Celebrity Breast Surgery: 10 Famous Women and their Breasts


10 Famous Women and their Breast Augmentations, Breast Reductions & Lifts

The Ups and Downs of Celebrity Breast Surgery.

Are you an A or B cup who wants to fill out your clothes a bit more? Do you miss the breasts you had before the children came along or before they drooped? Or are you a C cup who wants to increase your breasts to a D cup or DD size for more projection? Some women choose Breast Augmentation to spice things up, highlighting their own sense of sexuality or to better balance their proportions and feminine cleavage.

If you too are thinking about breast augmentation or reduction and wondering breast size or type of breast implants to choose, you might enjoy hearing about the breast cleavage changes of the Celebrity set. Whilst not every celebrity has announced their breast surgery on social media, there’s been a lot of speculation on who’s had augmentation, reduction and lifts.

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Too Big, Too Small, Just Right: Celebrities Search for the Perfect Cup Size

Celebrities—and their breasts—are ever-changing.  There bodies and faces are also on continual display on the red carpet, film scenes and frequent award ceremonies.

Celebrity breast augmentation surgeries and breast reductions are typically on public display, thanks to social media sharing, voluntarily or otherwise.

The following is a list of famous actresses who went big, sometimes even bigger, and sometimes reversed course.  Some of the breast surgery reported online maybe social media spin, but here’s the rough synopsis of celebrity breast surgery gleaned from a number of public forum sources.

  1.  Victoria Beckham went big, got uncomfortable, then reduced. Beckham went from an A to a D and then pushed ever onward to DDs. In 2009 she backed off from the big bosoms by choosing smaller implants, and then eventually returned to her original A cup. She told the British edition of Vogue magazine in 2011: ‘No torpedo bazookas. Gone.’
  2. Demi Moore had a breast augmentation in 1996 at age 34 for her role in “Strip Tease,” but had her implants removed shortly thereafter and is said to have opted for a breast lift.  Many women whose breasts start to sag over time get a breast lift, so long as they are generally happy with the volume of their breasts (but want the nipples and skin higher on the chest wall). Other women choose augmentation with their breast lift for a bit more volume as well as attaining an elevated position.  If you choose implants WITH a breast lift to reposition the nipples on the chest, and reduce sagging breast skin, it’s officially called a “Mastopexy Augmentation Surgery” or a “Masto Aug.”  It’s often part of a Mummy Makeover sequence of surgeries to recontour the body and breasts after time and child-rearing have taken too large a toll on the structures of the body, including skin.
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  1. Kate Hudson apparently kept things below the radar with her reported breast surgery. With a small frame, she went for just a little boost under the bikini top in 2010 when she was 31.  For women who want a small change (such as a minor cup size increase), sometimes Fat Grafting or Autologous Fat Transfer to the Breast, with fat cells harvested during liposuction, can be a potential solution.   If you want fat grafting to the breasts, ask for female Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rebecca Wyten, by phoning 1300 264 811 or sending an enquiry form below.
  2. Salma Hayek – in her words, “I went to a church that had a saint that was supposed to do a lot of miracles. I put my hands in the holy water and went: Please Jesus give me some boobs.” Hayek started her career with a diminutive bosom, and while she has never admitted to having surgery, the camera reveals a healthy, round set of DDs.
  3. Taylor Swift is slim and, in general, relatively small chested, but perhaps not quite as small-chested as nature intended. Fans noticed she sported a slightly fuller figure in 2016 when Swift was aged 27.  Whether or not she’s had a breast augmentation with a small implant (perhaps 200 – 250 cc) or fat transfer to breasts has not been confirmed.
  4. Kaley Cuoco appears to have had her augmentation at the tender age of 18. She’s stated that she considers her “new breasts” to be the best decision she ever made.  We think it’s great that many celebrities aren’t fearful of sharing their surgery news, even though they know it will get a lot of social media banter – because we know it changes lives in so many ways.
  5. Farrah Abraham – The “Teen Mom” star went from an A to a C when she was only 19. She later aimed higher, arriving at a D. At 24, Abraham then went under the knife a third time to address pain and scar tissue; which may have been related to having more surgeries then anticipated or revisional work.  We like to see patients get the right surgery the first time, as revisional surgery is often expensive and emotionally draining. Sometimes, however, revisions are required, and removal and replacement of implants is typically an inevitable outcome at some stage.
  6. Miley Cyrus has never admitted to it, but fans began speculating she augmented her breasts when they were suddenly larger at age 19.
  7. Sarah Jessica Parker is known for having the best boobs in Hollywood. Whilst she has never admitted to implants, her bosom appears much larger than in her first days on “Sex in the City.”
  8. Pamela Anderson – The 49-year-old actress may have the most famous breasts anywhere. But she admitted to W magazine in May of 2016 that she regretted her extra-large implants. “Let’s just say that at some point, we all realize that less is more!” she said.

Smaller, more natural-looking breast augmentation choices are definitely on-trend in 2017.

Does an augmentation you had years ago now seem a bit too much? Or have you always contemplated going up a cup-size or two?

Revision breast surgery is an option, and eventually, most implants will need to be removed – or removed and replaced.

Communication is everything in relationships, including in your relationship with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. A personalised Medical Consultation with a Specialist Surgeon can help you decide how large to go.

The same-sized implant will look much larger on a small-framed woman than on a larger one.

Your body time, frame size and aesthetic goals are all a part of tailoring a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction that accentuates your look.

Together with your surgeon, you can decide if you want a little help with breast enhancement or an attention-grabbing overhaul.

We invite you to make a no-obligation appointment with one of our highly trained Melbourne Surgeon, highly-trained Plastic Surgeons to see what cosmetic breast surgery can do to help you get the breast shape and breast size proportions you’ve been wanting.

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Last updated: 13/05/2022
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