Breast Implant Size Trends in Australia


Breast enlargement using breast implants is an extremely popular surgery performed around the world. You’re probably reading this because you’re considering getting breast implants and you’re keen to do your online homework. In this blog, we continue our discussion of breast implant size trends in Australia.

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Before we go further, it’s important to understand that all surgery is serious business and has risks, even if it’s commonly performed. But if you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery (and a non-smoker),  and if you choose the right Specialist Surgeon* for your procedure and the right implant sizes – and follow the post-surgery instructions carefully – you’re likely get a great result from your Breast Augmentation.  The key to having a successful surgery is dependent on a variety of factors, however.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the procedure in full, to have open discussions with your Surgeon about what your breast enlargement goals are, AND to pick the best breast implant size for your body size and shape.

breast augmentation trends in australia - breast implant size trends Melbourne Breast Surgeon

Breast Surgery has consistently ranked in the top 2 spots of the Top 10 Cosmetic Procedures each year across a variety of countries.

As one of the most popularly performed cosmetic surgery procedures around the world, here’s why it shows little signs of slowing down in Australia.

  • With the growing focus on social media photography and video sharing, more and more women are finding Breast Augmentation Surgery to be the solution for getting a curvier cleavage look and slightly more voluminous breast proportions.

Breast Augmentation Trends in Australia:  
  • You could use Adobe Photoshop to add some breast volume to your photos, or resort to ‘fillers’ and other bra ‘stuffers’ and push up bras to get the “look” you’re after, but most people want consistent cleavage.

So they opt for getting breast implants (or fat transfer for minor enhancements of shape or size) to get the volume, shape, size or ‘side boob’ that they’re wanting.

Will getting Breast Implants change your life?

Any time a person’s look changes, there is typically some impact on their psyche and social life.

  • Firstly, if an appearance is improved, a person’s confidence is generally improved (especially if there is a perceived appearance concern).
  • If there is a loss of something valued, such as when once-perky breasts start to sag after breastfeeding, that can have the opposite effect and reduce a person’s body confidence (but everyone is different).

The fact is that our lives ARE impacted by our appearances, and our confidence in our appearances, and sometimes surgery can help.

  • If having larger, firmer or uplifted breasts means you can wear the clothes you want to wear, including form-fitting tops and plunging necklines, or not feel embarrassed about your proportions, then certainly you might find you are more confident in your interactions with others.

You might also feel more beach-confident after “balancing out” your chest proportions (but there isn’t exactly a guarantee).

breast implant size trends in australia melbourne plastic surgeon

The key is to keep your expectations realistic and have open discussions about what you’re wanting – and what will look the best on YOUR body in terms of breast implant sizes. And if you have corrective surgery for very noticeable breast asymmetry, which up to 1 in 4 women have? Then you might even benefit from different breast implant sizes on each side.

Here’s a reminder of why they are so popular in Australia:

  • Our key metropolitan areas and populations are clustered near the beach, sea and surf.
  • We have a tendency towards subtropical like temperatures for much of the year, meaning less clothing to cover up with than colder climate countries.
  • Our breast cleavage is likely to be far more on display in any given year than, for example, the alps of Switzerland or the ski fields of Canada.
  • So, of course is our skin, which is why we age so much more rapidly than our northern counterparts.

What our Australian topography means in terms of Breast Augmentation Size Preferences

What this means in terms of Breast Augmentation trends in Australia is that our active, outdoor lifestyles and our top swimwear fashion labels have an impact on what Australians find appealing in terms of breast volume, breast shape and cleavage.

Breast Enlargement is particularly popular due to our sun-loving, outdoor-sporty lifestyles, but there are some regional trends (you may have heard of the “Gold Coast Look” for a more ‘out there’ breast enlargement, or the “Perth Look” for the beach life that revolves around the surf).

breast augmentation using breast implants

Overall, however, there are TWO competing trends in terms of cleavage preferences in Australia.

  • Many women seek breast implant sizes that will look amazing in a swimsuit or low cut, cleavage hugging top.
  • But they also want cleavage that still allows them to participate comfortably in outdoor sports such as cross-fit, netball, running, tennis, sailing, surfing and cycling – along with indoor gym classes such as boxing, yoga and weight training.


So there’s a bit of a push-pull between having beautiful cleavage and still being able to paddle comfortably out to sea on a surfboard.

