Fixing Breast Sagging After Weight Loss

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Imagine the joy of losing a lot of excess body weight and having a great figure, but feeling dismayed by what weight loss does to your breasts. Such is the experience of a breast augmentation surgery patient who chose to have breast implants and Breast Lift Surgery after Weight loss. Read more about how a woman in her 20s changed her lifestyle to get fit, healthy and refine her body shape. Her weight loss story i very inspiring! But like many patients who lose weight and end up with loose skin and smaller breasts, she was disappointed with what the experience of losing a significant amount of kilos did to her breast tissues.

Breast Sagging after Weight Loss – Surgery Options

Losing weight left her once firm breasts, empty-looking – and a bit on the saggy side rather than firm.

Breast ptosis is a team that means drooping or sagging breast skin and nipples that point south rather than towards the front area of the chest wall. If a person has ptotic breasts, sometimes breast implant surgery on its own can rectify their appearance concerns.  Sometimes using breast implants on their own can sufficiently elevate the nipple location and fill out the breast tissues again (returning lost cleavage and a fuller upper pole).  But sometimes, if the ptosis of the breasts is severe, breast implants and a breast lift are needed to get the results the patient wants.

This combined procedure of a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift is officially called a Masto-Augmentation. It often gets better results than an augmentation alone, where there is very loose skin in the breast area or where the nipples remain pointing downwards even when a person raises their arms over their head (an indication a lift is required).

How do you know if you need just a breast implant surgery or a breast lift?


To assess if you are best off with a breast lift or a breast augmentation – or both – you’ll want to schedule a confidential, personalised consultation so a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. During a consultation, the Surgeon can assess the tissues and the nipple location, as well as skin health.  Your skin condition, particularly the amount of skin and it’s elasticity, have an impact on which type of breast surgery you require for good results. So, too, will the level of drooping or nipple ptosis – a lift surgically repositions the nipples higher on the chest.  Implants alone can have the effect of elevating the nipples somewhat, but if they point too far south or if the tissue isn’t strong enough, you won’t get a good long lasting result from breast implants on their own – you’ll need breast augmentation and a breast lift.

But as a quick at-home test to see if you might need a breast lift as well as implants to elevate your nipples, raise your arms over your head.

When you raise your arms, if your nipples elevate to a position on the breast mound that looks natural,  and the breasts look as they used to before they began to sag, you MIGHT get by with a breast implant alone rather than a lift with implants.

  • But which Surgery you need will depend on your skin AND other factors.
  • This includes whether you’re happy with that appearance and whether your skin can readily accept the size of implant you’re wanting, without further sagging or increased ptosis.
  • They will eventually still sag over time, as all breasts do. This occurs with or without implants. That’s why it’s important to wear the right support garments, and with larger breasts due to implants, wearing a good support bra becomes even more crucial for long term results.

Another simple, at-home test you can do is as follows (Source: American Board Cosmetic Surgery).

The test involves checking to see if your nipple (areola) sits below your breast crease

One trait Surgeons may look for when evaluating a patient for a breast lift is the position of the nipple (areola) in relation to the inframammary fold, which is the breast crease.

They recommend trying this as an at-home indication. Again, only a consultation with a Surgeon can get you an expert opinion on what your breast tissues are likely to handle, surgery wise, for a good outcome from either breast augmentation or breast lift with implants.

Try this at home:

  • slide a plain sheet of paper (or a pencil) underneath your breast (while not wearing a bra) so the paper (or pencil) sits against the breast crease (inframmary fold).
  • If you then look in the mirror, do your nipples sit below the top edge of the paper (or below the pencil) that you slid under the breasts?
  • If they sit below the top edge of the paper (or below the pencil), this is typically an indication that you MAY have enough sagging to warrant a breast lift.

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Last updated: 14/05/2022
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