Can Upper Pole Fullness be achieved with Breast Augmentation?


Are you looking into breast augmentation to achieve upper pole fullness? If you’ve never heard the term, you’re not alone. Here’s the definition of Upper Pole Fullness that is one of the aims of many breast augmentation surgery procedures.

What does upper pole fullness mean? What is the upper pole in relation to the breast mound?

Definition of Upper Pole and Upper Pole Fullness – Medical Terms in Plain Language

Upper pole is the upper part or ‘upper hemisphere’ of the breast mound. It is responsible for the appearance of curvy cleavage or deep-looking cleavage (visible depth and projection of the inner breast curves near the sternum).

How does a Breast Augmentation increase upper pole firmness?

Fullness in the upper pole is a term used to describe the round fullness and curvature depth that breast augmentation helps achieve for the upper part of your breast. If you picture the breast as a globe, the northern hemisphere would be the upper pole of the breast, while the southern hemisphere is the lower pole.


Does implant type or size matter in achieving upper pole fullness or is it the position of the implant?

Both factors come into play for breast augmentation results. But so, too, does your existing physique and torso, breast base, nipple distance and chest width dimensions.  If your nipples are far apart (naturally) and your between-breast distance is wider than one or two finger-widths, you can still have upper pole fullness but the inner breast curvature or cleavage may not be as close as you might like.

Some bras can compensate for this by improving cleavage.

So, too, can some surgical techniques and high profile implants placed in an elevated position; but there are limitations imposed by existing anatomy and eventually, breasts will drop or droop over time, with or without breast implants.

First, there are numerous important measurements for breast implant selection when considering which size or shape will be the best fit for a particular physique:

  • breast implant profile
  • breast implant size
  • current body proportions/anatomy
  • skin strength vs laxity
  • placement options (behind or over the muscle or dual-plane)
  • distance between nipples
  • width of the breast base

Breast implant profiles and fullness of the upper pole after breast augmentation

  • The profile of a breast implant is essentially the ratio between the width and height of the breast implant.
  • A high-profile breast implant will have more height than width.
  • The reverse is true for a low-profile breast implant.

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Last updated: 24/02/2021
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