So is the Trend for Breast Implant Surgery to go Smaller or Bigger in Australia?

If you’re considering breast augmentation and have conducted thorough research online, it’s possible you’ve come across various articles and blogs declaring that “going big” is no longer the countrywide trend. Whilst there WILL be regional variances due to different coastal regions and sporting preferences, downsizing breasts that are overly large (or choosing smaller implant sizes) is certainly something that we are noticing over the past few years in our Melbourne practice.

But it really always depends on the patient’s preferences, their overall physique, and what their skin is like.

breast augmentation breast implant sizes what's best?

Our Breast Surgeons are dedicated to helping patients choose the best Breast Implant size that suits them, yet is NOT overly large in relation to their overall frame and not too heavy for their skin to support.

There is quick, cheap surgery and there is quality surgery with longevity in mind. Our Surgeons always strive for long-lasting results, because we want our patients to be happy with their surgery results for as long as possible.

We feel most confident about longevity when we see a proportionally balanced breast implant size being selected by our patients.

But every patient has a unique view of what they consider IDEAL. This does, however, needs to be balanced by what will look appealing on their body. Consideration should also be given to getting the best possible result that will also last and look good for years to come.  (Pregnancy, skin ageing and lifestyle changes WILL impact your results over time, however).

Getting the Breast Implant Size Just Right for YOU

Sometimes an implant size will simply ‘not look right’ on a certain physique, even though a patient is convinced that’s the best breast implant size for them. We try to explain what factors are involved, and together work out a solution, and with decades of experience helping thousands of patients, we know what ranges of sizes tend to WORK best for different body shapes.  But the most important thing here is communication and discussion.


Your overall physique is a major factor on what size implant will look good on you – or not.  Things like your chest width, chest height, shoulder width, torso length, height, weight and body shape, ALL influence how large (or small) the implant should be to get a good result.

And what is a good breast augmentation result?  The primary aim is to achieve a pleasing, body-proportional balance to the breast area.

Skin matters and that’s why our Surgeons typically advise against going TOO big in breast implant size selections.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to breast surgery that is both appealing AND long-lasting. They usually advise against the ‘overly large’ implant sizes for patients with smaller physiques, stretched or ageing skin OR too little skin to comfortably accommodate a larger breast implant.  That’s because the skin is somewhat limited in holding firm over decades if you put too large of an implant into the chest area.

overly large implants cause complications and can sag

Big Breast Implant Sizes May be Prone to Bottoming Out

If you go too large with your implant selection, you are very much likely to sag earlier or eventually experience ‘bottoming out’ (where the integrity of the skin is compromised from trying to hold up a very heavy implant).  There’s also neck pain and bra comfort to consider. So large breast implant sizes may look good on some women in the short term, but usually not so much in the longer term. Not to mention it’s more difficult to participate in sports or even walking when you go too large in size (this is why Breast Reduction Surgery and replacement with smaller implants are both so popular for women).

So it’s no surprise that most women choose a small to moderate enhancement, or a breast lift with augmentation if their breasts have sagged after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.

Don’t follow a Trend and get Breast Enlargement Surgery for YOU and no one else

Getting cleavage assistance or “side boob” using breast implants is nothing to be ashamed of wanting; it just helps to know your options and what’s involved. It’s also crucial you are exploring surgery to please yourself, and not to meet anyone else’s standards.  Including not having surgery just because it IS popular and trendy. But there’s a reason that it remains one of the top cosmetic procedures around the world, including in 2017.

Many women seek breast augmentation to get Curvier Cleavage

Everyone likes to look good and appearance does matter to most people, especially when we are so often outdoors and at the beaches in Australia.

So if the size or position of your breasts has long been a nagging concern to you – even becoming a distraction – cosmetic or corrective breast surgery can certainly help you get the cleavage you’ve been wanting. All surgery has risks, however, so it’s not to be taken lightly as stated above. But it can make a huge difference for some women in body-confidence levels and fashion choices, and hence, overall quality of life.

breast augmentation trends in australia - breast implant size trends Melbourne Breast Surgeon

Yet our Team explicitly cautions anyone from following a ‘trend’ for breast implant sizes selections; unless it’s the trend of following best practice sizing strategies and choosing wisely to fit your individual physique. And that’s where our amazing Plastic Surgeons can help. They are experts in many areas of breast surgery, and they use quality implants from Mentor and Motiva – implants known for quality, durability and longevity of results.

