping surgery WOULD look natural and balanced, and good Plastic Surgeons strive for pleasing, natural looking results.

  • So if someone had a good nose surgery result, in an ideal world you might not even recognise they had surgery unless you knew them before or they told you.

But again, we think Meghan Markle was simply born lucky – or made her luck by being an all-around lovely person that attracted Prince Harry’s attention.

Yet while we firmly suspect she was simply born with a fantastic looking nose and balanced facial features, her arrival on the Royalty Celebrity scene has sparked a new interest in plastic surgery for nose reshaping.

You can reshape your nose with a Surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure

Meghan Markle News - Rhinoplasty Surgeon Nose Job

If you are really unhappy with your nose, you can always phone our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Rhinoplasty on 1300 264 811 to request a consultation, including Vectra 3D imaging if you prefer.

  • Just ask for a Vectra 3D Rhinoplasty consultation at one of our top locations in Melbourne for Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery.
  • There’s also liquid rhinoplasty but this may be somewhat limited in what it can accomplish for you, depending on what you’re trying to change about your nose.

Meghan Markle News: Did she or didn’t she have cosmetic surgery (Rhinoplasty)?

What the top rags are saying about the Meghan Markle nose and how it’s impacting cosmetic surgery trends in 2017 and 2018.

  • Here’s what recent news articles are saying about the impact Meghan Markel’s nose is having on aesthetic ideals and cosmetic surgery requests for Rhinoplasty.
  • It seems that some celebrity news journalists and top-rated Plastic Surgeons are speculating that Meghan’s beautiful nose has led to an increase in demands for the plastic surgery Rhinoplasty procedure (or a Revision Rhinoplasty).

Whilst some journalists and surgeons are weighing in on the possibility she had a minor surgical nose correction, we believe this to be unlikely until proven otherwise.

Even the New York Post has covered the speculation about Meghan Markle and an increase in requests for Rhinoplasty plastic surgery (click on the image below). Even the New York Post also covered the story of Meghan Markle and the impact of her appearance on public interest in Rhinoplasty Surgery. New York Post covers the story about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Recent news articles about Rhinoplasty and the adorable “Meghan Markle” nose.

The Fix reports on Meghan Markle’s nose and speculates about Plastic Surgery

Healthline’s article on Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery and Meghan Markle’s nose

So our cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery experts in Melbourne are NOT going to personally speculate further on Meghan Markle’s cosmetic surgery experiences. But our bloggers have certainly weighed in.  And in our blogging team’s opinions, she hasn’t had nose surgery. If you weren’t born with a nose you adore, phone us and see how we can help. Phone 1300 264 811 or send an enquiry form today.

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Celebrity Rhinoplasty: Many Famous Hollywood Stars have actually had Nose Jobs

Despite the superstars above, who kept their birth-given noses and rose to the top in their field, there are plenty of other top actresses and actors who DIDN’T embrace the nose they were born with.

Instead, these top actors chose Rhinoplasty surgery to get the nose they wanted.  These include the likes of Patrick Dempsey, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Winona Rider and Ryan Gosling, to name but a few.

Is Rhinoplasty surgery for you?

If you love and accept having a distinctively sized, humped, large or crooked nose – as some of the celebrities above did – that’s fantastic. It means you’re perfectly content with how nature and life events have shaped your nose.  But if not, that’s entirely normal. Few of us actually seem to LOVE the noses we were given or acquired at the gym or while cycling. Of all of our facial features, the nose is usually the one feature that most of us wish were ‘just a bit different’ – or a lot different – than it actually is.

If your nose leaves you feeling:

  • photo-phobic or camera-shy
  • overly self-conscious
  • unhappy with how you look
  • unfairly teased and bullied to the point it has zapped your confidence
  • fearful of being photographed from certain angles

You may be a candidate for a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure (often called a ‘nose job’).

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure whereby a Plastic Surgeon reshapes and/or straightens your nose. The scar is typically hidden where the nose meets the skin above the upper lip.

Rhinoplasty surgery is often life-changing. It can help you to attain a more harmonious overall facial balance – as well as a better-looking nose – after you heal from surgery.  Surgery is serious, however, and you’ll want to fully understand the procedure and healing times before you consent to surgery. If you want to see if you’re a suitable candidate for surgical nose reshaping, give our Patient Coordinators a call during Clinic hours on 1300 264 811. They will help you schedule an appointment with a top facial Plastic Surgeon and nose reshaping Specialist including Dr Richard Sackelariou.

Do your feelings about your nose shape or size make you want to explore changing your nose through Plastic Surgery?

  • Visit one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons to discuss your best options in terms of length, bridge height, shape and tip proportions
  • You can potentially request ask for a Vectra 3D Imaging consultation to visualise what a reshaped nose might potentially do to change your overall facial appearance (request this before you schedule your session as it is not yet available in all of our clinic locations)
  •  Be sure you understand the risks and how long the healing process can take – surgery should never be entered into lightly
  • Ask any and all questions you may have
  • Remember that each person is unique and results vary from patient to patient – there is no guarantee as to how your nose will heal and revisions of Rhinoplasty are not uncommon, but our Surgeons are Specialists and aim for natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results


Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons can answer your questions about Rhinoplasty surgeries including deviated and help you achieve the nose you’ve always wanted. Contact us today at 1300 264 811 or send us an enquiry to begin your journey towards getting a nose that YOU think better suits your overall facial appearance.

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