Bring back the MBS Medicare Code for Abdominoplasty for Mothers – Petition



New Petition asking the Health Minister MP Greg Hunt to reverse the Medicare item number for abdominal repair.

Please sign the new Petition to help reinstate the Medicare and Health Insurance coverage for Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) for Mothers. 

Would you like to see the Government reinstate access to the tummy tuck Medicare item number to women who suffer from life-long post-pregnancy problems, including back pain and incontinence, from abdominal injury during pregnancy?


  • First petition  the official petition (EN1751) – Petition Now Closed – Over 13,000 people signed up.

Many women suffer after kids and need Tummy Surgery

Many women we see need their abdominal wall repaired if it was irreparably damaged during pregnancy. (See the blog articles on Diastasis Recti – Split Tummy Muscles)

This is NOT cosmetic ‘mini tummy tucks’ and cosmetic tummy skin repair (which are great – but will not attract a Medicare rebate). Instead, this is the reconstruction of abdominal separation that just can’t be fixed no matter how much exercise, physio or diet they do. They suffer from chronic back pain and incontinence which becomes a daily problem for many of these women.

Why did the Government restrict Abdominoplasty – code 30177?

In 2016 the Government ended support for these women by removing access to the relevant Medicare item number for abdominoplasty (Item 30177) and restricting it only to massive weight loss patients. Find Updated Medicare item numbers here.

This saved Medicare a few hundred dollars but meant that women lost the ability to be covered by Private Health Insurance (Thousands of dollars).

So Plastic Surgeons from around Australia commenced research to show just how helpful abdominoplasty can be at reducing the chronic health issues facing women after babies.

That research was published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

We hope that this gives the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt MP, the evidence he needs to restore government support to mums facing significant health issues again. Not for cosmetic surgery, but for reconstructive muscle repair.

Please Help – What you can do:

Contact your local federal member of parliament and Minister Hunt and ask why the Medicare item number for abdominoplasty (30177) excludes women with kids. To sign the petition, please click here.

See a copy of the research which shows the health benefits of Tummy Tuck surgery with muscle repair. 

A BIG thank you from all the mothers! Let’s hope it helps other women benefit from a tummy tuck.

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Last updated: 09/04/2021
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