Individual Results Vary: Customisation is Crucial to get a Great Breast Augmentation Surgery Result

Remember, each body is unique, so implant size is only ONE factor of how your breasts will look after augmentation surgery.

Results will definitely vary from patient to patient even if the same implant is selected and even if the individuals are somewhat similar in physique. Great breast enlargement results come from great precision planning and full customisation – the right implant type, size and projection; the right incision choice and implant placement; and the right Surgeon, right facility and right operation at the right time.

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Implant Sizes vary tremendously and there are 100’s of choices.

But the size won’t necessarily equate to cup size – it depends on what you are starting with.

The same size breast implant will not look exactly the same in two different individuals, and a great Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation takes planning very seriously.  You’ll find this out when you come in for a breast surgery consultation with one of our top Melbourne Plastic Surgeons, as you’ll discover they are dedicated to extensive pre-surgery planning, precision measurements and pre-surgery markups extremely seriously. That’s because they know how important customisation of the procedure IS in terms of getting a great breast augmentation result for each and every patient.

One Size Does Not Fit All When it comes to Breast Augmentation

Firstly, implants come in different shapes and sizes and projection volumes. This helps a Surgeon get a specific outcome for their patients in terms of their size, cleavage and side boob preferences – with some limitations in view of the chest width, existing breast tissues and nipple location, and other body proportions.

Secondly, larger, taller people with wide chest areas or wide hips may need larger implants to look balanced; smaller individuals may need an entirely different breast implant size and profile.

Vectra 3 D Imaging and Sizers can help you chose the best breast implant size for your Breast Augmentation

Did you know there’s even a digital solution to help you choose the right size for your body? Many of our Surgeons use a combination of Vectra 3D imaging, which gives you a mock-up 3D view of your physique with different breast size, and a range of bra sizers, which lets you feel what it might be like to have a larger, fuller breast volume and curvier cleavage.  Both work well, individually or in combination, to help patients envision or feel what it might be like to have curvier cleavage and fuller, firmer breasts.


Choose for You but Know what the Ramifications Are of Choosing a Too Large Implant

Some women do prefer a very pronounced breast appearance, however, and ask for very large breast implants for their Augmentation surgery.  The key issue for women who prefer extremely LARGE breasts (above the now-traditional B, C and D cup options), is the integrity of their skin.   If this is your preference, it may help to discuss the possibility of large breast implants making your breasts (a) look out of proportion OR out of balance, (b) throwing off your posture and balance, or (b) causing your breast skin to become saggy or droopier at an earlier age.

But size-wise, there are many options. From a very small breast implant (in the 50 to 250 cc range) to a moderate 350 cc to up to a 600 or even 700 for some patients, is typically the range we see at our practice. Anything over 700 cc is considered fairly large.  It may suit some physiques, but not all.

breast augmentation trends in australia - breast implant size trends Melbourne Breast Surgeon

Customisation is the key to a Great Breast Augmentation Surgery Result – and that includes the Breast Implant size, shape and placement.

Whatever ‘breast look’ or cleavage  YOU are wanting to aim for through breast surgery NEEDS to suit your overall frame in order look appealing AND natural. Unless, of course, you’re WANTING a more “glamorous and showy” look or work in a field where large, heavy breasts are an advantage.

breast implant surgery

What women want in a Breast Augmentation Surgery in Australia in 2017

Please read part 2 of this series on Breast Augmentation Trends and Breast Implant Size Trends in Australia, which will be online tomorrow.  Send an enquiry form to be kept up to date about the latest Cosmetic Surgery techniques and Skin Care and Cosmetic Injecting trends in anti-ageing and facial enhancement; or ask us about our other surgery options for women and men, including Breast Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery, Nipple Reshaping Surgery, Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery), Eyelid Surgery, Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty, Liposuction and more. We also work closely with the incredible Cosmetic Injecting team and Dermal Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, fat reduction without surgery, if you are wanting to reduce excess fat in certain areas of the body (such as a “lump or bump” from your thighs, belly, hips, arms and more).

*We emphasise the right Surgeon is a FRACS qualified Surgeon, dedicates his or her practice to a large degree of breast surgery, and operates in a safe environment (a Hospital is typically best). But it’s also about the technical surgical skills and precision planning, which are pivotal in getting you a great result.  We also prefer to use quality well-known brands such as Mentor or Motiva implants.

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