Breast Implant Types – Choosing your implant

Breast Implant Types for Breast Implant Surgery

There are many choices you will be making about your breast surgery procedure. If you are seeking a larger breast size through augmentation using implants, the first thing to consider is what type of implants you will choose in terms of the inner-fill materials.

1. Saline & Silicone Implants – Different Types of Breast Implant Materials

All modern breast implants these days have a rubberised silicone outer shell, no matter what fill material is used.

There are two types of fill material:  

  • saline (salt water)
  • silicone gel

Saline-Filled Breast Implants

Saline-filled implants have a ‘water bed’ like feel. They have been known to cause a ripple effect for some patients. If you have small amounts of breast tissue to begin with, then rippling of the tissue might be seen through your breast skin.

These problems can be reduced by using smooth surface round implants that are overfilled (still within the manufacturer’s specifications), resulting in an implant that is firmer to the touch. However, the implants may also look spherical or rounded. This is not necessarily a very natural appearance but individual preferences on breast appearance vary significantly. Additionally, if saline implants deflate, they do so rapidly, often within a few hours, and the saline solution is easily absorbed by the body.

Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implants

Silicone Gel filled implants have a lower incidence of rippling compared to saline filled implants due to the consistency of the silicone gel. They are designed to have a more natural feel which is more similar to that of natural breast tissue. They are also known to hold their shape better than many saline-filled implants. These implants tend NOT to deflate; however, they can rupture in rare instances or in cases of chest-related trauma.  If a gel-filled implant does leak or rupture, there is an increased risk of Capsule Contracture or hardening of the breast (read Risks to Consider).

History of Breast Implants Types: Silicone and Saline

Saline-filled implants were popular about two decades ago when controversy existed about the quality of some silicone-gel-filled implants.  Those concerns are no longer an issue today, however, because implant manufacturing has advanced significantly over recent decades. Our Team still offers saline-filled implants as an option, however, despite silicone implants now being a more popular option for Breast Augmentation. Before you choose an implant type, it’s best to understand the differences in terms of appearance and potential complications, and to speak to your selected Plastic Surgeon at length about which one will best meet your breast enlargement aims and your physique, including your existing breast tissue.

2. Breast Implant Sizes & Profiles

We use high-quality implant manufacturers. Our implant suppliers, including Mentor and Motiva, can supply hundreds of different implant volumes in various dimensions.

  • Saline-filled implants can be filled after they have been inserted into the breast pocket.
  • Silicone gel-filled implants are manufactured as a whole.
  • The wide variety of choice available means you and your surgeon should be able to select the ideal implant shape and size just for you.

3. Breast Implant Surface – Smooth or Textured

Implants can have a smooth surface or a textured surface.

Smooth surfaced implants feel softer than textured surfaced implants and are relatively easy to insert. Textured implants, however, have a slightly lower possibility of capsule contracture.

Textured implants reduce the risk of implant movement due to the rough surface allowing surrounding breast tissue to adhere to the implant.  Textured implants are important if you are choosing anatomical shaped implants versus round implants, but it is important to discuss your best options and desired outcomes with your Plastic Surgeon Breast Surgery Specialist.

4. Breast Implant Shape – Round or Shaped Implant

Breast Implant Texture

Anatomical or Round Breast Implant Types

The shape of implants needs to be considered as well as the materials and size. Implants are available in a round shape or anatomical (tear drop) shape. In women who have a moderate amount of breast tissue, it can be difficult to tell whether an augmentation has been performed with either round or anatomically shaped implants.

In general, though, anatomical implants tend to be more versatile depending upon the desired outcome. They can be chosen to provide more height to the augmentation, and they can provide more contrast between the shape of the upper part of the breast, and the lower part of the breast.

Anatomical implants must have a textured surface to reduce the amount of implant movement within the breast pocket. Round implants, however, are available in a smooth or textured surface.

If a round implant rotates in your breast pocket (where your implant is placed during your Surgery), it will not affect your breast shape. However, if an anatomically-shaped implant rotates within your breast pocket, then it must be re-positioned to restore its natural appearance.



Breast Implant Surgery Costs, Payment & Payment Methods

Good surgery by highly experienced Plastic Surgeons isn’t cheap Surgery.

But you only have ONE body.  We encourage patients to get the results they are seeking from their FIRST Surgery experience, not a revisional surgery.

Remember that you’re worth the leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team when it comes to getting the best results from Breast Enlargement Surgery.  Read more about the ways patients can fund their surgery or save up for their procedures by visiting our Payment Pages.

How to get Breast Implant Surgery

The first step to augmentation is to contact one of our Clinics (Hawthorn or Berwick) and to discuss choosing your Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Our Team has Top Plastic Surgeons with extensive experience (no juniors or newcomers).  Our Surgeons exceed national requirements for qualifications for Cosmetic procedures and all are fully-qualified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons (not simply cosmetic surgeons).  They are fully qualified to operate in hospitals (not back rooms) and have decades of expertise in Breast Surgeries, including revisions, augmentations, lifts, reductions and implant removal and replacement.

So you can trust the excellent quality of our leading Plastic Surgeon team and Surgical Support Staff. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be getting excellent and precise pre-surgery planning along with the best in post-operative care protocols.  These include the latest in scar minimisation treatments and healing treatments, such as Fraxel, Healite II and Rapid Recovery Packs.

Our Surgeon’s predominantly do NOT USE drains for most breast augmentation procedures, which makes your healing journey a bit more comfortable.

Our Breast Surgery Specialists fully customise every procedure to help you get the best breast enlargements possible for your specific frame and augmentation goals. Our Plastic Surgeons operate at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced Anaesthetists and a top Surgical Support Team.

If you’re in or around Melbourne, you can’t ask for a better experience. Even if you’re not based in Melbourne, we can still take care of your breast augmentation needs – many women travel to us because they want the best.  Visit our Interstate & International Patient pages for more information about how Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons on our team might assist you with your Breast Surgery.

Last updated: 23/10/2020
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